Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Excuses : a different kind of Energy Update for the Scorpio New Moon

This month, my energy update is a bit different to usual – it's a bit more of an Indigo Exclusive and rant than a look at the energies – but I think that You who understands, will See that actually the two are much more related than it may seem. There is only One moment in this month that takes my attention, and I feel that all other days on either side are related to this massive event : 11.11.11. And so it is with that in mind that I write this update.

We are currently in the time of a Scorpio New Moon, and with that, it is important to rest and let go of the past. It is a time to evaluate lifestyle and realtionships, and commit to making the Changes necessary for better flow for You. This is a general rule for the days leading up to the New Moon in any month, as She is Dark and reminds us in Her Darkness that we do not need to shine brightly at this time. As the New Moon face cycles through, She begins to grow again, so too will our own energy and projects. It is a flow we share with the Moon, when we choose to Be conscious in the Journey.

Conscious. This Word takes precedent this month. I feel that the 'conscious mind' has had a bit of a bad rap in 'spiritual' thinking communities. Somehow the concept of thinking for the Self has been pushed behind the Collective Consciousness. Have People still not understood that your Mind can Be your friend, 'when used for good', but it is the lists and 'shoulds' that get in your way. Don't blame that on your Conscious mind though. If You must blame,   (blame is such a victim concept and not one I can be comfortable subscribing too, yet this is a whole other blog and may be adressed at a later date!)   blame it on your learn-ed and copied reactions to life. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the connection of the Planetary Family and Unity through One-Us, however I am also inherently aware that the collective 'Us' of this planet is still very much removed from the Ways of Being that I hold to Be Real. And so with that, I still have an incredibly strong Relationship to my Conscious Self. I believe very strongly that there are more and more People awakening to the Real World. But the Way I came to this Earth was in this Indigo form, and so that alone, ensures I cannot be a follower. My Conscious Self is activated each and every day in ensuring that the life I live is Real and appropriate for Me. Relationship to Self and what is Right for Me is the best navigator in this life. I write these words with the intention that others, whether they identify as Indigo or other, are inspired to find the same.

There are hundreds of articles and events planned for the big date of 11.11.11 and the theme is generally about raising our own Consciousness, and that of the Planetary Family so that we as a species may 'evolve' or 'ascend' to this new plain of the New Earth, or Heaven on Earth. So I wanted to have a bit of a soap box about that word 'Conscious'. Stay with me if You can, but I won't be offended if You don't read it all :)

Be-ing Conscious is the complete opposite to Be-ing reactionary. Be-ing Conscious means thinking before we Act. To Be Aware of our actions before they happen. To Know why we do what we do, and to Relate to the action as it happens, so that it is not separate from our own World. That's Real. That's Conscious.

You may do all the crystal gridding, drumming, walking with nature and chanting any mantra You want, but none of that makes You a Conscious Be-ing.

I challenge You to spend a day in reflection (Be-ing) in Relationship to All that You Do.    (Ooh, I feel like Dirt Girl! 'Green Thumbs here's your challenge' – if You have Conscious kids You will understand the reference :)    This is awareness of what You Do, so that You are not simply reacting to what You have always seen, what everyone else does, or what you 'should' do. It's just about what YOU DO for You.

Using the example above, when You set up your Crystal Grid, are You in relationship to the knowledge that your Stone People may have been (and most likely were) mined from a big dirty hole in Mama Earth, with fossil fuel machines blowing and grossing the air, with dirty old men smoking cigarettes and spitting out their window while operating the machines, with a massive wastage of water and energy... Do You think about the carbon footprint of pulling your Stone Person from the ground, transporting it across the world, and being kept in a shiny, light filled pretty store to be sold to You for a price that although might seem 'fair' to You - because it suits your bank balance – may not be viewed as fair to Mama Earth or the Stone Person..?

Now don't misunderstand me here, I'm not telling You what is Right or Wrong, I'm just talking about Be-ing conscious. Knowing what You are doing in an honest and Right Relationship with All. Perhaps You do Know all of that, and anything else about the stone, and You have CONSCIOUSLY made the decision to go ahead with the gridding work, because in your Conscious mind You have decided that it is something You can accept because XYZ. I'm not about judging, I'm just about asking if You Know?

I ask these questions from a Space of loving concern. I'm tired of being surrounded by Love and Light 'beings' who are no less blind than those who live in the Dark. You can have all the Love and Light in the World, but if you're keeping up your addiction to Cadbury's and Nescafe, and you're shouting at your kids because you're tired (probably cos you overloaded with coffee and sugar) and you're carrying an extra 30kg more than is healthy, and you're buying your meat in bulk from the supermarket cos it's 'cheap', and you burn tee light candles from the $2 shop – then please show me the Conscious-ness of this supposedly changing New Earth.

Again, I'm not saying that it is or isn't ok to shout at your kids. I'm not saying that it is or isn't the Right thing to do to eat or buy meat. I'm not even saying whether I do or don't do these things, because I, like You, am a human, and still have much to learn. But I'm asking You to look, to not simply react to the first emotion or 'should' that hits the surface. And ask yourSelf, is this ok for me? Do I understand this from as many directions as I'm capable? Is there a way for me to change this situation that would make a better Way of Being for Me, for Mama Earth and for All? Then, we are Be-ing conscious.
Asleep or Awake?

So are You still with me? Or has it all got a bit too heavy and You need to go and make a cuppa? This big day, this big celebration of the Conscious World on 11.11.11 is not far away. Everything leading up to the day (which is also the time of the Full Moon – a day of expanded and inflated energy) is related to this time now. As an Indigo Adult I feel very strongly that there are still many things that have been left unsaid, because we're all still trying to be so bloody polite about it. But my very Indigo message this month is 'IT'S TIME TO PULL YOUR FINGER OUT RE-AWAKENING PEOPLE AND BE REAL!' No more excuses. The Time is Now.

So, for You who is still here, I would like to share an example from my own Space a few years ago. This week, with all the talk of the Races in Australia, I am reminded of this story.
What is Real for You?

I grew up in the country in Victoria. On the second Tuesday of November every year, the village stops. School stops. Work stops. The only thing that doesn't stop are backyard barbecues, picnics and Race days. I had always thought, 'I am Victorian, it is in my blood to bet on the races'. It's just how it was. It always had been. My parents did it. Their parents did it. It was normal. I was un-conscious. I was reacting to a way of behaving that I had seen, rather than creating my own way of Being. As I awakened more and more to my relationship with the Animal Family, I started to ask mySelf questions. Is this idea of racing animals for our entertainment okay for me? What happens to the animal when it's not race-able anymore. Why do we all need to get dressed up in our Spring-time best to watch undersized and underfed people whip an incredibly power-full animal around a track. Why is it shocking if a jockey is killed, but not at all strange if the horse falls over and breaks a leg, and is 'put to sleep' later on. Am I comfortable supporting an industry who locks an animal's free-will into a tiny track and makes it perform. So, You have probably realised, dear Reader, that my eventual answer to my Conscious Self who was asking all these questions, was that this is not okay FOR ME. I am now asking the question, why do we need to ride horses at all?? My Conscious Self is still pondering that one...

That is just one example for Me of True Awakening. There are many. But I suppose what I want You to take from this more than anything else is the meaning of Awakening and Conscious Being. Awakening is not simply about finding your psychic powers or being able to talk to Trees. If you really want to talk to the Trees, listen to what they have to say in return! And then work that understanding into your way of Being. Otherwise, You are not only disrespecting the Trees, but you're dis-respecting yourSelf. When we make statements of intent to Awaken, and then we choose a reactive Path instead of the Conscious one, we are putting our own Self, our Body and our Mind in conflict. It causes stress. It manifests as being overweight, of having addictions, of emotional imbalance, and makes You very very tired. Why tired? Because You are intending to Awaken from a deep and dark slumber that by ignoring conscious-ness, You will never awaken from.

So, coming up to 11.11.11, my suggestion is to evaluate your patterns and behaviours. Ask questions like 'where does this come from?' 'who made this?' 'does saving $3 matter as much as saving an orang utan family?' etc. etc. etc. And then Be in that state of understanding and knowing through the time of this Power-full and Event-filled Full Moon Space.

There is much solar activity   (and I was so glad to hear Munya Andrews talk about Gramma Sun as feminine at the Australian Goddess Conference as this is a thought-form I have been attempting to cultivate amongst white women for some time now!)   guiding our physical presence on the Earth at this time. There will be Gateways and Portals and all of that continuing as more and more Conscious and Spiritual Work is done the World over. It is happening now, and will continue past the date of 11.11.11. As mentioned there are thousands of events to celebrate and Be with the day and night and the Power of it All. Whether You go to a physical event or You celebrate in your own Way, I hope You can Be with your conscious Self and Be Real for this month.

After the Full Moon, You will probably feel really Power-full for a few days. Use that Power to guide You in your Conscious Space so that it anchors into your whole Way of Life. It can become like breathing if you allow it to begin. Set the intention that You will have a life of Conscious living and Being. You will then See changes in your Relationships, your Work, your Health and everything in between.  Everyone has a place, and You are here now – so You are a part of it. Whatever 'level' your consciousness is sitting at in this moment is Right for You. As You grow and Awaken/Re-awaken, You will continue to Be exactly where You need to Be.

May you go with Eyes that See, and with Ears that Hear, and with a Heart that truly Feels.

We are the Ones we've been waiting for. 
The time for Change is Now. 
No more excuses. 
See You in the Real World. 

-Hollie B. 

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