Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take what is True for You, and leave the rest behind.

I've been having great trouble this week writing anything interesting or inspiring for You. I've pondered this cranky state and have some thoughts around it, but wasn't sure whether it was a good idea to share them with you. Is it because I went to watch M Night Shamayalan's Devil on Monday night? Am I carrying some left over stress in my cells that is directing me? Maybe. Am I simply still tired after being ill over the weekend? Maybe. Am I still stuck in transition after my 29th birthday? Maybe. But last night I received some very interesting dreams I just have to share with you.

I've been wondering if I should put this information into writing but after these dreams I feel it is my responsibility to share with You. How you feel about this information is for you to decide. Take what is True for you, leave the rest behind. That's the way of life really isn't it?

This concept of 2012 that many have, is coming much sooner than December 2012. You know, you can feel everything speeding up can't you? We are being shoved into a new paradigm, from the micro to the macro-cosm. Everything is changing and nothing is the same. 

Last night I dreamed of towns moving, buildings collapsing, people not being able to stay steady on their feet. This morning I woke up to find that Queanbeyan has been evacuated because the water in the river is rising so fast (like never seen before). They had to let the dam walls down because it was threatening to burst. If it burst it would have washed the entire town away. 

The thing here is that in the history of the town they have never seen water to this volume. Things are like they've never been before.

Now I warn you that some of the concepts below are not entirely shaped and might read a bit lazily. For now, I feel it is important to get the concepts down rather than worry about if it all sounds nice! I will share with you to inspire your own thought and understanding. That doesn't mean that you have to agree with what I have to say, but what I have to say might trigger your own thought and understanding for You. Bless.

In my dreams buses were screaming through the sky. I take this to mean that the direction of the changes are happening faster than we are expecting. I also think it means that when we think we are travelling one way, we can easily be thrown onto a new road, that is totally out of our own control. This is information for all of us. When I think of travelling on a bus I think about how we can be in the same place going to the same place with a pile pf people we've never even met. There is a powerful energy in that. It is a type of mass consciousness that we don't think about. So I take the flying buses to mean that the load of people travelling together are about to be thrown onto a different course. Some of the buses in my dreams crashed and burned. Some of the buses landed gracefully at new buildings. 

In this dream, new buildings were rising from the ground. In front of Parliament House was a village of domed builidings that had appeared after the water of big rains had cleared. I know this sounds crazy. I do believe that the Mother Ships from our Sister planets are watching over Mama Earth at the moment. There is a need for their guidance as we shift paradigm and open to new ways of BEing. I am very interested to see if they will make themselves seen by the mainstream. I just want to know!

I'm interested in anyone elses feelings about this one - if you have been felling similar : I've been feeling waves of resentment toward Mama Earth. I know some of this is left over from my birth, and is coming up now because I've just had a birthday. Many of us were born into this body and felt deep resentment because things were not the way we were told they would be (or we assumed they were going to be) this time around. Now, She's preparing for it to be as we were told, but it's going to be harder than we might have realised. This week I was feeling irritated that many of my seedlings that I grew from baby seeds have now been washed away by the rain we have had. Now as I watch the bigger stuff happening around me I see the selfish ego aspect of that. She hasn't just 'let me down' with my garden, she is forcing people nearby to evacuate their homes totally. Their homes might wash away! There is a heritage listed building in the city that is about to be condemned and at worst wash away because construction nearby has allowed for water to seep into the foundations of the building. It has moved 600mm last I heard, probably more today. There are four restraunts in that buliding. They were evacuated earlier this week. Mama is not just 'letting down' a few people, she is making a statement!

Many people around me have been sad about the farmers. Finally they have rain and they were looking to have the best crops in years but now there's too much rain and half the crops are ruined! Yes this is awful. But you know what, it's Mama telling us that mass agriculture in the way we have done it for the past 50 years are not okay anymore. We need to go back to learning to sustain ourselves. She is not interested in the person who does not  know how to grow their own food, heal their own heart or care for their own loved ones. If that's you, she has no need for you. Wake up now or give yourself over to the changes. 

Fear has no place in all of this. I have believed for some time that when the Changes are pushed ahead as they are being now, there will be many people living in the 'armageddon' type fear that the movies perpetuate. I also believe that I am not one of those people, and so their way of dealing with things will not affect me. I refuse to entertain the thought of riots, physical attack or any other aggressive beahviours people go into with fear of the unknown. I am trying to staying very open to listening to Mama Earth and what She needs. My patience needs a bit of work I must admit! I want to know now! I want to see the end result, of course in saying that I know there is no end result, and we will continue to change forever. That is life. 

I have been feeling great urges to get everything organised. Finish up loose ends. Clear To Do Lists. Etc. I don't know what is going to happen, but I do feel something is on its way. I can't think forward into 2011. I know that's because the world is changing so fast that how we understand the world now won't be the same so it's impossible to plan.

I dreamed of baby ducklings being born in an enclosure. I hadn't seen them born but there they all were. One of the ducklings was unfeathered and I could see all of it's muscles like one of those posters of the human muscle structure that you get when you study Anatomy & Phys, and then the chest of the duckling opened up and a tube came out. Out of the tube came heaps of feathered white ducklings but they were tiny, but as they came out of the tube they became normal size and hopped away. I don't know what that's about : perhaps the birth of something better it from stripped back craziness. That's how I feel about the world at the moment, it is raw and stripped back. I sense the Truth in people even when they try to hide it with masks and falsities. I can see it and am tired of others nearby not seeing. So perhaps, that little duckling is telling me that something fresh and Real is coming out of that. That's nice.

So that is the ravings of my mind this week. They are unusually all over the place and I just don't have the intention to sort them out any better. A part of me is not coping with that, the perfectionist part, but I've told her to sit down and relax because she's not the most important aspect at the moment! This info was calling to be shared and so I have shared, and I hope somewhere along the way there is something that helps you to be a bit more Real.

Bless You dear reader for sticking with it. May You See and honour your Truth, whatever it may Be.
-Hollie B.

If you missed the information about the energies of this month, including New Moon in Sagittarius, Solstice, Full Moon Eclipse with a meteor shower, Mercury retrograde and various other exciting twists, it is available on this blog. Worth reading to help keep your Self focused this month, through the busy time and to honour your needs. 


Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Moon in Sagittarius - 2010

Dear Ones, Already it is the New Moon again, and I am busy preparing for Red Tent Women's Circles and the upcoming Solstice. Here are my thoughts toward the energies of this month.

Please note, I'm not an astrologer, but I feel and I hear and I see. I like to read various reports written by astrologers, and then put that into a perspective relevant to my own Work, and my own feelings so that the Women who Circle with me have some extra inspiration for the month. And this I share with You.

New Moon in Sagittarius for December 2010 

There is so very much going on this month in our everyday lives, and the Celestial realms are reflecting this for us. The stars play out the stories in the Earth, and vice-versa we play out the stories of the Stars, and so we can look up to them and view the story ahead. It will help keep us in step with the Self, the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. It helps us to breathe easier!

This month's New Moon is in Sagittarius at 3:35am on Monday 6th December. A Sagittarian New Moon is great for planning and setting intentions. The few days leading up to the New Moon are all about letting go, all the way into the very cells of our bodies. As the New Moon is born, it is what I call the Moon Seed Time. This is all about planting your intentions for the month ahead. Its the time to look up to the Stars, get an idea of how the month ahead is looking, and plan accordingly. The secret to bringing your Moon Seeds to fruit is belief, Trust and Truth.

With the Moon Seeds being planted in Sagittarius there's an extra layer of fertiliser! Sag is fiery, motivated, and driven to the Truth. Last month the Stars advised us to honour our 'Dark Side'. To delve into our Secret Self and See our own Truth. Now in Sag we want to be free from all that holds us back. Take the challenge. Trust your Self! The energies are ripe for manifesting, for reflecting upon all we've learned from the year and taking all of those lessons, putting them into action and moving clearly along the path to your Purpose. 

Be warned though, Sagittarius can be easily flighty, excitable and easy to bore. This month, use a disciplined approach to all that you do. Let your actions be entirely conscious. You have been collecting energy all year, and it's ready to move forward, to be released. Just let it know who is in charge – You. 

The energies are speeding up for all of us – it's not just Christmas on its way. Much information is coming through various channels regarding the increase of the Earth's energies and how She is moving into the New Paradigm. We are all a part of this, and all changes from the micro-cosm to the macro-cosm are a part of the bigger picture. Some things I've noticed include the outrageous weather across the world, the WikiLeaks controversy exposing governments and coverups, and the release of new information finding that life can be sustained by arsenic – completely the opposite to our previous scientific understanding of life. It seems that everyday, the world is different than how we knew it before. 

This energy will be added to by a Mercury Retrograde, a Lunar eclipse and the Solstice this month. Exciting! 
Get your Self to a Red Tent Women's Circle.

Relationships & Communication 

We came out of the Venus Retrograde and relationship issues with more understanding of ourselves and the people we love. Now we move into another relationship stress with Mercury in retrograde for more than two weeks this month. Some stuff going on with Mercury Mars and Pluto can expect misunderstandings, technology problems, fights, jealousy, and sexual tension in the air. Do your Self a favour and stay away from busy places full of people, like the shops between the 10th and 14th December.  

Business, Work and Money 

Starting the week of the New Moon will feel good. If you've taken time over the weekend to honour your needs, you'll be feeling inspired and motivated to get to where you want to be. Make business deals, trust your Self in any changes you need to make and use your time well. By the end of the week, Mercury will be retrograde and other planets will make sure it's not the time for investments and money stuff. A 'big deal' Meteor shower in the second week of December will make sure the energy is electric! Focus rather on personal issues and really be True to You. 

Full Moon, Summer Solstice and Christmas 

Wow, this is going to be a Full Moon to remember, just like the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse this year. Leading to the Full Moon there will be an increase in accidents, busy-ness and un-consciousness. You might think 'well that's just because it's the lead up to Christmas' and you would be right – because with the Christmas lead up there is also a whole lot happening in the Stars. Stay true to your Self by Being aware and awake. Keep your Self in check in your reactions to people and events. Don't allow your Self to get caught up in the mainstream rush, and you will survive this time relatively unscathed. 

This month's Moon Seeds come to fruition in Gemini – when the Moon will be Full, and to add to our emotional work, She'll go into hiding in an eclipse as well. A Total Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth comes directly between the Sun and Moon, and the Moon is completely shadowed, receiving no direct light from the Sun. Lunar Eclipses force us to work with our emotions, and our Inner Self, that which we hide from most people. I find this interesting being that so many of us get together with family for Christmas – and they are the People who really know and see our inner 'stuff', even when successful at hiding it from others. We should definitely be able to see this Eclipse, and by viewing the Moon doing Her dance you will find it much easier to integrate your 'Stuff'. Be kind to your Self.

The Gemini Twins hold the gateway into your deep Self. Honour them, honour You and work between your Light and Dark Spaces. Always when there is a Lunar Eclipse it is followed by a Solar Eclipse. The time in-between can be intense. This time it will run right through Christmas, and New Year, so it's a good chance to clear your self from the common dramas of this time and choose simply to Be. 

Summer Solstice, which comes through just after the Eclipse is the time when Gramma Sun has reached Her greatest peak strength. The pendulum swings back and the year begins to slowly work back to darkness. At this time the Earth is illuminated by the Light and all shadows have light cast upon them. So you really can't hide anything! I think of this Sabbat (Seasonal Celebration) as the Sabbat of Depth and Gratitude. In Australia we are reminded of our Summer connection to Water and the love and joy of Christmas time, regardless of whether you are religious or not. 

The intensity of this time will be asking you to DO something. Get physical – particularly swimming and walking and Being in the garden. Be aware of your alcohol and toxin laden foods intake over the 'silly season' because everything is already intensified. Staying conscious, clear and aware will make for a much more enjoyable holiday. That word again : disciplined.

Christmas Eve energies will be a bit calmer than the lead up, and by the 30th December Mercury goes direct again. The few weeks before the New Year will be working to help us shift from our wants and desires, and move into a Space of trust in the Universe. This time will help let go of the concepts of lack and poverty. Go into the Sabbat of Depth and Gratitude with this in mind and you will greatly benefit. Commune with Goddess Hera who holds the Space for family, yet is unafraid to replenish Her own cup whenever necessary. Embrace the gift giving essence of this time and Be open to receive.

Moving into 2011
We have been promised all year that 2011 is going to be an 'easier' year than 2010 was. We have shifted so much 'stuff' in the Self, learnt to honour ourselves, Mama Earth and out own Truth so much more. It can only be Perfect!

Back to the thoughts for this New Moon 

The big Key for this month : remind yourself with each response : Is this Response free from Fear? That includes when you are relating to People, food, objects (like purchasing unnecessary gifts!) and Mama Earth. 

This time is the seed of the New. The Sun and the Moon are in their own Oneness. Particularly this month think upon unifying and illuminating your Dark and Light Selves, honouring the many aspects of You. Check in with your Self regularly, and notice your True needs. Release stress from your body with conscious methods, such as exercise rather than alcohol intoxication or over eating. Honour all that you have achieved this year. And move into 2011 with the deep knowledge that you Truly Know Your Self.

With Sagittarius in mind, in setting your intentions for this month, I invite you to think upon ways to expand your own knowledge. Finding ways to maintain trust in your Self and the Oneness. Allowing your Self to be independent, free and True to You throughout the month.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Holding a Space for Power in your Heart

I know there was already a blog yesterday, but recent events at Lunation have so filled me with inspiration and the words keep pouring forth, so here we go again!

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you need to remove your energy from something or someone, to really be liberated in your ability to manifest what is True for You? If you haven't had that feeling, perhaps it's time to take stock and prepare to let go! Cut the chords. And release Your Self!

In truly co-creative and co-supportive Space, there is no room for the fear-based thought-forms that manufacture competition and ownership. This Life is a Sacred Journey to be celebrated. We ALL have something that is our Gift. For one person, it is cutting hair, for another it is writing books, for another it is holding Space for healing, for another it is cleaning and clearing... we all have something we are very good at. 

Of course, there is going to be more than one person on this earth who is a good hair-cutter. And this is the beauty of Life. Because there are enough people to sustain the need for hair cutting. One hair dresser is different to another, she holds a different manner, has different life knowledge and is inspired by different colour, texture and shape. And the wonderful thing about that? Every person who comes for a hair cut is different. Some will fit well with the energy of one hair dresser more than another. That is just the way it is. There is no need for the two hairdressers to compete with each other. If they are both doing quality work, speaking from their heart and celebratory in the joy of what they love, the perfect customers will visit them. If you find your gift, live it!

We must honour our Gifts so that there IS Enough for everyone. The world needs healers, but why be a healer if you're Truest Heart's Desire is not called to this Way of BEing? There is not one thing on this Earth that you 'should' do. Don't try to live as someone else, just because you think what they do looks fun/empowering/abundant/important/etc. Check with Your Self, is this my ego wanting this? Or is it a longing from my Truest Heart's Desire? The easy way to receive that answer? If everything fits into place as though it was 'meant to be' then it is coming form a place of Truth. Your Heart will sing in the joy of BEing in what you have tried to accomplish. On the other hand, if it is forever difficult, stressful, and too hard, then time to re-check your Purpose. 

Wanting to be like someone else, is not BEing Your Self. If you were here on this Earth to be someone else, you would have incarnated in their body! But you didn't. You're here in yours so suck it up and really See yourself for the power you hold. Often we 'want' to be something, instead of Live to BE our Self.

Gift your Self the honour of only mixing your personal energies with things and people that vibrate at a frequency that celebrates your worth. If you want to create more finances in your world, don't hang around with people who have a poverty consciousness. If you want to be healthy, spend time with people who enjoy being health-full. If you want business success, share with other successful business owners... That's all a part of Vibrational Magick.

BE your Truth, live your Way, and Walk with Power. With this you will be so full of abundant, bounty that you will KNOW there is enough for everyone. In this Space you will be willing to share, for the fear and want to hold onto your Power will dissolve when you walk in your absolute Truth. There is no need to hold onto Your Power when you Know that you have a Sacred Place on this Earth. Release Fear!

When You are willing to grasp hold of your Power, walk with your head held high, your tummy full of nourishment, and your heart open, THEN the world will truly BE at your finger tips. Live with your Truth in every part of your body dear hearts! 

Live your life as You, and Know just how much you are capable of! You cannot manifest the fruits of your Truest Heart's Desire by connecting yourself to energies that do not honour what you believe in. Let go of People, places and employment that does not serve your Truest Heart's Desire. Give away or throw to the trash objects and items that reflect someone else's Truth. Let go of the need to be 'on top of the game' and simply BE on your own game - actually - release the urge to think of this all as a game, and Be on and in your own Perfect, Divine Life.

This weekend, make a decision to let go of something that no longer honours your Truth. I know that you already know what that is. It was the first thing that popped into your mind when you read the last sentence! Let go of Fear. You are Perfect. Move forward in your Power. This you can do, because you are on this Earth. You already have the tools for wealth and health and happiness. It's time to uncover them!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11:11 : There is Enough of everything for You

Today, the Power of the 11:11 is in full action. It marks the end of the Cycles of Transformation we've all been deeply spinning through.

Your Star Seeds are being fertilised by the energy of the Universe today.

It will be common today to feel overtired and 'over' your life : I received an email from a friend this morning who said she wants to run away with a band of gypsies. Hang in there! Sit and Be in this Space and let the light of Love and Abundance pour into your Being.

I'm sure you've noticed the increase in electrical energy around you. This might reflect in nervous/anxious tendencies. Again, just allow yourself to Be. Let the energy wash over and through you. It's not going to be pouring in forever, but it's there today so suck it up while you can!

In our house, this energy created a Space for healing last night, in the form of Sincere Talking, turning into arguing, turning into tears, and back to Sincere Talking. Look deeply into the eyes of the Ones you Love. Trust them. Hear them. And speak your Truth to them without abandon. The People who love You want to know YOU. Share yourself from the heart. And you will be rewarded by all the beauty on this Earth. The sun shines brighter, and the birds sing more beautifully.

So for today, allow yourself to receive the beautiful essence that opens the heart to deeper love. Allow yourself to receive the beautiful essence that opens you to abundance and to see the Perfect road map that is your Life's Journey pan out in front of you. Accept that which has been created for you, and simply BE.

The rest of this month is expected to be a time of the urge to fit squares into circles. Forgive yourself for not being able to have exactly what you think you want, and just listen to what your Truest Heart does want. When you work from the heart, everything manifests in Perfection.

The Divine Essence loves You and wants to help you in your Perfect Path to your Truest Heart's Desire. So listen. Listen, listen, listen - not to others around you, but to your Inner Sincerity that says 'this is what I feel' and 'this is what I need'. When you hear these, you might also hear 'this is what Mama Earth is feeling' and 'this is what Mama Earth needs'.

When we work alongside our first Mother: Mama Earth, we are working with the Divine Plan that she holds for all of us. She Sees our efforts and lightens our load. She shows us that there is no need for struggle. There is no need to go against the flow. And there is plenty enough for everyone.

Know that there is enough for You. There is enough time, food, shelter, abundance, and love. Walk in your Truth, even if you worry it will upset someone else. If you are worried about such things, you are not minding your own business. As Minmia says - we are born first : Boss of Self. If you are not minding your own business, then why are you bothering minding any businesses at all? If someone feels upset from something 'you did' ask yourself 'Did I work in my own Truth and Sincerity? Was this action right for me?' and you will see that it is not your actions that has upset this person, but their own shadow, creeping up to bite them on the backside! It is not your job to show them their shadow. They'll see it in their own time, when they are ready. It is simply your job to Walk in your Truth. To Do what is Perfect for You. And to honour all that you meet with deep and humble Sincerity.

So today, in this time of 11:11 energy; I welcome you to release the Cycles that seem to continue yet no longer serve You. You are a Divine Being who is Perfect just as you are. You do not need to be like anyone else. Just be You. Listen to your Heart. Walk in Truth. You are a Person of Great Power.

Bless, - Hollie B.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Indigos Be-ing Real : celebrity spotlight

Indigo Peoples : You are given a Purpose on this Earth. It is to BE Different. It is that simple. You are not broken simply because you are not like the mainstream. When you come to the understanding that You are 'meant' to be Different, you will find the acceptance within Your Self that you need. We are not like those who seek and find acceptance in their social circles. We will always feel different, because we ARE. And that's okay. Your Difference can create everything you need, and that is a part of creating everything the Earth needs. When all we Indigos work our Purpose on the Earth at the same time, the rest of the World will have no choice but to change. And so we are the Warriors of this Earth. Your strength is needed. Your strength is loved. Use your passions and beliefs (whatever they are) to fuel your work. Release addiction. Let nothing cloud your judgment, because you Truly know all you need to BE who You Are!

I've been promising this article for a while now! I want to write to you about an example of an Indigo Adult in popular culture, who is making a difference, just by BE-ing Self. This article is in no way a comment on this man's spirituality or belief. It is however, a comment on my own belief, and I know that the same is shared by many Spirit minded Peoples on the Earth at this time. This article is about showing you how we all fit into the big picture. So if you are Indigo, or you are a support for an Indigo child/adult, I gift this work to You.

Months ago I heard a song on commercial radio that entirely expanded my trust in the changing processes of this Earth. It inspired my belief that there truly are young people willing to make a difference. It proved to me, that no matter what happens and has happened, there are Indigos stepping up and forcing the change to the already established 'institutions' - and more often than not, right under that institutions' nose without them realising it.

So what was is this amazing, ground breaking, life changing, song of Indigo splendour?

Enter: Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars! Follow the link and have a listen to the lyrics of this song, if you've not heard it before. If you do know it - refresh! What I love about it is the desperation of wanting a better life on this Earth, coupled with the want to share and give and literally grow the world simply through generosity and giving. And in this there is so much Joy from these two young men. Bless!

And what's more it's right there in the mainstream commercial media. Finally, young people are singing along to something other than "I miss my baby" or "My heart is broken" or "The world needs a change but it's not gonna be me."

So, I heard the song, and I thought, 'Surely, this is an Indigo Man singing this song." So I went off to do a bit of Travie research. Wiki told me he was born 1981. Same as me. So if we're checking off the typical Indigo signs, there's the first one. That makes him 29 years old now. "Mmmm," I think, "he's just been through his Saturn return." So he's bursting onto the music scene with his first solo project (he is already known for his work in a musical group) right in the middle of the change period in his Saturn return. Everything looks to be going really well for him. Nice.

Side note : I have a theory about our 28 year Saturn return (astrological stuff : btw I'm no astrologer). While the Saturn return will bring great transformation to the cycles in our life that need ending, if we have been doing 'the work' before we get to this point, these changes will come with grace and ease. Trusting You, Forgiving You, and Accepting You are the keys to this time. You can do it with serenity or difficulty. I know which one I have chosen!

I found Travie McCoy's blog and was immediately inspired with the first words I saw : Travie McCoy is a real boy! If you have read/heard any of my previous work you will know that he's talkin' my language. I talk of the Real World being that which exists in our Truth, not the hustle and bustle of the mundane dross of life. The Real World is a place where the Sacred exists, in whichever way we choose to see the Sacred that is True for us. Now I am not making any comment on Travie McCoy's spiritual beliefs or life, but I do read the world in signs, and this one phrase : Travie McCoy is a real boy, told me that I was headed in the right direction!

So I continued in my search of 'Indigo signs'. You only have to take one look at this man to know there's no attempt to fit into the mainstream in him! Another tick in the box. His father is Haitian-born Israeli and his mother is of Irish, Hawaiian and Native American ancestry. I love this fusing of cultures and blood lines. The coming of so many Indigos and now the Crystal children (I believe) has only been made possible by the mixing of the Sacred blood lines on the Earth. It is as though, the Clan Mothers (the 13 indigenous council Women of the spirit world : who come from the 13 corners of the Earth, and once existed in physical form) have finally been able to blend their wisdom and gifts on the Earth, and we are growing as an Earth Peoples of All gifts. Bless.

As I trawled his blog I found that like so many of we Indigo Adults, this man has also fought and seemingly beaten an addiction. That's a thing the world does to us, prescribes drugs to help us 'fit-in' to the institutions that are here on Earth (ritalin, prozac, vallium...). It can beat us into submission and take us away from our Purpose in this world. Or, we can fight it off, beat it, and continue on our Purpose in an extremely strong and empowered manner. When we make it through to this point, all the positives are handed to us on a Silver platter. That's our work as Indigo children, to break the old institutions apart, and ushering a new way of BEing that is good for All.

Ahhh, so this man, born in the beginning of the Indigo influx, has beaten his demons, passed through Saturn Return and seems pretty darn happy with his place in the world. I've been following his Twittering and blogs now for the past few months and here is a Man who speaks from his feeling. His career is increasing with passion and honesty. He seems unafraid to speak his mind. Oh, and did I mention his ambassador job for those less fortunate around the world in The Unbeaten Track Project?

I feel deep gratitude for People like Travie McCoy, for the work they are doing. They are great role models for other Indigos around the world - and it doesn't even matter if they know that they are called Indigo Children by those of us who use that name. Their energy, their heart-felt compassion and their drive to change the world is that which is Perfect. It is what will and IS making a difference on this Earth. I truly believe that with a man like Travie McCoy in the mainstream media, doing what he does, and loving it, there is no going back. The 'old' paradigm really is collapsing, and love, abundance and beauty is taking the top of the rungs on this planet. And so I say Maia Nie Heya Travie McCoy, for this great work you Do. 

- Hollie B. is a Witch, an Indigo Adult, a Mother, Wife and Ceremony Woman. She journeys the Woman's Way, where the Divine Spirit is alive and True. Everything and Everyone is Sacred. Hollie B. believes that the more we Two-Legged Peoples DO re-member honouring of the Real World and its Peoples, the more bless-ed we BE. To find out more about Hollie B.'s work visit the Lunation Lessonary.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to 'Work'.... ahhh Love Life!

Ahhh, what a delicious 'job' I have in this life!

I've just returned from the Gold Coast for the Australian Goddess Conference, where I held the Space for the element of Water in the Sacred Ceremonies for Opening and Closing the Conference. I also held this Space for a mighty Croning Ceremony - 19 Crones like the 19 sacred priestesses ~ Melissae ~ which was beautiful, inspiring and incredibly powerful.

On Sunday I presented to about 30 women, covering Making your Own Magick with the LunationOnline product Moon Seed Powder (yet to be released - so these women were given a special gift of Knowing as I shared the ingredients and how I go about collecting and creating a Lunation Lunar Wishes Powder!), guiding these fabulous Women to find their Purpose in this Life - and then DO it! I feel blessed to have shared Space with you all, and the wisdom that you shared in return. Bless.

So many amazing women I have connected with over this weekend and my Woman Heart is bursting with the fuel that is gifted when women dance together! I must especially mention Peruquois Frances (Melbourne), Mikailah (Gold Coast), and Prue Blackmore (Adelaide), for they are three women who have expanded my own Real World Journey, simply by sharing their Space. Love You Women!

I already miss the rainforests and the seas, but now it is time to 'get serious' and 'back to work' in the Bush Capital - Canberra. The next big job is to upload the Spells For Sale to the Lessonary Online Store. So away I scurry, away from the computer (my dear friend), through the Lunation Labyrinth and out to the Studio to make photos and Spells and samples!

Don't forget that Creating Sacred Spaces begins on November 20. It is a powerful and life changing journey to undertake when it is Right for you. I say this with Grace and Truth in my heart, because I know that the work I have put into this Online Course is authentic and driven by Love. I have also received beautiful feedback from previous participants for which I am so deeply grateful.

You can sign up at the Lessonary Online Store, and don't worry about 'not having enough time' to get into it. The Course is sent to you over 6 weeks, but the forum, exercises and support is available to you for six months, so you can take ALL the time you need.

So, I hope your day is filled with happiness! Until we next meet, Love and Peace to You,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Direction for the upcoming New Moon in Libra..

Please Note: I am not an Astrologer. But I do like to have an idea of what the Stars are up to, particularly when it comes time to facilitate my New Moon Red Tent Circles each month. I have gleaned my info from a few known astrologers on the web, and put it all together as I have sensed it to be relevant to my Be-ing. It is with deep gratitude that I mention these astrologers, without them I would not have come to this work : Lynn Koiner, Yasmin Boland, Pat Paquette, Diane Lang, Shirley Johnson

Like all new Moons, this new Moon in Libra is a moment of potential. It is a time to plant seeds for your future, and if you remember to stay aware of the effects of the Stars, you will journey smoothly. Libra is symbolised by the Scales, and amplifies ideals of balance, fairness and harmonious relating. Libra also initiates change by raising awareness through words and clarity of ideas.

Libra can have a reputation for sitting on the fence. But at its best, Libra is a firm peacemaker. Where there is strong ideals, Libra pushes pursuits boldly into the world. So this new Moon is a perfect time to be clear, strong and unafraid in your pursuit of harmony, whether it's in your relationships or for the greater world.

Libra rules all significant relationships, even enemies. You have probably worked out by now that your greatest success in all things are fuelled by the positive relationships you have with others. Of course, we manifest worldy lessons through the difficult relationships, too, but those ones aren't always so enjoyable.

Saturn in Libra hovers next to the New Moon, slowing forward momentum to a crawl and reminding us to mind our manners. Saturn is bound and determined we are going to repeat our particular lessons until we get them right. We can either waste a great deal of energy throwing our tiara across the floor like spoiled princesses, or we can swear a little then go back and do whatever we need to do ONE MORE TIME! The New Moon usually provides renewed impetus to move forward, making Saturn’s road block more difficult to accept but this celestial taskmaster will be very, very good at getting his point across.

The way I see it, if we can stay aware of the lessons and take each step as it comes, trusting the process as always, we will travel well through this month.


Venus, Libra’s ruler, is in Scorpio and will begin to go retrograde very close in time to the New Moon, another factor contributing to the feeling of being stuck.

The relationship theme is further reinforced by Venus. Similar to the well-known Mercury Retrograde, during this time Venus appears to be moving backwards through the sky. Venus Retrograde will occur until November 2011. As Venus moves in retrograde in the sign of Scorpio back into Libra on November 7th, we will be challenged to be in our relationships more deeply. Further, she’s still in close conjunction with Mars, her lover. Venus in Scorpio craves deep intimacy and merging with her soul mate, but he’s starting to move away. Red hot romances and love affairs are likely to cool off very quickly. This could lead to widespread feelings of abandonment and isolation. It won’t last, but it could be difficult while we’re in it.

My sense for this month is that many people, particularly women will be feeling that they are very ready to call in their Twin Flames. I would put an emphasis upon passion found through True Relations rather than hot sex. In a conversation I had with a friend recently, she suggested she would call in 'Love in all its forms' but I reminded her that Love only has One Form – and that is Love. All else is illusion. Often our own baggage clouds our judgement in the search for Love. If you are intending to search for your Twin Flame, perhaps you will first choose intentions of clearing all of the 'old' that holds you back, so that the partner you choose is able to reach you on a clear path, with strong footing.

When Venus is retrograde, She provides lessons in evaluating the real worth and value of people and things in our life. For established relationships, this cycle will aid in making it easy to discern the worth and value of these people in your life. The superficial ways of relating will no longer serve us, and the movement of Venus will force us to share the secrets of the heart. It will call upon our heart-felt truths and we will want to tell these Truths to those who are relating to us in a similar manner.

This new Moon opens the door to re-establishing the subtle balance of give and take that exists in all one-on-one relationships. Libra has a way of making love itself do the work. Relationships based on respect and balance will thrive this month.


Mercury and Saturn will be working together to allow for new clarity of thought. This will create planning for reality instead of typical 'dreamer' ways of being. You will find it easier to manifest your goals in balance.

If you’ve been confused about the redirections the Stars and Planets have been making in your life – or if you didn’t see it at all – the message will be ultimately clear now. All of those old blocked energies and pathways in your life, now have some light shed with Libra's balance and harmony. The New Moon with its seeds of new growth will help you to see the underlying reasons for your repeated blocks, and you will now be able to move forward safely.

If you have some negotiating to do at work this week, everything is on your side. Libra can see every side of a story. Great! If you want to bargain with someone, make a note of your aims but don’t start the conversation yet.

With that understanding, it’s easier to relax and let go of the want to control events, people, and situations. Everything has been Perfect all along! Even when it seemed crap.

Right after this New Moon, we’re going deep into living the changes that took place within us over the winter, both individually and collectively. The knowings we have accumulated, the understandings caused from our own spiritual awakenings and expansions now have an avenue for use.

The planets of late have been all downloading regular frequencies for healing. It may be so subtle that you don’t realise it’s happening, but if you pause now, you will see where the deep healing has taken place in your life. Healing, comes from the same root as “wholeness.” And I believe that 'wholeness' is one and the same with the word 'Oneness'. Connecting with our Inner Self, reminds us that All is One.

Seeing the interconnectedness of the All brings clarity on our path to find our True Purpose in this Life. With this awareness, a lot of things come clear. So seeing our relationships, as well as events and ourselves as an integral and incredibly important part of the All is a part of our own Healing Journey.


So all in all, this month, as usual you may think, it's all about trusting the process. Taking time to discern and understand your position and the reasons you have got to where you are is important to understanding your greater part in this World.

When I think of 'Oneness', I like to think it is a nicer way of saying 'One-Us', and it is a timely reminder that We are All One. Spend this month seeing those around you as as much a part of the Whole as You are yourself. New pathways will open to you. Share your Light with your Relations, and Light will be shared with you ten-fold. That is the Real Truth of awareness for each of us. And it really does expand your soul!

Bless you in this month. May your Truth, your Passion and your Oneness be delivered from your own Soul Self. You are Divine.


~ Hollie B. 

PS. I'm currently working on a new Little Lesson Pack, entitled 'Oneness is One-Us' and I hope to have it ready in time to purchase for the New Moon  on Thursday. It includes a meditation with the 13 Original Clan Mothers on Oneness, and a worksheet to further your understanding. To receive updates about new Little Lesson Packs join the Lessonary Facebook page. Of course, the Oneness is One-Us meditation will be used in this week's Red Tent Circles with Hollie B. in Canberra, Australia.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love you Emmy Pie!

I've been thinking upon what Neva Howell calls the feedback loop. I like this concept, that we can only receive as much as we give, and we can only give as much as we are capable of receiving. So in my pondering of how this affects my own work, I have found myself being guided to honour other Indigo Adults at their work. As we spread the honouring of each other, the feedback loops expand more and more.

This new series of articles is for all of us Indigos who have come here to change the world. We do it in our own, individual and perfect ways. And most of the time, we don't even realise we are doing anything out of the ordinary. It's just who we are. How beautiful! The struggles we have on the way to success are all a part of the overall Journey, and it gives others something to relate to, when times are tough for them too. I love seeing an Indigo Adult who is moving out / has moved out the other side of the tough stuff. In our difference, we DO have similarities, and I am proud to be amongst other amazing People of Power.

I've been working on a story about a fascinating couple of pop star Indigos, but that can wait, because right now, I wish to honour a very very special beautiful Indigo Woman who is not so famous, but equally as awesome.

My dear friend Emmy is one of my oldest friends. She is an amazing Mama, birth carer, friend and fun-haver! She's got style oozing from every move she makes. She's gorgeous! 

Emmy & Me
Together Again!
Emmy is an Indigo Woman with passion for funky design and an ability to be BIG in her tiny-ness. Her work with babes and Mamas is empowering not just for those Mamas and their babies, but in the entire flow of energies; the Red Thread grids that flow outward and connect with the threads of other women and children the world over. That is the work she does, even without seeing the immediate power. 

When I first met Emmy I was so inspired by this groovy, beautiful aware woman. Her babes are totally cool and the way they all interact together is blissful! I remember being totally taken by her approach to BEing a Mama, and so wished to be like her! 

That inspiration fed my own growth and before long I was birthing babies and Emmy was right by my side. She is an amazingly caring doula and has a totally natural and intuitive connection to new babes like no one else I've ever seen.

At my first birth, Emmy went out of her way to make sure we had beautiful, flash free, black and white photos of the first moments of life. How crushed she was when the moron at the photo shop processed the film as coloured, and we lost everything. True love and care. We cried together. You are so beautiful my Emmy.

Black & Bling - #30
My B'day Prezzie to Emmy Babe - Black & Bling!
After my second birth, Emmy and I lost each other! Each of our souls were visiting with black nights. I yearned for connection but she was not really there and nor was I. How we could both be in such deva-states and not know it about each other I don't know - that is what happens when the dark creeps in, I suppose.

And then one fine sunny day at a music festival, there she was, just cruising the strip with a new tattoo. Ah! Together again! And I too had a new tattoo so there we were again the same. Now we haven't forgotten. Now we have found each other again. Yay! I could not have had a wedding without you there Emmy Pie!

Emmy, you are awesome in your individual-ness. I love you just the way you are! On this your 30th birthday week, I am so proud to have been a part of your amazing life, to have been an ear to hear and to have your shoulder to rest upon. I love your ever changing pics on Facebook and your funny videos. I love seeing you and your beautiful friends - oh so far away from me - carving up the hilarity. You rock woman!

To all the amazing Indigo Women who have been up and down a few tough roads, I honour you. We have strength in numbers. When it feels as though you are all alone, you are not. We are all out here doing our work. Connect to the Red Thread and you will find us. Our connection is Real. Thankyou for being you and doing what you do. The world wouldn't be the same without you. Bless. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Why worry???

Just a quick note Dear Ones,

Mass Consciousness is a powerful thing as we well know.

What an amazing powerful day Saturday was as the whole Nation of thinking Peoples was focused on the Perfect Outcome - regardless of what you think 'the Perfect Outcome' is, what matters most is that we were all thinking upon it on the same day... What a powerful consciousness that creates, and as so many of us sat on our couches on Saturday night until all hours hoping for a result, we were all tuning into a frequency of the same - of wanting the Right Outcome for the nation.

On Saturday night, watching the election coverage, as I noticed a momentary fear rising when I thought 'this is all not going to be so clear as we had hoped' - I brought it into check just as quick. I refused to be caught up in the story of 'this must be the way it must be.' I re-tuned myself to Trusting the Process.

Dear Hearts, the votes have been cast and whatever happens will happen. We cannot change it now. What we can do is Trust that the Process of Perfection is unfolding just the way it is supposed to. There are many roads we have the chance to take - but Universal Order means that regardless of the road, we will eventually end up in the same place (think that Sliding Doors movie). It's how we choose to get there that matters. You can take the worry road (it's bumpy and you'll probably get car sick at some point!) or you can take the Loving, Trusting Road (much smoother with flowers in the fields you pass along the way!) and the 'Perfect Outcome' will get there one way or another.

If you choose to subscribe to the confusion that so many people are currently caught up in as the next few days unfold, you too will be adding to that mass consciousness of confusion and fear - is that what you want to anchor into the land here in Australia? I choose not to let this story of confusion be my own.

I choose to be a part of the consciousness that says that what is Perfect in Divine Fruition will BE. IS BEING right now. I wonder if all this confusion is just a reminder that we are the ones who create our own Destiny. We can Be the Change we want to see in the world. Relying on someone else, no matter how powerful they seem to be is not the answer. Personal responsibility is the key to Divine Sovereignty, and politicians have nothing to do with that!

So I invite you, over the next few days as the Full Moon peaks in Pisces, the sign who reminds us of our Interconnectedness and power to Dream, to Imagine a world where Divine Perfection is played out every step of the way - and perhaps we can raise a mass consciousness of Loving the Process - regardless of what we thought the outcome 'should' have been.

I prefer a consciousness of Love and Trust. Do you?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Support and Trust the process : - ::: - : ::: Man, Woman, Child, we are all One

I am a woman of the Red Thread. What does that mean?

It means I honour my lineage of Woman. I am connected to all of the women before me and all of the women still to come. I am the first and the last Babushka, and everything in between. All the power of the world is contained inside me, just like the round little Russian Dolls who contain ultimate possibility inside their wooden wombs, I have my many babes inside, and I was once my Great Great Great Red Thread WomanGrandmother's babe inside... When she was born, she contained all of the eggs that could be her daughters and sons. She contained me in my mother in my grandmother in my great-grandmother in my great-great-grandmother. This story goes back to the first woman. The first birth. And all women, are my Sisters, my Mothers, my Daughters. We are all women of the Red Thread.

This article has been a few weeks in the making for me. I have been thinking long and hard about how best to Celebrate the energy of our country's first female Prime Minister. When I read the stories about her being an atheist or agnostic - or whatever she is choosing to call herself that decrees her alliance with Truth rather than Religion - I am even deeper in love with her. Yes! I am in love with this woman.
Heart Space - True Love
I am grateful and honouring and in the space of the heart : Love : toward Julia Gillard. This amazing, empowered, hard working successful woman is holding the Space of power in this country with dignity and Purpose. She is awesome. And She too, as Woman, is a woman of the Red Thread. I trust her to fulfill her Purpose - not because She's atheist and doesn't subscribe to religious propaganda, but because She is Woman.

She is a Woman who has as yet, chosen not to birth babes. She is the Babushka who holds her potential within and it is the job of the women of the Red Thread to support Her as midwives. She holds the potential of this country and is birthing the potential as Real. We do not need to call her energy in and hold her accountable. It is not up to us to check whether she is going to do the right thing! The right thing is whatever she does, because she is fulfilling her purpose. She is on the road of the Red Thread, writing a story never written in this country before. She is changing the way that the world thinks of Australians. She is changing the way Australians are thinking of Australians. She is raising the consciousness of our People just by BEing the different story. As conscious, spiritual, women and men of power, it is our job to support her!

Julia & QuentinTwo months ago, women in this country were still contained by a glass ceiling. Two months ago, women and men in this country were still being told all the lies of patriarchy. Eve's story of control by authority was true until the point when Julia Gillard was sworn in by Quentin Bryce and seen by the Queen of the Commonwealth! Now the story is a different one!

So stop the old story in your way of Being. Now.

How about this for a new story?

We are all women of the Red Thread. And the Sacred Brothers who support us are the strong arms around us. As women who sit in Moon Lodges and Red Tents we are holding the Space for the communities in which we live. That's our story right? And Julia Gillard, as Woman and leader, is holding the Space for the whole nation. Her partner sounds like a beautiful supportive man, and there is a True Love between them. But She can not hold the Space on Her own for too long. He can not support Her on his own for too long.

Our Aussie JuliaJulia Gillard has shown herself to be a successful, skilled woman with far-reaching goals and visions. This is the queenly energy we need in times of trouble and what the world needs to get the business done. We now have a person leading who is free to express her power and say no to old traditions that do not serve her. Julia Gillard has shown herself to be all of these things. As leader of the Nation, Julia Gillard is Empress supreme. She is the High Priestess of our Temple, because our Temple is this beautiful, powerful land we live upon. As the voting public of a democratic society, we are her Sacred Priests and Priestesses. A Temple is not run by the clergy telling everyone what to do, it is a co-creative process whereby every person has a part in the growth of the work. By feeding, sustaining, honouring the Temple. This empowers the High Priestess to make Right decisions. When she is supported she can be in Right Relationship with her People.

SO, Women of the Red Thread who sit in Moon Lodges and Red Tents across this country. Send out your Red Threads of support and connect it to the other women in the other Moon Lodges and Red Tents across the nation. And when we are connected we will create a web of support. Let the Red Threads weave and join to create a supportive, connected web that will draw up and hold Julia Gillard within. Don't expect her to isolate herself to the Red Tent like you would. Don't assume that by her standing out in front it makes her any less feminine. Instead, support her choice to keep standing in front of the nation. And use your power in isolation and Red Tent depth to share with her. Don't call her into the Red Tent, don't drain her power with your expectation and demands. Red Tent WomenConnect your Red Threads through the energy lines of the Earth. Sing the Red Thread to the many Tents and Lodges and send the web of Woman Power straight to the Nation's Capital - straight to the centre of the centre of Canberra, where Parliament House stands, surrounded by the green nurtured land in the many circles. Give Julia Gillard your support. Wrap Her in the power of the babushka lines. It comes from all the way back to the beginning, and it takes us all the way forward to the New Earth and consciousness of One. Julia's journey is as much a part of it as yours. Support her.

And Sacred Brothers; those who support the women who go into isolation at the time of the Dark Moon. Those beautiful powerful men who understand and support the women who send the Red Threads out each month, support your women. In doing, you are supporting the country. Hold those beautiful babushkas in your hands, massage their smooth shape and put flowers on their bellies! You are just as much a part of the Red Thread Web as the women. We are all One.

Over the next few weeks I will be singing forth my guided visualisation and Ceremony for the Dark/New Moon as part of my own Red Tent Circles in Canberra. With the election date announced for August 21, the Leo Moon on Tuesday 10th August will be a powerful time to set your intentions for success and inner power. In my Circle, we will be honouring Julia Gillard as a Woman of Power. It doesn't matter whether you are for Labor or Liberal, the Greens or One Nation! This Ceremony will be all about SEEing the mirrored, successful Empress Self and sending the Red Thread out as a web of containment and support for and with all of the women who are driven toward their goals - we are all working toward the New Earth and higher consciousness in our own way. The Red Tent is a place for nourishment and to fill our cups to be able to move forth in beauty and power for the next month. Let's fill the cup of our country! (And we'll do it without the beer and bbq!) For those of you who cannot attend a Circle, or who will be holding your own Circles somewhere in Australia at this time, the Ceremony with spoken meditation will be available as a Little Lesson Pack from the Lessonary Website. Join the Lessonary Email list to be notified when it is available.

Hollie B. is a Witch, Priestess and Indigo Adult Woman in Canberra,Hollie B. living the work of the Real World of love and beauty and awareness, with Perfect Husband Bolj, their band of kids and animals, and the Sun, the Moon and Mama Earth.

Hoya noo tai nua shea. Ola hey nu toia kete hehe, no atna heya. Maia Nie Heya. xxx

Friday, July 16, 2010

Unity : Honour the Plant Peoples : Let consciousness consume You!

On the 17th and 18th July there is another layer of the evolution of ascension happening. I understand that it's called the ninth wave conscious convergence, and it is all about Unity...

I feel as though there's a lot of intention toward the Unity of humanity; everyone's all about bringing humanity together as one. And then a few people are reminding us - “Remember the animals” and “Remember the flowers.”

I have become aware of another People on this Earth that we need to be ever so grateful toward. This is especially true for we Indigos.

The Plant Peoples are standing up to be counted at the moment, in droves! I'm not talking about the ones who help our healing process with their vibrational essences, like flower essences, but I am talking about the Plant Peoples we consume on a regular, daily, food basis.

If you are an Indigo who has been battling addiction issues (and we do because addictive substance is the Indigo Kryptonite) or you are someone who has recently developed food sensitivities previously un-noticed, this information is for you.

As human people are developing more sensitivities to food, and addictive habits are being dragged kicking and screaming away from us, the Devas of the Plant Peoples are saying 'Enough is enough! We no longer allow this blatant abuse of Our Peoples!'

The plants that we process to eat and drink, are banding together with their own collective consciousness. They are healing the human world by stopping us from the abuse of the Selves – us and them. By our violent reactions to some foods and addictive substances, we are being pushed further toward our individual evolution. The Plants we have always eaten are now working with us on a much higher level, by teaching about balance and right relationships...

If you abuse alcohol, illicit drugs, sugar, coffee, cigarettes.... it is time to turn it around. All of our addictive substances originate from a plant form! Honour the Plant Peoples you have developed such an attachment to. It is our job as an evolving conscious People to honour the other Peoples who are working at our side. This is true Unity.

So over the time of this next wave of conscious convergence I invite you to sit with the Plant Peoples who have worked by your side. Honour them for their work. This is how you will truly integrate their lesson. Consuming them is not the answer. It's as though for centuries we have felt the Power of these amazing Plant Peoples, but our awareness didn't allow us to see the highest way to integrate their lessons. Our egos told us if we consume the substance, we will take in their power. Just like a rampaging warlord we have been raping and abusing our closest allies, without realising our deepest pain is being exasperated by our actions. Humble, grateful and passionate honouring of the Deva Spirit of your individual Plant allies is the way to Unity – particularly at this stage of evolution for Indigo Children.

So whether you are battling addiction or you have come out the other side, whether you refuse to admit your 'problem,' or it is rapidly in your awareness, whether you have rashes or intense bloating, whether you have removed the substance from your home, or you have just bought some anew. Now is the time. I sense that Indigo Children the world over are finding awareness in the anchoring of right relationships with human friends. Please, please remember the Plants. They have a message for you!

It is time for Ceremony for the Plant Peoples!Grid
My suggestion is to create a Plant People grid in your Ceremony Space. The grid in the picture contains Juniper, Hops, Cacao, Yeast and Potato, plus various Stone Peoples and the pure beeswax candles for the transformtation of understanding. Just as you might create a crystal grid, the Plant Peoples can be set together in Sacred Space and their energies activated, working together and with you to raise the energy of your Space. They are powerful Peoples, honour them as such. **

If you know that you have an issue with a particular item, whether it's an addiction to vodka (potato), beer (hops & yeast/fungi), or an allergy to bread (wheat & yeast/fungi), the Devas have something to say to you. Sit down in Ceremony with them, and listen.

Take the substance back to the simplest, most organic state you can find. For example, if you have an allergy or sensitivity to Wheat, find organic whole wheat grains to honour the Deva Spirit of the Plant Person; Wheat.

So look at your issue:
Cigarettes = tobacco – the Plant Person who symbolises Unity.
Chocolate = Raw Cacao and Sugar Cane products can be found in health food shops. If you live in sugar cane regions, honour the plant directly.
Coffee = find fair trade, organic coffee beans.
Lollies = sugar, sugar, sugar.
Vodka = potatoes
Gin = juniper
Beer = hops, barley, yeast (fungi)
Wine = grapes
Bread = wheat and yeast (fungi)
Heroin = poppies
Marijuana = if you know you will have trouble with the plant direct, go the other way and honour the other options for its use : find hemp fabric, hempseed oil etc.

Allergies to nuts, strawberries and other seemingly non-explainable foods maybe due to the amount the food is sprayed with chemicals... find these foods in an organic form and honour them with thanks for opening your awareness to the need for pure, life sustaining substances. Support healthy growth of your food, just as you would support the healthy growth of yourself!

Now as you move into the future, find alternatives to the substances you have been abusing. Health food stores stock all sorts of sugar alternatives now, from different syrups, stevia and even honey. If need be, munch on the original, unprocessed form of your substance. I find Raw Cacao to be a healer of all cravings and ills. It is full of antioxidants and aids vitality. It's awesome! Working with the Plant Peoples in a way other than consumption will integrate the energies on a higher level. Your cravings disappear. Withdrawal symptoms cease. Now you are nourished on every level.

** More info on honouring the Peoples in your sacred Space in the Lessonary Course : Creating Sacred Spaces...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etne M Heya! Maia Nie Heyoo!

Today I write with tears running down my face as I learn of Australia's new Prime Minister - Julia Gillard. 

Less than two weeks ago I sat with Women of Power in Melbourne, creating and birthing Sacred Spaces for the power of the feminine, supported by beautiful Sacred Brothers across the country. We focused on the birth of the shift, and visioned the New Earth being powered by the meeting of women in Sacred Space.

Last night I birthed a second Circle for the Red Tent in Canberra. Two Circles meeting side by side as part of Operation Red Tent - I couldn't sleep, I was full of the power of the Wild, Empowered Woman, who births a thousand babes a day, and sends them off in strength and passion.

I heard the news and the chit chat about the politics and the end of this version of the Government, but didn't think much of it while I was typing and changing web pages and advertising the Red Tent. I don't subscribe too much to media versions of the political world. It is exhausting really.

This morning I listened to the stream of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, speaking of the rebalancing of the Earth through the feminine shift. 

Now we have a Woman leader of our country! I feel we have a matched polarity playing out in the landscapes of our political world : Julia Gillard and Barack Obama are in our visual spectrum. See this as vision and you will SEE the New Earth unfolding. It does not matter what your political view is, just acknowledge what has happened here!

Women of the Sisterhood I say to you Etne M Heya - this is ancestor words meaning "I see you, I hear you, I honour you." 

Sacred Brothers who are our support and love and life I say to you Maia Nie Heyoo - this is ancestor words meaning "Thankyou in my heart, I am grateful in my soul, I See the Mother in you, for this we are."

Stand up in your Power Brothers and Sisters and know that you are whole in the Center of the Center of the Center. Be the Ones we have been waiting for, and continue to create the change you want to see in the world.  We are writing the new mythology with each step we take, with each decision we make, and when we BE awake.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finding a place to fit in.

Many of you will know what it feels like to never 'fit-in'. I wanted to write about this and where it can lead. Maybe what I say will guide you to more aware decisions than I made in my teens and beyond.

My Indigo Self, who had always been in a safe and happy place, was suddenly very unsure when the hormones arrived. I didn't fit in from the beginning of high school. I just didn't get it. I didn't get the cliques and the mind games and the bitchy attitudes. I just didn't see the point.

That particular shape of things, has passed.

I believe that I am beautiful. Do you?

We put a lot of stock in beliefs don't we? Beliefs shape us. Identity is so keenly associated with our beliefs. We let beliefs shape the story of our future, before it happens.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Moon Blessings

The Full Moon inspires me! She reminds me that there is a 'Real World' that exists outside of the time and space that the typical world lives in. Perhaps it is because for so many years, the Full Moon has meant Ceremony for me. And Ceremony is REAL.

I think the typical world, the one that more than 90% of people live in is the unreal world.

I still allow myself to be swept up in the real and the unreal worlds so much at the same time. I have come to realise that the reason this happens is because I really do want to understand other people. But it is very difficult. You see, I do not believe in the unreal world. I do not believe in hatred and war. I do not believe in feeling sorry for myself or anyone else. In gossip and competition. I do not believe that anything or anyone else should suffer for my happiness or for my comfort. I do not believe this because I do not see a purpose in these things! And so they are not real to me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

At the Crossroads and a Water Song

Yesterday we went into the Mountains to collect Crossroads Dust. We had a place in mind, but when we got there it didn't feel right. So we kept on driving up into the clouds, and there it was.

A four-way Crossroad on top of a mountain. On one side there has been much destruction - 'they' have been in and stripped the land of the trees. It's like a warfield, with stumps sticking out of the ground and branches on every angle. On the other side of the road is a lush forest, with pine trees, natives and birds. It breathes great sighs of relief that it is still safe.

The roads themselves lead to the four directions. The road to the North leads to a babbley stream. To the South; even higher mountains.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lake of Expansion

Lake of Expansion

It is sleep-time on the Earth
Horse Woman walks forward
Through the Labyrinth
On Her own path
To centre
As one:

Giraffe neck stretches above
And nibbles Star blossoms

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It all comes together

This week the energies did the big shift. We were waiting for them. We were calling to them. We could all feel, all waiting for that new burst of awesomeness.

For me it was a lesson in honouring my work. I have become very good at honouring myself - all of this  women's magick work has taught me to stop when I need to stop, I can eat to feed my soul instead of nourishing unhelpful desires, and I breathe deep so regularly. I like to have long baths with Himalayan Salt and beautiful oils. I enjoy time in silence...

Until this week I was holding onto so many crazy concerns associated with my work. I know what I do is 'different'. That's cool, cos that's what this whole 'ascension' thing is about, right? But what if people don't like the new way Lunation teaches people to make their own magick? What if the light-workers still boycott us because 'Witchcraft is scary'? What if people just don't get it?