Saturday, February 20, 2010

It all comes together

This week the energies did the big shift. We were waiting for them. We were calling to them. We could all feel, all waiting for that new burst of awesomeness.

For me it was a lesson in honouring my work. I have become very good at honouring myself - all of this  women's magick work has taught me to stop when I need to stop, I can eat to feed my soul instead of nourishing unhelpful desires, and I breathe deep so regularly. I like to have long baths with Himalayan Salt and beautiful oils. I enjoy time in silence...

Until this week I was holding onto so many crazy concerns associated with my work. I know what I do is 'different'. That's cool, cos that's what this whole 'ascension' thing is about, right? But what if people don't like the new way Lunation teaches people to make their own magick? What if the light-workers still boycott us because 'Witchcraft is scary'? What if people just don't get it?