Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Moon Energies : Saggittarius

Oh it's my favourite, a New Moon in Sagittarius! It's all about big plans and the forward picture. Think of the symbol of Sagittarius; the arrow; point it to where You want to be, and enjoy the ride!

The Season is ever ripening and working toward climax for the Summer Solstice. The Sun is driving us forward, and lighting our World. This is so different to our experiences of Winter, and we can call on Gramma Sun to activate our Light Bodies further. This activation and opening of the Light Self will take us deeper into understanding our Inner landscapes, and bring us ever closer to Purpose. 

Illumination is the key word this month, and with it comes learning, opening and growth. The Stars and Sun (Being that Gramma Sun is simply another Star in our skies) are working hard to bring us into alignment. The partial solar eclipse, whose energies are in action right Now, does the Work of raising the entire humanity's consciousness. This, more than any other, is the time to remember your Light Self. This re-membering is a process of Being in a Conscious State (see last month's update) and at all times, Responsible for Self. This final Solar eclipse for 2011 sets into action a new pattern of energy that will last many months. I feel I have written and spoken about this Responsibility so many times, but this time, it actually feels as though that Being is anchoring into more of the Peoples of this Planet Earth. The reasons for this perhaps are continued below. 

Mercury is in retrograde until mid December. This is usually a time of mis-communication, technology going awry, transport messing up... although this may reflect more troubles for QANTAS, on the personal level Mercury Retro can make Space for us to review and revive. Expect people from your past to come back, and some that You will find it easier to let go of. 

When writing this update I continually received the message THE TIME IS NOW. In this I feel it is a message about moving forward with projects responsibly (even with Mercury Retro) and time to Trust. The Universe has been working towards this alignment for a long time, and the doorways are accessible to us more than ever. The time really is now. 

With a full Lunar Eclipse to follow the solar eclipse in the second week of December, expect some powerful and intense times ahead for the next few weeks. Activate your body physically to activate the absorption of the new information available to Peoples on Planet Eartha this time. I can't stress enough how much our bodies need to move at the moment. Movement doesn't mean You have to be out lifting heavy weights and running 20kms a day (although some of us will enjoy that). Try gentle exercises : tai-ch, pilates, gardening, walking to work instead of the bus... etc. Attempt a break away from the TV and Facebook and really feel your Being in your physical Body. 

Communication between Physical Beings and the Diva Kingdom is stronger at the moment. This may be due to the presence of more Star People on the Earth than ever before. Yes, People from the Stars; other planets do walk amongst us and are here helping the Work of our Earth as She shifts into alignment into Her new Dreaming Tracks in the Stars. If You are one who has a Purpose directed by Star Connections, You may notice the presence of unusual People nearby, possibly watching You from a distance, or chance encounters where momentary wisdom is shared. Pay attention to these messages as they are a way of Walking in Truth. 

The presence of the Star Peoples means the Elementals feel safer to make their presence known, as they are seen by more People, and these Peoples are treating them with respect rather than fear. The message of Mama Earth is much louder currently, and Peoples who had not heard it before, or perhaps had not understood its depth are hearing it for the first time. Collective Consciousness is growing rapidly at this time and more People will awaken/deepen psychic abilities and an open HeartSpace at this time also. 

As more Star Peoples inhabit this Planet Earth the Worlds are drawing nearer. The door between Planet Earth and the Stars is open for longer periods of time, and the veils are thinner. If You wish to be an active part of this stepping through, go with an open HeartSpace and at all times Be Responsible for Self. At the time of the Meteor Shower in mid December, cosmic energies are intensely moving through the Stars, and if You get a chance to See them, think upon the powerful life force energy that You are witnessing as it crosses the lines of many threads in the skies. This is a great time for Visions and Journeying Work. 

The total Lunar eclipse on the 10th December is directed by the twins in Gemini. The twins are about polarity : two independent beings, so alike yet not the same, but able to Work together from the deepest levels. As the Darkness draws in, the door opens and we learn a depth of co-operation and unity that humanity has not seen before. We should be able to see this eclipse from Australia, and so I suggest Working in Ceremony at this time to experience what could be called the Crack in the Universe..

And of course, the Solstice come to Be just before Christmas. There is so much energy going on at this time as the Old Ways dance alongside the newer traditions dedicated to Christ's story. This is a whole other blog update, and hopefully I will write it as time draws nearer!

Love to You dear Readers. I am feeling the changes on every level of my Physical, Emotional, and  Light/Star bodies. This has been a huge time for Me, and nothing is as it ever was before. I expect more of this to come, and I welcome it as perhaps only an Indigo Sagittarian will Do! Bless.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pain and what it's good for - discussing 11.11.11 initiations

I must share this information. I meant to do it a week ago, but it got pushed to the side. Today I feel it is ready. It is no coincidence of course that now is 11.11.11, a time of deep initiation of the Self, of Awakening and ReAwakening and Being Real.

I wish to share some info in regards to body pain. I have Known (and You probably feel this too!) for a long time that ALL body pains and 'problems' have an emotional attachment, and sometimes it's not even from this life journey, although it has carried over and becomes renewed for now. 

A few years ago I was shown another reason for the pains that carry over from other life journeys (You may read this as 'past life' but I have long been uncomfortable with this term as it relates to the human perception of time only, and we are so much more than that).

Without going too deeply into the story, I will tell You the outline of it. I was experiencing strange pain that I couldn't clearly define in my emotional Space. I was at a Retreat and I asked my Self what is this pain about. Shortly after I was shown in Vision an experience in another life of body scarrification in the area of my body that was currently in pain. It was a process of initiation at the time, and one that had to be remembered - but that part of the story I worked out later.

Shortly after I was told very clearly, that the 'initiation' Work at that time, in that physical body manifestation was not simply for that time. The scarification was purposed to re-surface in other lives, to remind me (as I am not simply a human but a spiritual Being in human form for this time) that when I come to Earth again, there is knowledge that I have already found. It will be awakened through the current life's discomfort of the body, so that I may remember the knowledge of that other time, for the growth of Planet Earth and the Work I am now here to do. 

So the thing I am sharing with You dear heart on this 11.11.11 day, is the knowledge that any aches and pains that You may experience today, or anytime around this day, are there for a reason. Ask yourSelf to tune in and re-member the information You once knew. It may not be caused by scarification, and it may not be as 'monumental' as 'someone else' You know. However, as You are in human form right Now, your body, the most human, dense part of You in this life, calls You to See, to Know and to Be in your Truth of what You can achieve this Life. Try not to ignore it - Work with it! And You will be shown immense gifts in line with your Purpose in this Life. 

Have a beauty-full day today. At 11o'clock both day and night there are many meditations for Peace and Being having been called throughout the World. I particularly feel called to the working with the F# key and will be singing and receiving at that frequency today.  I am also celebrating in my heartSpace the coming together of the Crystal Skulls as they Work their Sacredness.

Bless. And Congratulations to the Peoples. For it is due to our Work that we have come to this Space of Being. It is due to our Work that we can hear the stories of the healed and the Awakened, and we can Be a part of those stories. The Clan Mothers honour our Journeys, and celebrate our Being. 

- Hollie B.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Excuses : a different kind of Energy Update for the Scorpio New Moon

This month, my energy update is a bit different to usual – it's a bit more of an Indigo Exclusive and rant than a look at the energies – but I think that You who understands, will See that actually the two are much more related than it may seem. There is only One moment in this month that takes my attention, and I feel that all other days on either side are related to this massive event : 11.11.11. And so it is with that in mind that I write this update.

We are currently in the time of a Scorpio New Moon, and with that, it is important to rest and let go of the past. It is a time to evaluate lifestyle and realtionships, and commit to making the Changes necessary for better flow for You. This is a general rule for the days leading up to the New Moon in any month, as She is Dark and reminds us in Her Darkness that we do not need to shine brightly at this time. As the New Moon face cycles through, She begins to grow again, so too will our own energy and projects. It is a flow we share with the Moon, when we choose to Be conscious in the Journey.

Conscious. This Word takes precedent this month. I feel that the 'conscious mind' has had a bit of a bad rap in 'spiritual' thinking communities. Somehow the concept of thinking for the Self has been pushed behind the Collective Consciousness. Have People still not understood that your Mind can Be your friend, 'when used for good', but it is the lists and 'shoulds' that get in your way. Don't blame that on your Conscious mind though. If You must blame,   (blame is such a victim concept and not one I can be comfortable subscribing too, yet this is a whole other blog and may be adressed at a later date!)   blame it on your learn-ed and copied reactions to life. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the connection of the Planetary Family and Unity through One-Us, however I am also inherently aware that the collective 'Us' of this planet is still very much removed from the Ways of Being that I hold to Be Real. And so with that, I still have an incredibly strong Relationship to my Conscious Self. I believe very strongly that there are more and more People awakening to the Real World. But the Way I came to this Earth was in this Indigo form, and so that alone, ensures I cannot be a follower. My Conscious Self is activated each and every day in ensuring that the life I live is Real and appropriate for Me. Relationship to Self and what is Right for Me is the best navigator in this life. I write these words with the intention that others, whether they identify as Indigo or other, are inspired to find the same.

There are hundreds of articles and events planned for the big date of 11.11.11 and the theme is generally about raising our own Consciousness, and that of the Planetary Family so that we as a species may 'evolve' or 'ascend' to this new plain of the New Earth, or Heaven on Earth. So I wanted to have a bit of a soap box about that word 'Conscious'. Stay with me if You can, but I won't be offended if You don't read it all :)

Be-ing Conscious is the complete opposite to Be-ing reactionary. Be-ing Conscious means thinking before we Act. To Be Aware of our actions before they happen. To Know why we do what we do, and to Relate to the action as it happens, so that it is not separate from our own World. That's Real. That's Conscious.

You may do all the crystal gridding, drumming, walking with nature and chanting any mantra You want, but none of that makes You a Conscious Be-ing.

I challenge You to spend a day in reflection (Be-ing) in Relationship to All that You Do.    (Ooh, I feel like Dirt Girl! 'Green Thumbs here's your challenge' – if You have Conscious kids You will understand the reference :)    This is awareness of what You Do, so that You are not simply reacting to what You have always seen, what everyone else does, or what you 'should' do. It's just about what YOU DO for You.

Using the example above, when You set up your Crystal Grid, are You in relationship to the knowledge that your Stone People may have been (and most likely were) mined from a big dirty hole in Mama Earth, with fossil fuel machines blowing and grossing the air, with dirty old men smoking cigarettes and spitting out their window while operating the machines, with a massive wastage of water and energy... Do You think about the carbon footprint of pulling your Stone Person from the ground, transporting it across the world, and being kept in a shiny, light filled pretty store to be sold to You for a price that although might seem 'fair' to You - because it suits your bank balance – may not be viewed as fair to Mama Earth or the Stone Person..?

Now don't misunderstand me here, I'm not telling You what is Right or Wrong, I'm just talking about Be-ing conscious. Knowing what You are doing in an honest and Right Relationship with All. Perhaps You do Know all of that, and anything else about the stone, and You have CONSCIOUSLY made the decision to go ahead with the gridding work, because in your Conscious mind You have decided that it is something You can accept because XYZ. I'm not about judging, I'm just about asking if You Know?

I ask these questions from a Space of loving concern. I'm tired of being surrounded by Love and Light 'beings' who are no less blind than those who live in the Dark. You can have all the Love and Light in the World, but if you're keeping up your addiction to Cadbury's and Nescafe, and you're shouting at your kids because you're tired (probably cos you overloaded with coffee and sugar) and you're carrying an extra 30kg more than is healthy, and you're buying your meat in bulk from the supermarket cos it's 'cheap', and you burn tee light candles from the $2 shop – then please show me the Conscious-ness of this supposedly changing New Earth.

Again, I'm not saying that it is or isn't ok to shout at your kids. I'm not saying that it is or isn't the Right thing to do to eat or buy meat. I'm not even saying whether I do or don't do these things, because I, like You, am a human, and still have much to learn. But I'm asking You to look, to not simply react to the first emotion or 'should' that hits the surface. And ask yourSelf, is this ok for me? Do I understand this from as many directions as I'm capable? Is there a way for me to change this situation that would make a better Way of Being for Me, for Mama Earth and for All? Then, we are Be-ing conscious.
Asleep or Awake?

So are You still with me? Or has it all got a bit too heavy and You need to go and make a cuppa? This big day, this big celebration of the Conscious World on 11.11.11 is not far away. Everything leading up to the day (which is also the time of the Full Moon – a day of expanded and inflated energy) is related to this time now. As an Indigo Adult I feel very strongly that there are still many things that have been left unsaid, because we're all still trying to be so bloody polite about it. But my very Indigo message this month is 'IT'S TIME TO PULL YOUR FINGER OUT RE-AWAKENING PEOPLE AND BE REAL!' No more excuses. The Time is Now.

So, for You who is still here, I would like to share an example from my own Space a few years ago. This week, with all the talk of the Races in Australia, I am reminded of this story.
What is Real for You?

I grew up in the country in Victoria. On the second Tuesday of November every year, the village stops. School stops. Work stops. The only thing that doesn't stop are backyard barbecues, picnics and Race days. I had always thought, 'I am Victorian, it is in my blood to bet on the races'. It's just how it was. It always had been. My parents did it. Their parents did it. It was normal. I was un-conscious. I was reacting to a way of behaving that I had seen, rather than creating my own way of Being. As I awakened more and more to my relationship with the Animal Family, I started to ask mySelf questions. Is this idea of racing animals for our entertainment okay for me? What happens to the animal when it's not race-able anymore. Why do we all need to get dressed up in our Spring-time best to watch undersized and underfed people whip an incredibly power-full animal around a track. Why is it shocking if a jockey is killed, but not at all strange if the horse falls over and breaks a leg, and is 'put to sleep' later on. Am I comfortable supporting an industry who locks an animal's free-will into a tiny track and makes it perform. So, You have probably realised, dear Reader, that my eventual answer to my Conscious Self who was asking all these questions, was that this is not okay FOR ME. I am now asking the question, why do we need to ride horses at all?? My Conscious Self is still pondering that one...

That is just one example for Me of True Awakening. There are many. But I suppose what I want You to take from this more than anything else is the meaning of Awakening and Conscious Being. Awakening is not simply about finding your psychic powers or being able to talk to Trees. If you really want to talk to the Trees, listen to what they have to say in return! And then work that understanding into your way of Being. Otherwise, You are not only disrespecting the Trees, but you're dis-respecting yourSelf. When we make statements of intent to Awaken, and then we choose a reactive Path instead of the Conscious one, we are putting our own Self, our Body and our Mind in conflict. It causes stress. It manifests as being overweight, of having addictions, of emotional imbalance, and makes You very very tired. Why tired? Because You are intending to Awaken from a deep and dark slumber that by ignoring conscious-ness, You will never awaken from.

So, coming up to 11.11.11, my suggestion is to evaluate your patterns and behaviours. Ask questions like 'where does this come from?' 'who made this?' 'does saving $3 matter as much as saving an orang utan family?' etc. etc. etc. And then Be in that state of understanding and knowing through the time of this Power-full and Event-filled Full Moon Space.

There is much solar activity   (and I was so glad to hear Munya Andrews talk about Gramma Sun as feminine at the Australian Goddess Conference as this is a thought-form I have been attempting to cultivate amongst white women for some time now!)   guiding our physical presence on the Earth at this time. There will be Gateways and Portals and all of that continuing as more and more Conscious and Spiritual Work is done the World over. It is happening now, and will continue past the date of 11.11.11. As mentioned there are thousands of events to celebrate and Be with the day and night and the Power of it All. Whether You go to a physical event or You celebrate in your own Way, I hope You can Be with your conscious Self and Be Real for this month.

After the Full Moon, You will probably feel really Power-full for a few days. Use that Power to guide You in your Conscious Space so that it anchors into your whole Way of Life. It can become like breathing if you allow it to begin. Set the intention that You will have a life of Conscious living and Being. You will then See changes in your Relationships, your Work, your Health and everything in between.  Everyone has a place, and You are here now – so You are a part of it. Whatever 'level' your consciousness is sitting at in this moment is Right for You. As You grow and Awaken/Re-awaken, You will continue to Be exactly where You need to Be.

May you go with Eyes that See, and with Ears that Hear, and with a Heart that truly Feels.

We are the Ones we've been waiting for. 
The time for Change is Now. 
No more excuses. 
See You in the Real World. 

-Hollie B. 

PS. For anyone who still wishes to read astrological based energy updates I recommend :  Molly's Astrology, Soluntra King's writings, and the Astrostar Blog.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A story for the heart strings...

This is not my story. You may have seen it on its rounds of Facebook and other social media. It touched me so deeply I just had to share. Thank You to whoever wrote this.

Stories of Real Beauty and honest Faith, from innocent babes move me to tears. As I read this story tears rolled and rolled down my cheeks. One cannot help think of our own babes and family in such a situation, and just how important Love is.


"When I saw a cashier hand this little boy his money back, the boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old. The Cashier said, 'I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll.'

The little boy turned to the old woman next to him, 'Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?'

She replied, 'You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.' Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look around. She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. 

Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. 'It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas. She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her.' 

I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her after all, and not to worry. But he replied to me sadly. 'No, Santa Claus can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there.' His eyes were so sad while saying this, 'My Sister has gone to be with God. Daddy says that Mommy is going to see God very soon too, so I thought that she could take the doll with her to give it to my sister.'

My heart nearly stopped. The little boy looked up at me and said, 'I told daddy to tell mommy not to go yet. I need her to wait until I come back from the mall.' 

Then he showed me a very nice photo of himself. He was laughing. He then told me 'I want mommy to take my picture with her so she won't forget me. I love my mommy and I wish she didn't have to leave me, but daddy says that she has to go to be with my little sister.' 

Then he looked again at the doll with sad eyes, very quietly. I quickly reached for my wallet and said to the boy. 'Suppose we check again, just in case you do have enough money for the doll!'

'OK' he said, 'I hope I do have enough.' I added some of my money to his without him seeing and we started to count it. There was enough for the doll and even some spare money. The little boy said, 'Thank you God for giving me enough money!' 

Then he looked at me and added, 'I asked last night before I went to sleep for God to make sure I had enough money to buy this doll, so that mommy could give it to my sister. He heard me! I also wanted to have enough money to buy a white rose for my mommy, but I didn't dare to ask God for too much. But He gave me enough to buy the doll and a white rose. My mommy loves white roses.' A few minutes later, the old lady returned and I left with my basket. I finished my shopping in a totally different state of mind from when I started.

I couldn't get the little boy out of my mind. Then I remembered a local newspaper article two days ago, which mentioned a drunk man in a truck, who hit a car occupied by a young woman and a little girl. The little girl died right away and the mother was left in a critical state. The family had to decide whether to pull the plug on the life-sustaining machine because the young woman would not be able to recover from the coma. Was this the family of the little boy? 

Two days after this encounter with the little boy I read in the newspaper that the young woman had passed away. I couldn't stop myself as I bought a bunch of white roses and I went to the funeral home where the body of the young woman was for people to see and make last wishes before her burial. She was there, in her coffin, holding a beautiful white rose in her hand with the photo of the little boy and the doll placed over her chest. 

I left the place, teary-eyed, feeling that my life had been changed forever. The love that the little boy had for his mother and his sister is still, to this day, hard to imagine, and in a fraction of a second, a drunk driver had taken all this away from him."

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Moon Energies : Libra

This Libra New Moon is all about Connection and Relationships. It's about connecting with People who really See You and treat You as the Person of Power You are, rather than what anyone else wants You to be. There is room for sudden changes, new ideas and a jump in your independence. So embrace the Celestial Wisdom of the Stars this month and empower yourSelf as fully as You are meant to Be. Libra gives the opportunity to consciously balance and align with what You want and need. 

Libra supports Justice and a want to make things Real. You may feel a need more than usual to speak your Truth to those who cannot or have not heard You before. This is fabulous, and don't let the fear of not being heard, or the fear of 'coming on too strong' hinder You from this process. My favourite mantra recently has been “Speak the Truth even if your voice shakes” because I Know as a matter of Real Fact, that when I Do, the Right result is created for mySelf. Speaking Truth is not about making sure others understand You, because sometimes, they're just not on your level, and they just can't hear what You have to say. But speaking your Truth IS about keeping on your own Right course, and not getting swayed by others. 

In my facilitated Red Tent Circle for this New Moon, we will Be working with the Clan Mothers through meditation and Ceremony to opening to the knowledge of the All, and learning ever more that We are All One. You may join us in the same Vision Journey with the Oneness is One-Us Little Lesson Pack available at the Lessonary >>>

The energies of the past few weeks have been extreme to say the least. The finger points at the Solar activity in the form of flares and storms, and also the increased comet activity out in the Star Tracks. The recent Equinox also had strong energy to share; with an intention of balancing everything and everyone to ensure we're where we 'need to Be'. I'm exhausted, weary and ready for a rest! However, the guidance I have received is that there is no rest yet. We are working hard to integrate the energies and new Light Codes with our physical bodies – Light Bodies coming into Balance with our Physical AND Emotional Bodies, and so it is not uncommon to be experiencing all manner of clunks and crunks in your physical body, as well as all manner of emotional swings.

The recent Comet activity and Solar Flares are working to purge and cleanse the Earth. This isn't the Doom's Day story for crazy people. When we talk about purging and cleansing the Earth, it's really a way of saying that there is purging and cleansing for the Peoples of the Earth, since WE hold the Space here on this Planet. All the energy Work that is going on at the macrocosmic level in the Solar System, affects the Peoples of the Earth the same. It's just smaller or larger, depending on how much energy and Light we are capable of holding at this time. How do You become more capable of holding more Light? By integrating with the Light Codes. Read on.

For People who have suddenly shifted to a Higher Frequency over these weeks, You may be feeling disassociated from relationships from People You do not involve yourSelf with on a deep level often. Possibly also, You are finding that You are attracted to friendships with different people, leaving many 'old friends' behind, and perhaps even re-connecting with others that for a while there You just didn't understand. This is normal and okay, as we are making Space for the energy that we need to integrate, and have removed, once again, everything that does not need to Be.

I write often about our Physical Body and our Emotions having much to tell us about what we can do in this increasing energetic time. I wish to share more of this information with those who Hear.

I have noticed the tendency to manifest clunks and crunks and inflammations in the Physical Body when energy is flowing at an increased rate. Often this is due to the speed of the energy's flow into the Body, and the inability for the Body to process it at a similar speed. Inflammations and clunky bits are not necessarily 'bad' for us, but a simple reminder to take it a bit slower if You want this energy to integrate well. You do have the option, of course, of ignoring it, pushing the energy to the side with a 'I'll get back to that later' thoughtframe, however I'm sure You'll agree that You are continually hounded by the energies until You become open to receive with Grace. Oh, and that is much more comfortable!

In Australia, we are coming into the time of the Water element in my Priestess Path tradition, where All parts of nature require Water even more than usual to continue growth. Our bodies need this flow of liquid to help integrate the intense energies, and if we don't feed ourSelf with Water, we create blockages within the physical Self. Imagine the new/higher frequencies of energy needing pathways through the physical body to help connect the DNA and other growth and renewal at Cell level. The Water ensures the pathways are clear. As soon as they dry out, blocks and mounds begin to appear in your pathways, and the energy has nowhere to go. This will manifest as lumps in the body, build ups of lactic / acids, inflammation of joints etc.

Your Physical Body is trying to keep pathways open for the Light Body (which is changing at an unprecedented speed) to integrate. Pure Water is a must at this time. By Pure Water I don't mean tap water that is full of things such as flouride that inhibit your intuitive processes and keeps you literally in a Dark Body.... Pure Water increases the flow, moves the inflammation, and shifts the blocks that are stopping You integrating your light and Physical Bodies, and stopping the connection of the DNA that will take You to the Higher level of understanding necessary to 'evolve' consciousness, so that You are where You need to Be. What I mean by that is something that those People who have been keeping the pathways open will understand – your Truest Heart's Desire : your Purpose unfolds in front of You with Ease.

Also, use Blessed Water in your Sacred Space and Ceremonies to ensure that the flow of energy is allowed and increased at a vibrational level.
Purchase Lunation's Blessed Water here >>>

NB. I'm not a doctor obviously. I'm not claiming any grand knowledge of health on an orthodox level. However, I Know beyond all doubt, that All health dis-ease is caused by emotional and soul-ful issue (sometimes some People will take this on for the collective conscioucness as a part of their Work on this Earth). When You, the indivdual, take responsibility for your Power and Purpose, dis-ease disappears.

Movement and stretching is also an important tool in allowing the pathways to stay open. Sitting all day at work or in front of the TV for long periods at evening-time (which is the time of day when the body is preparing to open to the energies for integration) limit your pathways of integration, and will create more blocks. Instead, take the night-time to Be in Right Relationship with the People You Love, and if that's not an option, spend your attention on Being in Right Relationship with yourSelf. And get ample sleep! This is the Real Work of energy integration. See my e'Course Creating Sacred Spaces for more of this Work >>>


Emotions, Food and Integration.
Your Emotional Body has just as much to do with this Integration of Light Work as does your Physical Body. Food connects the two.

I'm sure that regular readers by now, don't need to be told about emotional blockage and what that will do to an otherwise health-full Physical Body. I do not have a shred of doubt in the Knowledge that all Physical Blocks are related to our relationship with our Emotions. The only Way to work this through is, as I have written many times, face the emotion, Work with it, and only then will You release the block’s it is creating within your Physical body and your Psyche.

Food plays a massive part in allowing us to keep hold of those emotional blocks. We gorge on hot foods when we are holding onto fear. We gorge on sugary foods when we don't like the 'hard work' of Life, and wish for a sweeter way. We gorge on chocolate when we crave Unity and One-ness, instead of finding it through Right Relationship and Truth. We excessively drink alcohol to keep the anger inside, down deep, where hopefully no one will See it, since it's not 'appropriate' to be negative in emotions.... We scoff meats in arrogance. We need icy foods to freeze and bind the movement of energy any further.... You get it, right?

Food = Plant and    (for some)    Animal Peoples.
If You want their help in really coming into Being, and Working in your Truth - as I said above, Being in right Relationship with your Self, then You must Be in Right Relationship with the Peoples of this Earth. When You 'crave' a food, identify the emotion it is attached to. And then go about connecting to the Plant or Animal Peoples in a Real manner of Being. Ritualise, See and Feel the message that is offered freely when You listen in Grace. See my Work on Food Grids for further info. >>>

So..., back to the Energies quickly:

Moon Seeding
New Moon in Libra : means well-balanced seeding of new intentions. Saturn is hanging around to ensure Personal responsibility and a need for stability. It's not the time for rash decisions, unless You are 100% sure You are working from a Space of Right Relationship and Truth.

Time spent in matters of Pleasure are of most benefit, particularly with those whom we Love and feel Connection to. Libra's sign is the scales, so it's about finding Balance and Right Relationships with All. Libra can sometimes use the balancing act as a way of distancing and keeping control of the situation. Speak honestly and rationally and the Truth will be the winner every time. Again, time spent on attention for what is Right for You, instead of wasting on useless crap is the way to go!

Relationships & Communication
Mercury in Libra means well-balanced, intelligent discussion. You will probably find yourSelf wanting to share equally with the People in your Space. Watch out for the tendency to go too far though, and end up pedaling worthless information and personal opinion instead. Will the People up in the big pointy house on the hill ever find a resolution for asylum seekers ?

As Venus moves into Scorpio, there is room for passion and regeneration. Take a bit of time to look at the benefits of your Relationships, even if You are feeling that it is hard to relate at this time. A moment spent honouring the value of others will deepen Relationships ten-fold this month.

Home and Work
It's the work of Uranus now that makes us suddenly rebel and decided that nothing is right, everything must be shifted and Power needs to be re-aligned. For those already Doing the Work of Responsibility for Self and Right Relationships, this may manifest as a sudden opening for you to See your Purpose, for You to suddenly be able to 'drop everything' and Work in line with Your Truest Heart's Desire. Watch out for that old friend or foe - the Ego - jumping up and trying to have its equal share in any rebellion that kicks into gear!

Full Moon in Aries
On the 12th September, Grandmother Moon shines Her Full Face outward to remind us that the Light always returns, even in the moments of exhaustion and confusion. Aries is Powerful and will charge ahead without warning, so be sure to keep your energy balanced in the lead up to this time. Aries is ruled by Mars, who is known as the god of War, but awakening Peoples know that War needs only to be an emotion we battle within ourselves. By facing our Self, and resisting the subscription to fear and the Unreal World, Mars becomes the Emissary of Peace, who can teach the way to move forward, without need for War. Mars works hard and fast, so call upon the Aries Full Moon to create the shifts You need.

So there is kind of more of the same this month, Meteoroid showers, Comets close to Earth, Solar Flares, Alignment, Light Code Activations all leading to October 28th : the so called actual End of the Mayan Calendar. So what we are heading toward is the time between time, and the Space where there is No Space. Those who connect to the Sabbats of the Seasons will understand the Power of this at the time of the Awakening (Beltane), as we move onward to the 11.11.11

Take it easy dear hearts, Be True to You, eat, drink and breathe well. Everything else will simply fall into place!

Monday, September 5, 2011

No Coincidence, Only Perfection

If there is one rule I hold to Be True over all else, it is that Everything happens for a Reason. Time and again I have found that every thing has meaning, every occurrence has Purpose, and every situation is Perfect. 

Of course, at times its hard to Know exactly what that 'Perfection' is right away. But in time its revealed. When I opened to this understanding, the more I believed this as Truth, the faster the Perfection was revealed. And so now I Know that there are no coincidences, there is only Perfection. As a confirmation to mySelf, the phrase is tattooed to my arm. This is very Real for Me. 

And so, I have been asking for the clarity to See the Perfection in a situation I knew was coming. I have a weekend of workshops planned for Melbourne, but coming up to the final week and still not enough bookings to make it worth the travel I have been asking 'What is the Perfection in this? What is the Reason?'

I can list a whole lot of outside reasons, problems with advertising, people in the database are busy, broke, not interested etc. But outside reasons have nothing to do with Me and my own learnings. And so, I ask, what reason am I not seeing. Perhaps the question could be better phrased : 'What is the learning that I have missed, or need to open to?' Understand dear Reader, that I don't believe in blame. I don't believe in 'poor me', and I don't believe in coincidence. I do believe in 'just not meant to Be', but with that my inquiring Indigo / Sagittarian mind asks at the same time - 'what is the reason that it is just not meant to Be?'

Business for me, like as in the real nuts and bolts of work and creating finances, has never been about the 'right things to do in business.' Anytime I've allowed the 'shoulds' of economics and marketing to guide my business moves, it has ended in drama, frustration and boredom all at once. I'm not built for the games of big-business. I'm just here to Be from the heart, to follow where I am called by the Stars and the Moon and the Earth and the Sun. It doesn't work for Me and my Company when I listen to the 'appropriate ways to incorporate work and business.'

And yet, You might think since I have learned this time and again, I might stop allowing decisions to be made by the promise of business growth in the old fashioned way. You might even think that I would stop with the glamour of what others might be able to offer. Because, if there's anything else I've learned within this Company, it's that relying on outside resources does not always help growth. Letting other entities latch and catch to this entity which I have created through lots of sweat and blood, always, always ends in grief! I have learned, that in matters of business, I must rely entirely upon mySelf to get it happening. And if I choose to outsource, it must be through very Real, very professional and very proven channels.

In saying that, I have collected a team of very wonder-full People who are very good at what they Do. I honour these People and keep them close, calling upon their services often and making fair and Real payment in return for service. For me, this is Real. I don't do business on favours and thank-yous. I believe in fair energy exchange, and professionalism above all things.  I have been reminded again that nothing worth having comes for free, and You get what You pay for. When there is no payment asked, how can one expect that anything of worth will be given..?

And so these are the things I already know about my Work. That I cannot function from a Real and Whole Space without feeling deep connection to All aspects of what I am Doing. That I must take matters into my own hands, or outsource to a trusted, proven entity who is very good at what they do. And that, everything happens for a Reason!

And so when the hundredth (possibly a Sagittarian exaggeration there - maybe closer to twentieth!) person wrote to me last week saying 'maybe next time you're presenting in Melbourne I'll be able to make it' I suddenly saw the Real-ness. Why did it take twenty people until I saw it? Because I was very still stuck on the expectation of 'should'. But by Friday, I had let go, I was open, and I received the understanding.

I don't feel a connection to Melbourne anymore. I grew up in Victoria, and spent half of my teens in Melbourne. I used to know the city like the back of my hand. I've swum in the Melbourne beaches, I've walked through the parks, and I have many blood-relations there. But the land does not call Me. Last year I went through some deep healing on Victorian land, more than once, and I feel that now, We are done. We have journeyed together for a long time, and She has taught me much. But We have been finished for some time now. It is not the Place or Space for Me. And so I can not Be there. 

And if I cannot Be there, I cannot teach there. I cannot share there. I cannot step onto land that I no longer feel a connection to, in the guise of sharing and Being, because I don't really want to Be there.

And so now I know why my workshops on the Gold Coast are heading towards booked out already (and they're not on til November) while I have struggled to make numbers in Melbourne. It is not about the validity, the Power, the worth of my Work. I Know and trust that my Work is Real, and I know that Women constantly grow and learn with what Lunation offers. No. It is simply, that Melbourne is not the Right Work for Me.  I love the Gold Coast area.

And so, dear Reader, Melbourne is cancelled for Me. And I breathe a deep sigh of relief as though a heavy weight is gone. I celebrate the Wisdom and Joy of Knowing, and understanding. I let go (AGAIN) of the need to perform, to give more than is returned, to fit into a box that I will never fit into. And I set my sight on what is Real, where I Do Feel Connection. 

Life is Perfect. There ain't no coincidence!

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Moon Energies : Virgo

Coming from Leo's busy New Moon energy, we shift into New Moon in Virgo: a time of getting things in order. Virgo is quite concerned with matters of health, so if You have been putting off looking after You, the energies are aligned to ensure your health becomes your big priority.

On a broader scope, your 'health' does not simply include your physical Self, but also your mental health, your emotional health, your spiritual health etc. So in a nutshell, it's time to make You the priority this month, in the healthiest Ways possible.

Sacred Work : Being in Sacred Space, honouring You as Sacred, Journeying alongside those who treat You as Sacred, and surrounding yourSelf with Sacred energy is the Way to travel this month. (actually, I reckon that's the best Way to travel every month!!)

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and with Mercury having left the retrograde, aligning forwards again over the weekend just passed, time is Right for You to take responsibility. Mercury is the communicator, or messenger and His influence suggests that time spent in learning and acquiring knowledge is of great importance at this time.

With Mercury only just returned on path in the last few days, there is still a shadow lurking, and so You may still find there is a wrapping up, or cleaning up (because it is Virgo time!) of the lessons You were working through over the past month. This is a beautiful synchronicity with the New Moon, as She brings forth the birthing and initiating energies. So as You gain the deep understanding of your lessons, draw upon Her for help in directing You into the next stage of your amazing life!

The Virgin, the sign of Virgo, brings purity and innocence to the energies. Be open and willing to See things You have not known before, and learn things in new ways.

Now this New Moon is making sure She is heard on the East Coast of the US, as She pulls and pushes the tides and energies where She wants them. It is a time that is opening our eyes to just how vulnerable we All are (thanks to the Virgin). I'm sure I'm not the only person reminded of every 'end of the world' movie as we are shown the media images of New York residents evacuating in droves. That’s not to suggest that we are at the end of the World at all, but just that now is time to take responsibility, pay attention and Wok in a Sacred manner in honouring the Earth and the Energies. At times like what is happening over there, that is All One can Do.

You can expect balancing in your Relationships this month as Venus moves into Libra. If You have been wondering whether particular relationships are healthy for You, this will provide beautiful support for weighing up the yes and no of your situation. The Virgin of Virgo helps to look at situations with fresh, innocent eyes, and Venus in Libra will ensure an ease of Seeing what is working and not.

Activity : Getting things done!
Action Man Mars moves from Cancer to Leo this month, so from a gentle (and somewhat uncomfortable for Mars) Space into a much more naturally active state. You may have noticed that every time You attempted to get things done lately, its been as though something has washed in and pulled the foundations from under your feet. I've noticed that this frustrating phase has very quickly shown its 'good reason' not long after, but it has been frustrating none the less, particularly for those of us who like to Be in Action. In the meantime, You probably created more than even You realise with leo's energy, and now with Virgo in the Moon You have the opportunity to reap your rewards. 
Although action will speed up now, beware of Leo's influence for impulsiveness and extreme passion. Leo will bring You lots of Courage to do what's Right for You, but be sure that You are not using your aggressive Mars-ian energy to hold Power over, rather than your Power within.

It's Spring!!!
This Spring vibe seems to inspire People to clean up and get things sorted out. Virgo works on top of that to make sure we really get ourSelves organised at this time. Use lots of cleansing and clearing exercises, smudging, drinking Solè, and keeping the Space of the Sacred will ensure You are in Right Relationship with the energies for this time.

After Leo's 'look at me, look at me' attitude, its' comforting to Be in a Space where applause is not so much needed, and the methodical activity of getting things done is rewarded. Plant seeds, till soil, and Celebrate the Sabbat of Seduction, where the World is your oyster!

Equinox : 23rd September
As the days are growing longer, there must come a time when the day is equal in length to the night. On the day of the 23rd September this year, it is the Spring Equinox, (equi meaning equal; nox meaning night), the Earth’s poles are the same distance from the Sun. An Equinox is the time where the light and dark are of equal lengths of the day so; perfect balance.

Now the sun is fast becoming a staple in our lives again. The days continue to get longer, flowers and blooms cover every ground. It is the time when we feel more inspired to Be a part of Community, to connect with like minded People and Be a part of something growing.

At this time we Celebrate the Daughter aspect of our Cosmic Woman. Her male partner is the Youth. She is honoured for her creative ability, Her flow and open-ness to bring forth a better World. We call upon the Daughter aspect to open our eyes and our minds to the New. At the day of Balance, the Equinox, all things can never Be the same.

In my Goddess Tradition, this is where Koré emerges from the Underworld. She as the new Maiden of all Potential. She is flirtatious, gutsy, and alive! She is now known as Perspehone. Her mother Demeter celebrates Persephone/Koré's return by sending everything in the world into bloom. We feel Persephone's presence in every aspect of the season. And here is the point that Persephone sets Her sights on what is to come in the lighter part of the year.... Persephone Sees She only has 6 months before She must return to the Underworld. The Earth Mother grieves when She is gone, giving us winters and summers, so the work that is to Be done now is ultra-important.

Do not waste your time at this Sabbat. You have already set the process in motion at the Creation, so now is the time to celebrate it and do the work that needs to be done. But don't forget to honour Her, by stopping to smell the roses (or tulips).

The equinox is about balance, and we use this time to make sure we are in balance, and heading in the right direction. Spend time outdoors, breathe in nature, and make sure you’re not carrying along with you any of last year’s junk.

Please Note: I am not an Astrologer. But I do like to have an idea of what the Stars are up to, particularly when it comes time to facilitate my New Moon Red Tent Circles each month. At the New Moon, I spend a bit of time researching what is happening in the Stars, and then I put it together with my Knowings and my Feelings. These are my words and understandings. You are welcome to share, but please remember to acknowledge this Work and from where. Thank You for the visit. -Hollie B.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Moon Energies : Leo 2011

We have just worked through the final Dark Moon of Winter, and from here, as I'm sure you've noticed, all things are in a cycle of growth again. This is really your last chance to let go, release, and move on, because if You do not drop it now, it will only grow again in the new cycle. 

A Leo New Moon is Perfect for coming to terms with our own Inner Power. As a brand new cycle, the New Moon is a time of beginnings. It's a moment when that which You plant is given the spark of growth. Add this to the new seasonal growth cycle, and the fiery Leo energy, and whatever You imagine you Will Be.

This Moon is a time to use the strength and determination inside You to drive your growth. You are the creator of your own Destiny, and the willful, courageous proud energies of Leo want to help set you on course. This moon is also supporting creativity and wholeness in who You really are. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and this month of course the Sun is also in Leo. With everything revolving around the Sun, Leo naturally loves attention. Use this month's energy to give yourSelf all the attention you need to Be where you want to Be. 

Again, the New Moon is in relationship to Saturn this month, the planet of responsibility and reality. So what better time could there Be to take responsibility for yourSelf in as many ways possible : your health, your emotional state, your spiritual path... I've just finished writing my Women's Magick : Women of Power Workshops and they are all about the very Leo Magickal concept of Be-ing in a Real World state of Power by taking Responsibility for the Self, paying your Self attention instead of spending it wastefully on other things, and ultimately creating what You need and want in this life. 

Even something that to others may not seem huge, can be for You, something extremely significant and worthwhile. Taking a few moments in a day to dedicate to your needs, re-assessing your language of how You relate to the Self and others, or changing an aspect of your diet could all make an incomparable difference in your overall state of Be-ing. 

I have mentioned re-assessing our language and the way we spend attention and the ability to ananlyse and reasses these aspects of our Be-ing is something perhaps more available than usual. Mercury, the sign of communication is currently in Virgo, a practical, well though out kind of sign. Virgo is sometimes known to over-analyse, over perfect and generally think things out more than most. Take this as an opportunity to analyse the ways You communicate to yourSelf and others. Do the words 'I'm an idiot' slip out when you make a mistake? Or do you tell others 'I don't have enough / can't be enough for that..?' Take responsibility for your language and communications, use Leo to be bold and out there and really let the shift anchor for this time. 

Mercury will retrograde in a few days, until August 26, and this will allow for more attention to be made in what has gone in the past. Often people will philosophise all the negatives of Mercury going retro : cars breaking down, technology on the fritz, arguments between friends. With Virgo around, certainly I'd be watching out for any over-perfect expectations and tendencies. But overall, if you go at a Virgo Mercury Retro with the thought in mind of getting on top of things, getting ideas sorted and clearing out wasteful communications, you will have a very successful period. (for example, I cleared out and reorganised my email inboxes this week in preparation for the Mercury retro, and now my mail is where I can find it, and will go to where I need it to be.)

This month is really focused on the Self, and will stay that way due to both the New Moon and the Sun in Leo, and Mercury will re-enter Leo in its retrograde phase in about a week from now. In my Red Tent Circles, we are going to assess our Woman of Power Selves, and take a journey to See our True Self as a Woman of Power, using the Visualisation that was created for last year's New Moon in Leo : Success is a Shining Light. We will celebrate our successes, and look forward to many more to come, as we acknowledge our Selves as creative, Power-full Beings. 

Venus is also currently in Leo, and since Venus represents love and relationships, and Leo is all about paying attention to the Self, this is really a time to LOVE the SELF. When we love ourselves, we relate to people as beloved Be-ings. It is then easier for them to love their Self, and also to love us in return. Venus helps us to see what we value, so with Leo's inspiration it should be easier to value the Self above all things this month, and let that feeling and intention grow in this new Cycle as Spring comes closer. 

Seasonally in Australia, it is the time of the Sabbat of Mystery (also known as Imbolg/Imbolc/the Quickening). This is summed up in the amazing sense that growth is happening but unseen. There is a silence yet a freshness to the mornings and rebirth is occurring under the surface if all things. It will do You well to take time each morning to remember, celebrate the past, and then let it go. Greet each sun with a fresh approach, and let it Be a time that celebrates the fertile essence of Mama Earth, for this same essence runs through ALL things on Planet Earth at this time. 

This season is known as the Quickening, as when a Mother can feel the fluttering of the babe I her belly, even before she is showing to be pregnant. This is a time of great awareness. All senses are ramped up. We see, feel and hear things differently at this time. Because of this, it can be a great time of healing, as we acknowledge what has been, we then can fully let it go. It is the lesson of the One Who Honours the Truth, that only when we face whatever emotion that is within, can we truly be ready to let it go. The beginning of August, this time after the Quickening, brings energies to the Earth that will allow Her inhabitants to Be in emotional state more easily – don't misunderstand this to mean 'less painful', but simply that the energies are supporting the process of coming face to face with our emotions – Being present with what has been, what is now, and willing to accept what will come. So if there is a feeling, sensation or emotion that you have been fighting against (perhaps you have challenged yourself with something like 'I shouldn't feel like this about such and such', or 'I don't want to feel this anymore' then it is time to face it. Just because you want to believe that you don't want to feel it, doesn't make it go away. Take responsibility, get to know your Inner Self better, meet it, greet it, and then you will be in a Space to let it go.)
The Full Moon on the 14th August is in Aquarius, a beautiful sign of freedom, and liberation that actually helps us understand the meaning of Unity much more deeply. The process of letting go that I mention above will be well supported from that first week of August, with energies entering the Earth sphere around the Full Moon to open our hearts even more fully, and culminating with the true sense of Liberation from that which holds you back at the Full Moon. The energies always provide us with the Perfect support, and this is no exception! 

So there You have an August of Grace and Perfection. I read many astrologers that suggested all sorts of drama and 'issue' for this month, but what I see over and over is that it all comes back to being really and truly honest with the Self. When You are living a Truth-full Real World existence, 'owning' your emotional/physical/spiritual drama and facing it with an open heart willing to change, then this is what your Journey will be made up of this month, and it will take you to a Space of much more fulfilling awareness and have you well on the Path to Awakening. Leo is Selfish, but Selfish doesn't have to be a negative criticism, it can be a really honest way of giving to Your Self, if You let it Be. 

I know where I want to Be at the end of this month, as far away from Winter and the old stuck feelings as possible. So I'll be working out, working on and working up. See You on the other side too! 

-Hollie B.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Moon in Cancer 2011

In writing this New Moon Energy Update this month I'm feeling so utterly 'over' the energies. I know that many of you are subscribed to Karen Bishop's Energy Updates, which I have always held very much as Truth, and that you will have read this morning the same information again : that we are coming to the end of another Cycle of hard work and things are on their way to manifesting, blah blah.
Now, please don't think I'm bagging Karen in the 'blah blah' above. She of course is simply the messenger, and I am grateful for her words, which remind me that it's not just me going mental! The aches, the pains, the exhaustion, the overwhelm! It's all normal for those of us who are senstivie and Awake. And I believe; so is this state of Be-ing 'over' it all. 

It's been a big Eclipse season. Not so big in the sense of huge dramatic Soul work as we experienced in the previous Winter Solstice Eclipse Season. This time has been motivated by a need to stay balanced and 'on top of things'. Eclipses speed the energies up. Anything that we've been hiding from the Self, or even issues that we knew were coming up but had been letting take their slow time, are now rushed to the surface to be dealt with, right here, right now! 

As you probably know, we're now onto our third of three eclipses in a row. This Eclipse falls on the New Moon, in Cancer who is emotional, dreamy and very sensitive, which is probably another reason for feeling as though One will burst into tears over 'nothing'. Cancer is homely and family-orientated, coupled with the introspective feel of the New Moon and Mid-Winter, means there is no motivation to leave the house and get going. 

Eclipses bring change. Change is as good as a holiday, but when you already feel as though you never want to leave the warm snuggly space of your home again, changes can be shocking and harsh. They can bring feelings of confusion and grief, and be incredibly frustrating (“are you kidding me, more change!”) but they provide an avenue to deal with this new way of Be-ing, and it is how we move forward from here that manifests the next part of the journey. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and this eclipse makes Her power-full indeed. Cancer is a nurturer also, and so I find that I'm asking recent clients – “How are you spending your attention?” Our time and effort is a commodity that only we hold Power over. We choose how we spend that commodity : I call it our Soulancial Situation (like financial)... What is important for You right now, and why aren't you putting your soulances into that?

In the Red Tent Circles we will be focusing our own Soulances on manifesting our Visions. A Cancer Moon lets us dream, and so we will use what our body gives us freely as commodity : attention and breath; to birth this Vision forward. This Moon asks us to look after our Self. To really treat the Self with Compassion and sincerity; to not expect too much.

Awakenings, Expansion and Energy:

I am aware that there are many openings of energies and expansion occurring rapidly this month. I don't feel that it's necessary to comment on here, suffice it to say that again Compassion and nurture of the Self is what You will need to continue with Grace this month. Trust that when your body says No., that that's ok for now. Trust that when you can't make it to work on time, that that's ok for now. And trust the Universe that when She offers You a new option, it's probably the One You need for now.

Full Moon in Capricorn
Capricorn is a stable and grounded sign who believes in family and security and doing the right thing. You will already be spending a bit of time at home and in silence, by the nature of the energies this month, so in doing this, give yourSelf time to think about what you want for this Life. Awakening Souls need not be told that the things we want in Life don't mean 'I want a big house with a white picket fence'. That kind of thing is not Life's Work that you are working toward. But, ask yourSelf what is...? When you are living your Truth and Being in a Space of Sacred Sincerity to Your Self, You will find the answer. 

I wish You much joy and Self Love this month. I wish You the Knowing that You are a Soul Being of the Highest order here on Earth. I wish You the manifestation of all that You need.
-Hollie B.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sometimes it takes longer to catch up...

I had a realisation this week, that my body takes a bit longer to integrate the shifts of the Earth and the Self than the rest of me does. Of course, You might think "well, duh Hollie!" but somehow I missed that. I've been expecting my body to keep up with my million mile mind and Soul. Suddenly, I feel as though it's ok, and it's not that I've been doing anything wrong, but I just haven't given the changes enough time. I'm learning that Rest is an ok part of the process of moving forward. It's a hard lesson, but I'm getting there. I write this piece, because maybe it will support some one else (particularly You fast moving, driven Indigos that need a reminder too) to give the Body time to integrate what the Self already knows...  

My body is a Space Ship. I have often felt like I don't fit in here properly. As though we were made seperately and I'm still trying to work out the controls.

She has grown. I have grown. She has changed. I have changed. But not always have our journeys been the same. She has snuck in surprises when I least expected them. In the times I remember, there are more when I felt that She let me down, than when I have celebrated Her.

Of course, many times She has been the support. I could not have gotten here without Her. But I've taken Her for granted, and expected Her to keep up with the Self, even when the Self was on Her own tangent of change. And even when Self thought I wanted something, Body has been there to make sure things have turned out in Divine Order. Babies, houses, food... all this has been driven by Body. Self has only had part of the say.

My body, this Space Ship, and I have been ill to the edge of death, in hospital, with white coats around like an episode of House. Was it me who was sick, or Her? All I know is that She showed me then, that no one else has the words for why my body does what She wants, and that, always, not just sometimes, but always, I must travel deep inside to See what's going on. No one can do it for Me. 

When I think I've worked out how She works, and how to drive Her : when I take my vitamins and do my exercise and eat my veges and sleep well : still She has a surprise for me. And then I prove to my Self again, that we don't understand each other. Something is not right. I failed maintenance 101 for Space Ships. Or this Ship at least. 

In the past when I've been in dis-ease with colds or injuries, my Self has believed She did something wrong. That She has not interacted with Body accordingly. That She the Body is unhappy with the current situation. But Self, You had it all confused! You weren't doing anything wrong! You were just too damn excited and hurried about moving forward with the process. Body just needs some time to catch up! 

It's more difficult to integrate high frequencies of energy when You are a dense mass like Body. How on earth can Body be expected to keep up with Self? Self is out there. Self is growth and change at a Light level. Body is growing muscle and cell and changing shape. But the two are not necessarily aligned. 

Now I have a new perspective, between Body and Self. It is not that I dropped the optimal Body manual when times of rest are created. It is not that I am doing anything wrong. To fully undergo the Shape Shifting process, in Higher Frequencies of Light and Real World Being, my Space Ship needs to create some spare parts. It takes time. So if Self is rushing ahead, Body will call out 'hey, slow down and wait for me to catch up' and if Self doesn't listen, Body will throw some screws loose, drop a rocket or leak some fuel, and everything will have to stop. Only then, as Body has learnt, will Self listen, and give Body time for the integration She needs to continue. 

Because I know that these Space Ships we're given; you can't buy effective spare parts. Certainly you can replace them, but eventually they'll frag out worse than the first set. Instead, it's about generating physical change slowly, in a cell by cell process, that is more than a physical process. It takes thoughts and release valves and emotional change. It takes a keen connection with our Space Ship.

I still believe that my Self and this Body were made separately. That in a yard full of shiny new Space Ships I chose Her, cos She obviously ticked all the boxes for the kind of vessel I needed for this Earth trip, this time. Now, suddenly I realise, I'm doing everything right for our process together. We are travelling well. We have it worked out.
I'm just going to keep it at a pace that we both can understand.

Monday, May 30, 2011

New Moon in Gemini - June 2011

Lately I've noticed a need to clean up, sort out and Be in Right order. This may have manifested for You as a need to clear out cupboards, or speak openly about emotions You had otherwise left in the back of your emotional cupboard. All of this is preparing us to be make more room for more Light, and as we can see this month, there is much more to come. As we throw out the old, there is more Space for what is Right for this time. Allow yourself to accept this Light by staying focused on what is good for You – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

New Moon on the 2nd June this month is a Gemini. Gemini is symbolised by the twins, and so at this time our work is to unify the 'twins' in our Self. I love these words from Soluntra King: “...the polarities are given a chance to really merge as the Sun and Moon are One through the higher aspects of Gemini. A time when you are able to connect more deeply to the inner communication with your true essence, divine self and also yourself.”

Here is the time to fuse the different aspects of your Self. Have you been telling yourself one thing while doing another? Or working toward one goal while something else is manifesting all on its own? Gemini brings a Way to work between the physical and mental, allowing You to gather info, learn, and communicate your beliefs.

Where You have been plodding away to get an idea off the ground, but perhaps struggling to make it Real, Gemini brings new ideas. Look to this Moon to show you what has been the missing key to presentation and promotion of your idea to the Universe.

Gemini is incredibly talkative, communicating ideas in the essence of research. Take advantage of this energy by talking about your ideas and your goals to everyone around You. Open the gates of information to collect all the ideas You need to move forward. It may inspire a brilliant new way to See your vision that you had otherwise missed before.

Gemini is incredibly intellectual, so in my Women's Circles this month we will be dissecting our goals and dreams to gain knowledge of what is needed to get things happening. We will call on logic, analysis and reason to provide new keys, and try to look without emotional involvement to gain new perspectives. And of course, we will talk to ensure new ideas have an avenue from which to come.

On June 4th Jupiter will shift from the active world of Aries to much more stable and methodical Taurus. Jupiter is about wealth, and Taurus is about increasing and growing things, so this will be a great year ahead for developing greater wealth. Beware though, that Taurus also like to spend. Apparently when we have more, we spend more, and this connection of Jupiter in Taurus (which lasts for about a year) will encourage us to buy beautiful things!

Eclipse Season:
It is another Eclipse Season, with partial Solar Eclipses on June 2nd and July 1st. A solar Eclipse can only occur at a New Moon when the Moon is aligned between the Earth and Sun. (Thanks to my Circle Sister and astro extraordinaire, Laura for clarifying this!). You can vision the Power of such an alignment, as it opens gateways for People on Earth to anchor heightened vibrations of Light energies. Expect increased intensity of energy for your Self at this time, lasting through the Full Moon and a little way past the Cancer New Moon at the beginning of July.

When eclipses occur it is known as a time to grow spiritually in our understanding. You might notice that the things You thought You wanted to do are changing, as more of the Divine Plan is revealed to You. Eclipses shift the Light so that we can see and feel anew. They also create fluxes of Power for us to draw upon as we grow and evolve. So this month is a power-full time. Spend time Be-ing in Sacred Space in order to integrate the energies of expansion.

The Full Moon on the 16th June will give us a Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth is aligned between the Sun and Moon, and the Moon is shadowed. This Full Moon is in Sagittarius, who is known to be more focused on spiritual matters and wisdom than mundane activities. Sagittarius is out there, willing to learn and see new things, and open to the Real World. Lunar Eclipses require focus on emotional work, seeing the parts of our Self that we usually allow to be hidden. This Full Moon is a time to go deep after having been so much 'in the head' through Gemini. Let the energy of the eclipses in to bring Divine Illumination where it was not before.

Winter Solstice:
Winter Solstice, 21st June, in Australia is the time when the Sun has reached as far South as possible and makes the turn to begin heading North again. We say that the days become longer again, although it doesn't feel that way, and Winter continues to get colder for some time yet. In the story of the Goddess Wheel, the Mother Goddess labours all night to birth the New Light.

I call this time the Sabbat of Wisdom, and it could be just as easily be termed 'Silence'. This is the time when we spend time inward, we go deep into the past year and re-visit the lessons there. It's time to sort emotions out, by asking the Self 'how do I feel about that' and letting your Self truly and deeply feel these emotions. This allows for a Real end of the Cycles of the past year, and the birth of a new growing Cycle ahead.