Sunday, January 23, 2011

So blessed..

Just wanted to show you, dear hearts, why my heart is singing today.

I am blessed with beautiful friends : Angelina the most fabulous makeup artist in the world - seriously! and Ren the extraordinary vision photo Woman.

Why are they so fabulous you ask?

Because I said to them - "I would like to get an image for the Creating Sacred Spaces Course" and they said "Okay!"

And this is what we did :::

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Bless, -Hollie B.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Red Tent Story : to Be a Woman

Each month I hold the Space for Women in the Red Tent. Its a Sacred Space, filled with Woman's stories and laughter, successes and tears. Always we share, we inspire and we are reminded that whether or not we knew a Woman before this night, our Journeys reflect each other's Truths ever so much. Usually, these Red Tent Circles are held in honour of the New Moon, being the time of planting seeds and finding clear vision. 

This month I called the Women to gather in a special Red Tent Circle in honour of the Full Moon : Grandmother Moon. 

And so it came to Be that fourteen Women gathered from the many corners of Canberra and surrounds to honour this new year 2011 and to honour each Self. I believe that when Women choose to take the time out to visit the Red Tent, it is a deep gift to the Self - Women in the Red Tent are telling the Self 'I am worthy of this Sacred time, for I am Sacred.' And so they are. 

And Be-ing the first Full Moon of this 2011 year I wished to give these Women something extra special. Something to celebrate this New Year, to well and truly put 2010 behind them, to step into a more empowered, blessed Woman Self than ever before, and ready to take on the world. This is why I created a Walking Meditation, where they could traverse the Lunation Gardens and find a hidden part of their own Self, with each step. 

I will tell You dear reader, how we visited with the Clan Mothers in our Sacred Circle. These 13 Indigenous Grandmothers who came to this Earth to help humanity Be. They are the representation of the Spirit Self, that which has been before and still goes on and on, in every Woman. With the Clan Mothers present we shared our stories, of where we are sitting for this new year, and found whispers of where our focus will need to Be throughout the year. Women who had not previously met saw their own Self in the eyes of other Women. Friendships were formed. This is truly Sacred.
I will also tell You dear reader, how we visited with the Great Goddess Hera at Her Sacred Pool. This is not the Hera you see in the movies; vengeful, jealous and unable to keep Her man. The Hera I know has been around since long before Hellenic Greece. She is from a Matriarchal heritage, the daughter of the Earth and a great Power. She is a Queen Maker and guides and guards Her People with equal hands. Hera is the most beautiful of all Immortals, and bathes in Sacred Pools each year, to replenish and rejuvenate Her virgin Self. 

Why then you may wonder has such a Woman of Power allowed for such a filthy story to eventuate, allowed for Her Women to be down trodden and fearful in the face of Patriarchy? How did this come to Be. I feel that this Power that is Hera is something we have all been waiting to find. She has lay in the Earth, waiting for Her Women to find Her strength. Waiting for the honouring of the Self that will help her rise, and change the name of the 'hero' to the Hera - a wise, strong Woman unto her Self. And with deep thanks I know this to Be True for each of the Women who attended the Red Tent this week. Watching those Women wade knee-deep in the waters, feeling compelled to immerse their entire Being in Her blessing. My heart sings knowing that these Women have found their Hera strength - oh what great things they will Do this year!

And now I will tell You dear reader, how we moved from the Sacred Waters of Hera to the Sacred Tree of Knowledge. An apple tree lives in the Lunation Gardens - a very friendly tree where children play and bees buzz. And we invited the presence of my dear old Sister Lilith to accompany us. Lilith and I have journeyed together many times. She's a fiery One, with a story about the Wild Power of Woman. Her story re-members Her said husband Adam and the Journey She took from him to find HerSelf. Lilith was gone from our conscious Knowing for a long time, but then the Women of the Earth began to realise - that the images of sex and the 'good wife' just weren't going to do it for us anymore. And so we invoked Lilith to join Womanhood again. 

So the Women of the Red Tent went to the Tree of Knowledge and connected to that part of the Self that was still stuck in what they were 'supposed' to be - the Unreal World that is all about shoulds and pretends. And then the Women of the Red Tent let Lilith guide them to their Real Self. They saw the She - Wild Woman in their own Being and ate up the energy of the Tree. Sparks flew, skins were shed and wings grew off the back of each Woman. The Power of Women united in their own Truth is a wonderful thing!

And now dear reader, I will tell You how we walked sparkling steps to the Labyrinth where lay Ariadne the Weaving Woman. Ariadne shared stories of Spiders who are making their presence felt in the Web of Life at this time. Ariadne whispered about Her ability to Journey into Worlds unknown and face the shadows that lurk within. She even showed the Women how to find the Minotaur - the beast that follows you or jumps out in front, when you least expect it - and then how to beat it. And the Women of the Red Tent journeyed into the Lunation Labyrinth with Ariadne by their side. They circled through the many aspects of the Self, in deep to the womb of the Mother. And there they were warmed by the Light of Grandmother Moon. 
I love to watch as Women travel this way and that through the Labyrinth together. Each turn shifts perceptions, each step invokes new colour, and each Woman is Sacred in Her own Space. It reminds me of bees, each doing their own Work, but working for the All. We women are a Powerful Force when we are together. 
And now dear reader, I will tell You how we Journeyed on our dancing feet with Grandmother Moon and each Woman invoked Grandmother Moon into their bodies - into hips and hair, eyes and feet, we sang the Full Moon into the Self - we called her, She answered, we were Full. Skeptics and those who have not done the Work will not know how it is to Be connected to the Earth and the Moon and the Self all at once, but Women will Know, it is Perfect.

Danu was the Earth Mother to whom we called. We saw Her in Her Magickal splendor, as giver of the land and sustenance. We found Her care and nurture with the Knowing that All that we need is offered by Mama Earth, Grandmother Moon, and Gramma Sun. This is simply the way it Is. 
We meditated upon the Knowings we found this night - the Blessed Virgin Self, the transformed Wild Woman Self, the Knowing Wise Weaving Woman and the shining Full Grandmother Self, and the Nurtured Self. The Women of the Red Tent called to their Mothers, to their Grandmothers, all the way back to their very first Clan Mother and they re-membered the Full Self along the blood line. And in this, we not only Do the Work for the Self, we also heal All that has come before.

So now dear reader, I hope You understand what it is to be a Woman of the Red Tent. We are empowered, wise Women of great strength. We make Change with a simple breath, and we re-member our very cells returning to Being in the Real World when we are willing.

Perhaps next time, Dear reader, I'll see you in the Red Tent. Bless.
-Hollie B. 

All words and images © 2011 Hollie B. & Lunation Pty. Ltd.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Indigos : Emotional, Overwhelmed, Out of synch...

With half an hour before I rush out to a much needed gym session, I need to share this info with You!
I have had questions this week from mothers of young Indigo children asking 'why are my kids so tired' and 'why are my kids so emotional at the moment'.

The simple answer is : because we all are. Mama Earth has been crying and shifting and moving. Not only in Australia, but all over the world. She is making the changes she needs and preparing HerSelf to shift both physically and energetically into the New Paradigm. I mentioned in my previous blog about the movement of Our Mother Earth into New Dreaming Tracks through the Stars, and more can be found about this in Minmia's book Under the Quandong Tree (A must read for all Australian Women).

When thinking about Indigo Children and Adults (and we are many) one must remember that our major Purpose on this Earth is to create Change. We are here at the time when the Mother and Her People are shifting into the New Paradigm because we are an active part of this. So if we are here to create Change, of course we are going to be affected by the major influxes and intensities of Change that are being ushered in, like the ones we have witnessed since the eclipse in December. 

To answer the questions, Yes, your Indigo is emotional at the moment. Although they may not seem very interested in the news of destruction across the world, they might not have watched the reports or even been interested in donating to help others, don't think for a second that the Indigos are unaffected. On a core level Indigos don't put too much seen efforts into helping others who have 'suffered' from natural 'disaster', because they are more interested in the bigger picture. Your Indigo might seem to the point of apathetic about what has happened, but know that in their heart of hearts they are feeling every pain, every shift of Mama Earth and everything She needs to get HerSelf where She wishes to Be.

I have noticed that although the droves of Indigos were born in the 80s and 90s, its the Indigos who are still children (under the age of 14) who are super sensitive to the energy Influxes. Perhaps this is simply because those of us in our 20s and 30s have had the life maturity to know how to deal with it by now. I sense though that it is not so simple. I feel that the Indigos who are children now are making the Journey as an Indigo for a second time on this Earth. They are so desperate for their Purpose to be cemented this time around, that any noticeable shift in the big picture affects their every cell. They are so deep in their Purpose, even if they're not consciously aware of it in their child bodies, that they feel every move, every energetic step in the process of Change. Their Inner Self is celebrating the Changes while the adults around them are spiralling into the victim mentality of 'poor them' (in terms of the flood 'victims' etc.) which takes the child's energy into confusion and anxiety. These children need time in gentle space.  They need understanding and love and they need conversations NOT about how many people are dying and hurting, but about how much Mama Earth is choosing to Change.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that all of your Indigo Children are ready to hear about their Great Work on this Earth Being to help us all shift into a New Paradigm of spritual, physical and emotional understanding! That's a pretty big task and might be a wee intimidating. Some will already know that that's their job. If you give them a chance, they'll tell you so. But for other children, they are confused in the world where they are supposed to fit in but don't have any inclination to. Hear your children's views on the natural 'disasters' that have occurred and don't correct them. Don't get it in your head that 'my child lacks compassion' if he or she doesn't seem to care. It's part of our make-up. Brutal but True. We do care, but perhaps not in the way that we are supposed to. 

So, what if you are one of these Indigo Adults who are also emotional, overtired and uninspired with the recent energies? Firstly, resist the urge to feel bad about your 'lack of compassion'. One man's way of expressing Change is not the same for another. That's ok. Second, resist the urge to believe that you should be doing something to fix the situation in Qld/Brazil/the Reefs etc. If you don't have the feeling that you want to, then don't. Your work is your own. There is nothing you should do, but there is lots you Know you can and will do - do those things only. Your beauty and power as an Indigo lies in the Truth that you are different. That you are here to Create, enhance and educate the Earth's People about Change. That is such a fabulous ability and one that I am so proud of for all Indigos. We are the Power of Change. Beautiful!

And thirdly, remember that what you do, from the microcosm to the macrocosm is a part of the All. Ask your Self, what lessons can I take from this big public situation? and how can I continue the Truth of what I've learnt into the future? Choosing to come onto this Earth as an Indigo at this time means you have a responsibility to Be in your Truth. To express your Truth. To share your Truth. Bless You dear heart in this - and for those supporting Indigos (Mothers, fathers, lovers, siblings and friends) please please allow them the Space to do so. You will be blessed with the results!

I have to run now and I hope I've included everything I meant to. If not, please fire questions at me at the Lessonary Facebook page for further info.

Bless You in your infinite Power. Bless You in your passion and emotion. Bless You in All that You are. Ohoi Nateya. So it is. Maia Nie Heya. Thank You.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To the Great Goddess Sedna.. in honour of the Australian Floods 2011

This morning as many of our Sacred Brothers and Sisters and Animal People friends are Journeying in the deep and murky waters of the QLD (and coming into NSW) floods :::

I call to the Great Goddess Sedna.  

I honour She Who Is the giver and taker. 
You who are life and death,
From whose body all things issue forth,
And at the end to whom they return.

I call to You Who Is the beauty of the Waters, 
And the darkness of the depths,
And the Truth of our own making.
Sedna, the Seaborn, 
Who gives of Her Sacrifice again and again, 
So that we may learn the lessons of this Great Earth and Her Waters.

I call to She Who Is the Mother of all Sea Creatures, 
With hair that is long and combed in beauty.

I call to She Who proclaims the messages of Truth, 
Where responsibility for Self,
And keen Nurture of the Mother are rewarded,
She Who Is constantly ebbing in the flow.

I honour You with a heart that rejoices
And I know that all movements of Water,
Both scary and pleasurable are your Rituals.
I admire your flow, and drink deeply of the lessons given.

You Who Is electricity in the air
And sustenance on the Earth - 
The Union of my many Beings,
And I call out my Gratitude to You
And root foundation in the knowledge
That what I seek from You I have found within, 
And know that All will be fulfilled without...

I call to You Sedna, Great Goddess of the Deep -
The Life giver and taker
Be seen and felt and Know
That You are honoured
In this cauldron of transformation that is the flood plains of this Land.
Be seen for Who You are and 
Be heard for the Lessons You teach.
Maia Nie Heya.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Ohoi Nateya, So it is.

Hollie B. & Lunation Pty. Ltd. © 2011

Commentary :::

Sedna is an Arctic / Inuit Goddess / Power Spirit - the mother of all Sea Creatures and so has dominion over the Seas. Find a great story of Sedna here. Although I honour the Indigenous Peoples of the Australian land, and Know that they have many stories that explain the movements of Water in this country, I have chosen to call to Sedna, not simply because She is the Goddess of the Inuit Waters, but also the namesake of a 'new' planet discovered in 2003. Sedna the planetoid is one of the planets that have been discovered and included as a group of the 'Great Year Planets'.

Sedna the planet represents a new category of planets, and so it represents a whole new way of understanding our Universe. The scientists really didn't know it all, and still don't. Sedna is the harbinger of the New Earth - the evolution of humanity. See Richard Brown's article at Karmic Astrology for a full understanding of this statement.

Although I am not an astrologer, I feel that the discovery of the planet Sedna is an important part of the process of the Earth's transition into the new Dreaming Tracks amongst the Stars **. This is the pathway that Planet Earth is moving into (read either as a physical representation or simply metaphorical in a spiritual sense). Sedna teaches humanity about the lessons of the Victim and the Victimiser, mortality and immortality (this in terms of seeing the world as material/mortal or accepting the Real World as immortal) and forces the care of Mother Earth - in the sense that if we don't look after Her, She will brutally take all that She has given us back to Her everlasting womb.

And so I believe, that although we may sit in deep compassion as witness to the devastation of homes and life that is occurring in the north of Australia right now, when we choose to look at the Earth through eyes that are in the Real World, we will See that it is yet another choice our Great Mother is making as a Lesson Path for humanity. If we see this moment in time as a Lesson (not a warning or threat) in the immortality of the Real World, that possessions are simply material matter, that loved ones are the most important thing in life, and that all life regenerates in the realm of the immortal, we will Be capable of Being in the Lesson of this time much easier. Put quite simply, Love brings us together. The compassion and empathy that is Being witnessed throughout Australia in the form of volunteer help, people offering their homes to strangers for refuge, and money donated to aid repair and living expense is what we as a Nation will celebrate as time passes.

I only hope, that the in-betweens after this 'dis-aster' and before the next will we be able to say the same. Because, until we do, our Great Mother will have to continue the lesson.

** See Minimia's book Under the Quandong Tree for more information about Planet Earth's movement on the Dreaming Tracks and how this correlates with predictions for 2012.

Hollie B. is a Witch, and Indigo Adult, a Mother, Wife and Ceremony Woman. She is the director of the Lunation Lessonary and the Lunation Online Store, as well as a writer and social-spiritual commentator. She speaks her own Truth in the hope that You will take from it what is True for You only, and leave the rest behind. Hollie B. believes that the more that we Two-Legged Peoples DO re-member honouring of the Real World and its Peoples, the more bless-ed we BE.