Thursday, June 24, 2010

Etne M Heya! Maia Nie Heyoo!

Today I write with tears running down my face as I learn of Australia's new Prime Minister - Julia Gillard. 

Less than two weeks ago I sat with Women of Power in Melbourne, creating and birthing Sacred Spaces for the power of the feminine, supported by beautiful Sacred Brothers across the country. We focused on the birth of the shift, and visioned the New Earth being powered by the meeting of women in Sacred Space.

Last night I birthed a second Circle for the Red Tent in Canberra. Two Circles meeting side by side as part of Operation Red Tent - I couldn't sleep, I was full of the power of the Wild, Empowered Woman, who births a thousand babes a day, and sends them off in strength and passion.

I heard the news and the chit chat about the politics and the end of this version of the Government, but didn't think much of it while I was typing and changing web pages and advertising the Red Tent. I don't subscribe too much to media versions of the political world. It is exhausting really.

This morning I listened to the stream of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, speaking of the rebalancing of the Earth through the feminine shift. 

Now we have a Woman leader of our country! I feel we have a matched polarity playing out in the landscapes of our political world : Julia Gillard and Barack Obama are in our visual spectrum. See this as vision and you will SEE the New Earth unfolding. It does not matter what your political view is, just acknowledge what has happened here!

Women of the Sisterhood I say to you Etne M Heya - this is ancestor words meaning "I see you, I hear you, I honour you." 

Sacred Brothers who are our support and love and life I say to you Maia Nie Heyoo - this is ancestor words meaning "Thankyou in my heart, I am grateful in my soul, I See the Mother in you, for this we are."

Stand up in your Power Brothers and Sisters and know that you are whole in the Center of the Center of the Center. Be the Ones we have been waiting for, and continue to create the change you want to see in the world.  We are writing the new mythology with each step we take, with each decision we make, and when we BE awake.