Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Moon Energies : Saggittarius

Oh it's my favourite, a New Moon in Sagittarius! It's all about big plans and the forward picture. Think of the symbol of Sagittarius; the arrow; point it to where You want to be, and enjoy the ride!

The Season is ever ripening and working toward climax for the Summer Solstice. The Sun is driving us forward, and lighting our World. This is so different to our experiences of Winter, and we can call on Gramma Sun to activate our Light Bodies further. This activation and opening of the Light Self will take us deeper into understanding our Inner landscapes, and bring us ever closer to Purpose. 

Illumination is the key word this month, and with it comes learning, opening and growth. The Stars and Sun (Being that Gramma Sun is simply another Star in our skies) are working hard to bring us into alignment. The partial solar eclipse, whose energies are in action right Now, does the Work of raising the entire humanity's consciousness. This, more than any other, is the time to remember your Light Self. This re-membering is a process of Being in a Conscious State (see last month's update) and at all times, Responsible for Self. This final Solar eclipse for 2011 sets into action a new pattern of energy that will last many months. I feel I have written and spoken about this Responsibility so many times, but this time, it actually feels as though that Being is anchoring into more of the Peoples of this Planet Earth. The reasons for this perhaps are continued below. 

Mercury is in retrograde until mid December. This is usually a time of mis-communication, technology going awry, transport messing up... although this may reflect more troubles for QANTAS, on the personal level Mercury Retro can make Space for us to review and revive. Expect people from your past to come back, and some that You will find it easier to let go of. 

When writing this update I continually received the message THE TIME IS NOW. In this I feel it is a message about moving forward with projects responsibly (even with Mercury Retro) and time to Trust. The Universe has been working towards this alignment for a long time, and the doorways are accessible to us more than ever. The time really is now. 

With a full Lunar Eclipse to follow the solar eclipse in the second week of December, expect some powerful and intense times ahead for the next few weeks. Activate your body physically to activate the absorption of the new information available to Peoples on Planet Eartha this time. I can't stress enough how much our bodies need to move at the moment. Movement doesn't mean You have to be out lifting heavy weights and running 20kms a day (although some of us will enjoy that). Try gentle exercises : tai-ch, pilates, gardening, walking to work instead of the bus... etc. Attempt a break away from the TV and Facebook and really feel your Being in your physical Body. 

Communication between Physical Beings and the Diva Kingdom is stronger at the moment. This may be due to the presence of more Star People on the Earth than ever before. Yes, People from the Stars; other planets do walk amongst us and are here helping the Work of our Earth as She shifts into alignment into Her new Dreaming Tracks in the Stars. If You are one who has a Purpose directed by Star Connections, You may notice the presence of unusual People nearby, possibly watching You from a distance, or chance encounters where momentary wisdom is shared. Pay attention to these messages as they are a way of Walking in Truth. 

The presence of the Star Peoples means the Elementals feel safer to make their presence known, as they are seen by more People, and these Peoples are treating them with respect rather than fear. The message of Mama Earth is much louder currently, and Peoples who had not heard it before, or perhaps had not understood its depth are hearing it for the first time. Collective Consciousness is growing rapidly at this time and more People will awaken/deepen psychic abilities and an open HeartSpace at this time also. 

As more Star Peoples inhabit this Planet Earth the Worlds are drawing nearer. The door between Planet Earth and the Stars is open for longer periods of time, and the veils are thinner. If You wish to be an active part of this stepping through, go with an open HeartSpace and at all times Be Responsible for Self. At the time of the Meteor Shower in mid December, cosmic energies are intensely moving through the Stars, and if You get a chance to See them, think upon the powerful life force energy that You are witnessing as it crosses the lines of many threads in the skies. This is a great time for Visions and Journeying Work. 

The total Lunar eclipse on the 10th December is directed by the twins in Gemini. The twins are about polarity : two independent beings, so alike yet not the same, but able to Work together from the deepest levels. As the Darkness draws in, the door opens and we learn a depth of co-operation and unity that humanity has not seen before. We should be able to see this eclipse from Australia, and so I suggest Working in Ceremony at this time to experience what could be called the Crack in the Universe..

And of course, the Solstice come to Be just before Christmas. There is so much energy going on at this time as the Old Ways dance alongside the newer traditions dedicated to Christ's story. This is a whole other blog update, and hopefully I will write it as time draws nearer!

Love to You dear Readers. I am feeling the changes on every level of my Physical, Emotional, and  Light/Star bodies. This has been a huge time for Me, and nothing is as it ever was before. I expect more of this to come, and I welcome it as perhaps only an Indigo Sagittarian will Do! Bless.