Friday, November 11, 2011

Pain and what it's good for - discussing 11.11.11 initiations

I must share this information. I meant to do it a week ago, but it got pushed to the side. Today I feel it is ready. It is no coincidence of course that now is 11.11.11, a time of deep initiation of the Self, of Awakening and ReAwakening and Being Real.

I wish to share some info in regards to body pain. I have Known (and You probably feel this too!) for a long time that ALL body pains and 'problems' have an emotional attachment, and sometimes it's not even from this life journey, although it has carried over and becomes renewed for now. 

A few years ago I was shown another reason for the pains that carry over from other life journeys (You may read this as 'past life' but I have long been uncomfortable with this term as it relates to the human perception of time only, and we are so much more than that).

Without going too deeply into the story, I will tell You the outline of it. I was experiencing strange pain that I couldn't clearly define in my emotional Space. I was at a Retreat and I asked my Self what is this pain about. Shortly after I was shown in Vision an experience in another life of body scarrification in the area of my body that was currently in pain. It was a process of initiation at the time, and one that had to be remembered - but that part of the story I worked out later.

Shortly after I was told very clearly, that the 'initiation' Work at that time, in that physical body manifestation was not simply for that time. The scarification was purposed to re-surface in other lives, to remind me (as I am not simply a human but a spiritual Being in human form for this time) that when I come to Earth again, there is knowledge that I have already found. It will be awakened through the current life's discomfort of the body, so that I may remember the knowledge of that other time, for the growth of Planet Earth and the Work I am now here to do. 

So the thing I am sharing with You dear heart on this 11.11.11 day, is the knowledge that any aches and pains that You may experience today, or anytime around this day, are there for a reason. Ask yourSelf to tune in and re-member the information You once knew. It may not be caused by scarification, and it may not be as 'monumental' as 'someone else' You know. However, as You are in human form right Now, your body, the most human, dense part of You in this life, calls You to See, to Know and to Be in your Truth of what You can achieve this Life. Try not to ignore it - Work with it! And You will be shown immense gifts in line with your Purpose in this Life. 

Have a beauty-full day today. At 11o'clock both day and night there are many meditations for Peace and Being having been called throughout the World. I particularly feel called to the working with the F# key and will be singing and receiving at that frequency today.  I am also celebrating in my heartSpace the coming together of the Crystal Skulls as they Work their Sacredness.

Bless. And Congratulations to the Peoples. For it is due to our Work that we have come to this Space of Being. It is due to our Work that we can hear the stories of the healed and the Awakened, and we can Be a part of those stories. The Clan Mothers honour our Journeys, and celebrate our Being. 

- Hollie B.