Monday, September 26, 2011

New Moon Energies : Libra

This Libra New Moon is all about Connection and Relationships. It's about connecting with People who really See You and treat You as the Person of Power You are, rather than what anyone else wants You to be. There is room for sudden changes, new ideas and a jump in your independence. So embrace the Celestial Wisdom of the Stars this month and empower yourSelf as fully as You are meant to Be. Libra gives the opportunity to consciously balance and align with what You want and need. 

Libra supports Justice and a want to make things Real. You may feel a need more than usual to speak your Truth to those who cannot or have not heard You before. This is fabulous, and don't let the fear of not being heard, or the fear of 'coming on too strong' hinder You from this process. My favourite mantra recently has been “Speak the Truth even if your voice shakes” because I Know as a matter of Real Fact, that when I Do, the Right result is created for mySelf. Speaking Truth is not about making sure others understand You, because sometimes, they're just not on your level, and they just can't hear what You have to say. But speaking your Truth IS about keeping on your own Right course, and not getting swayed by others. 

In my facilitated Red Tent Circle for this New Moon, we will Be working with the Clan Mothers through meditation and Ceremony to opening to the knowledge of the All, and learning ever more that We are All One. You may join us in the same Vision Journey with the Oneness is One-Us Little Lesson Pack available at the Lessonary >>>

The energies of the past few weeks have been extreme to say the least. The finger points at the Solar activity in the form of flares and storms, and also the increased comet activity out in the Star Tracks. The recent Equinox also had strong energy to share; with an intention of balancing everything and everyone to ensure we're where we 'need to Be'. I'm exhausted, weary and ready for a rest! However, the guidance I have received is that there is no rest yet. We are working hard to integrate the energies and new Light Codes with our physical bodies – Light Bodies coming into Balance with our Physical AND Emotional Bodies, and so it is not uncommon to be experiencing all manner of clunks and crunks in your physical body, as well as all manner of emotional swings.

The recent Comet activity and Solar Flares are working to purge and cleanse the Earth. This isn't the Doom's Day story for crazy people. When we talk about purging and cleansing the Earth, it's really a way of saying that there is purging and cleansing for the Peoples of the Earth, since WE hold the Space here on this Planet. All the energy Work that is going on at the macrocosmic level in the Solar System, affects the Peoples of the Earth the same. It's just smaller or larger, depending on how much energy and Light we are capable of holding at this time. How do You become more capable of holding more Light? By integrating with the Light Codes. Read on.

For People who have suddenly shifted to a Higher Frequency over these weeks, You may be feeling disassociated from relationships from People You do not involve yourSelf with on a deep level often. Possibly also, You are finding that You are attracted to friendships with different people, leaving many 'old friends' behind, and perhaps even re-connecting with others that for a while there You just didn't understand. This is normal and okay, as we are making Space for the energy that we need to integrate, and have removed, once again, everything that does not need to Be.

I write often about our Physical Body and our Emotions having much to tell us about what we can do in this increasing energetic time. I wish to share more of this information with those who Hear.

I have noticed the tendency to manifest clunks and crunks and inflammations in the Physical Body when energy is flowing at an increased rate. Often this is due to the speed of the energy's flow into the Body, and the inability for the Body to process it at a similar speed. Inflammations and clunky bits are not necessarily 'bad' for us, but a simple reminder to take it a bit slower if You want this energy to integrate well. You do have the option, of course, of ignoring it, pushing the energy to the side with a 'I'll get back to that later' thoughtframe, however I'm sure You'll agree that You are continually hounded by the energies until You become open to receive with Grace. Oh, and that is much more comfortable!

In Australia, we are coming into the time of the Water element in my Priestess Path tradition, where All parts of nature require Water even more than usual to continue growth. Our bodies need this flow of liquid to help integrate the intense energies, and if we don't feed ourSelf with Water, we create blockages within the physical Self. Imagine the new/higher frequencies of energy needing pathways through the physical body to help connect the DNA and other growth and renewal at Cell level. The Water ensures the pathways are clear. As soon as they dry out, blocks and mounds begin to appear in your pathways, and the energy has nowhere to go. This will manifest as lumps in the body, build ups of lactic / acids, inflammation of joints etc.

Your Physical Body is trying to keep pathways open for the Light Body (which is changing at an unprecedented speed) to integrate. Pure Water is a must at this time. By Pure Water I don't mean tap water that is full of things such as flouride that inhibit your intuitive processes and keeps you literally in a Dark Body.... Pure Water increases the flow, moves the inflammation, and shifts the blocks that are stopping You integrating your light and Physical Bodies, and stopping the connection of the DNA that will take You to the Higher level of understanding necessary to 'evolve' consciousness, so that You are where You need to Be. What I mean by that is something that those People who have been keeping the pathways open will understand – your Truest Heart's Desire : your Purpose unfolds in front of You with Ease.

Also, use Blessed Water in your Sacred Space and Ceremonies to ensure that the flow of energy is allowed and increased at a vibrational level.
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NB. I'm not a doctor obviously. I'm not claiming any grand knowledge of health on an orthodox level. However, I Know beyond all doubt, that All health dis-ease is caused by emotional and soul-ful issue (sometimes some People will take this on for the collective conscioucness as a part of their Work on this Earth). When You, the indivdual, take responsibility for your Power and Purpose, dis-ease disappears.

Movement and stretching is also an important tool in allowing the pathways to stay open. Sitting all day at work or in front of the TV for long periods at evening-time (which is the time of day when the body is preparing to open to the energies for integration) limit your pathways of integration, and will create more blocks. Instead, take the night-time to Be in Right Relationship with the People You Love, and if that's not an option, spend your attention on Being in Right Relationship with yourSelf. And get ample sleep! This is the Real Work of energy integration. See my e'Course Creating Sacred Spaces for more of this Work >>>


Emotions, Food and Integration.
Your Emotional Body has just as much to do with this Integration of Light Work as does your Physical Body. Food connects the two.

I'm sure that regular readers by now, don't need to be told about emotional blockage and what that will do to an otherwise health-full Physical Body. I do not have a shred of doubt in the Knowledge that all Physical Blocks are related to our relationship with our Emotions. The only Way to work this through is, as I have written many times, face the emotion, Work with it, and only then will You release the block’s it is creating within your Physical body and your Psyche.

Food plays a massive part in allowing us to keep hold of those emotional blocks. We gorge on hot foods when we are holding onto fear. We gorge on sugary foods when we don't like the 'hard work' of Life, and wish for a sweeter way. We gorge on chocolate when we crave Unity and One-ness, instead of finding it through Right Relationship and Truth. We excessively drink alcohol to keep the anger inside, down deep, where hopefully no one will See it, since it's not 'appropriate' to be negative in emotions.... We scoff meats in arrogance. We need icy foods to freeze and bind the movement of energy any further.... You get it, right?

Food = Plant and    (for some)    Animal Peoples.
If You want their help in really coming into Being, and Working in your Truth - as I said above, Being in right Relationship with your Self, then You must Be in Right Relationship with the Peoples of this Earth. When You 'crave' a food, identify the emotion it is attached to. And then go about connecting to the Plant or Animal Peoples in a Real manner of Being. Ritualise, See and Feel the message that is offered freely when You listen in Grace. See my Work on Food Grids for further info. >>>

So..., back to the Energies quickly:

Moon Seeding
New Moon in Libra : means well-balanced seeding of new intentions. Saturn is hanging around to ensure Personal responsibility and a need for stability. It's not the time for rash decisions, unless You are 100% sure You are working from a Space of Right Relationship and Truth.

Time spent in matters of Pleasure are of most benefit, particularly with those whom we Love and feel Connection to. Libra's sign is the scales, so it's about finding Balance and Right Relationships with All. Libra can sometimes use the balancing act as a way of distancing and keeping control of the situation. Speak honestly and rationally and the Truth will be the winner every time. Again, time spent on attention for what is Right for You, instead of wasting on useless crap is the way to go!

Relationships & Communication
Mercury in Libra means well-balanced, intelligent discussion. You will probably find yourSelf wanting to share equally with the People in your Space. Watch out for the tendency to go too far though, and end up pedaling worthless information and personal opinion instead. Will the People up in the big pointy house on the hill ever find a resolution for asylum seekers ?

As Venus moves into Scorpio, there is room for passion and regeneration. Take a bit of time to look at the benefits of your Relationships, even if You are feeling that it is hard to relate at this time. A moment spent honouring the value of others will deepen Relationships ten-fold this month.

Home and Work
It's the work of Uranus now that makes us suddenly rebel and decided that nothing is right, everything must be shifted and Power needs to be re-aligned. For those already Doing the Work of Responsibility for Self and Right Relationships, this may manifest as a sudden opening for you to See your Purpose, for You to suddenly be able to 'drop everything' and Work in line with Your Truest Heart's Desire. Watch out for that old friend or foe - the Ego - jumping up and trying to have its equal share in any rebellion that kicks into gear!

Full Moon in Aries
On the 12th September, Grandmother Moon shines Her Full Face outward to remind us that the Light always returns, even in the moments of exhaustion and confusion. Aries is Powerful and will charge ahead without warning, so be sure to keep your energy balanced in the lead up to this time. Aries is ruled by Mars, who is known as the god of War, but awakening Peoples know that War needs only to be an emotion we battle within ourselves. By facing our Self, and resisting the subscription to fear and the Unreal World, Mars becomes the Emissary of Peace, who can teach the way to move forward, without need for War. Mars works hard and fast, so call upon the Aries Full Moon to create the shifts You need.

So there is kind of more of the same this month, Meteoroid showers, Comets close to Earth, Solar Flares, Alignment, Light Code Activations all leading to October 28th : the so called actual End of the Mayan Calendar. So what we are heading toward is the time between time, and the Space where there is No Space. Those who connect to the Sabbats of the Seasons will understand the Power of this at the time of the Awakening (Beltane), as we move onward to the 11.11.11

Take it easy dear hearts, Be True to You, eat, drink and breathe well. Everything else will simply fall into place!