Monday, August 29, 2011

New Moon Energies : Virgo

Coming from Leo's busy New Moon energy, we shift into New Moon in Virgo: a time of getting things in order. Virgo is quite concerned with matters of health, so if You have been putting off looking after You, the energies are aligned to ensure your health becomes your big priority.

On a broader scope, your 'health' does not simply include your physical Self, but also your mental health, your emotional health, your spiritual health etc. So in a nutshell, it's time to make You the priority this month, in the healthiest Ways possible.

Sacred Work : Being in Sacred Space, honouring You as Sacred, Journeying alongside those who treat You as Sacred, and surrounding yourSelf with Sacred energy is the Way to travel this month. (actually, I reckon that's the best Way to travel every month!!)

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and with Mercury having left the retrograde, aligning forwards again over the weekend just passed, time is Right for You to take responsibility. Mercury is the communicator, or messenger and His influence suggests that time spent in learning and acquiring knowledge is of great importance at this time.

With Mercury only just returned on path in the last few days, there is still a shadow lurking, and so You may still find there is a wrapping up, or cleaning up (because it is Virgo time!) of the lessons You were working through over the past month. This is a beautiful synchronicity with the New Moon, as She brings forth the birthing and initiating energies. So as You gain the deep understanding of your lessons, draw upon Her for help in directing You into the next stage of your amazing life!

The Virgin, the sign of Virgo, brings purity and innocence to the energies. Be open and willing to See things You have not known before, and learn things in new ways.

Now this New Moon is making sure She is heard on the East Coast of the US, as She pulls and pushes the tides and energies where She wants them. It is a time that is opening our eyes to just how vulnerable we All are (thanks to the Virgin). I'm sure I'm not the only person reminded of every 'end of the world' movie as we are shown the media images of New York residents evacuating in droves. That’s not to suggest that we are at the end of the World at all, but just that now is time to take responsibility, pay attention and Wok in a Sacred manner in honouring the Earth and the Energies. At times like what is happening over there, that is All One can Do.

You can expect balancing in your Relationships this month as Venus moves into Libra. If You have been wondering whether particular relationships are healthy for You, this will provide beautiful support for weighing up the yes and no of your situation. The Virgin of Virgo helps to look at situations with fresh, innocent eyes, and Venus in Libra will ensure an ease of Seeing what is working and not.

Activity : Getting things done!
Action Man Mars moves from Cancer to Leo this month, so from a gentle (and somewhat uncomfortable for Mars) Space into a much more naturally active state. You may have noticed that every time You attempted to get things done lately, its been as though something has washed in and pulled the foundations from under your feet. I've noticed that this frustrating phase has very quickly shown its 'good reason' not long after, but it has been frustrating none the less, particularly for those of us who like to Be in Action. In the meantime, You probably created more than even You realise with leo's energy, and now with Virgo in the Moon You have the opportunity to reap your rewards. 
Although action will speed up now, beware of Leo's influence for impulsiveness and extreme passion. Leo will bring You lots of Courage to do what's Right for You, but be sure that You are not using your aggressive Mars-ian energy to hold Power over, rather than your Power within.

It's Spring!!!
This Spring vibe seems to inspire People to clean up and get things sorted out. Virgo works on top of that to make sure we really get ourSelves organised at this time. Use lots of cleansing and clearing exercises, smudging, drinking Solè, and keeping the Space of the Sacred will ensure You are in Right Relationship with the energies for this time.

After Leo's 'look at me, look at me' attitude, its' comforting to Be in a Space where applause is not so much needed, and the methodical activity of getting things done is rewarded. Plant seeds, till soil, and Celebrate the Sabbat of Seduction, where the World is your oyster!

Equinox : 23rd September
As the days are growing longer, there must come a time when the day is equal in length to the night. On the day of the 23rd September this year, it is the Spring Equinox, (equi meaning equal; nox meaning night), the Earth’s poles are the same distance from the Sun. An Equinox is the time where the light and dark are of equal lengths of the day so; perfect balance.

Now the sun is fast becoming a staple in our lives again. The days continue to get longer, flowers and blooms cover every ground. It is the time when we feel more inspired to Be a part of Community, to connect with like minded People and Be a part of something growing.

At this time we Celebrate the Daughter aspect of our Cosmic Woman. Her male partner is the Youth. She is honoured for her creative ability, Her flow and open-ness to bring forth a better World. We call upon the Daughter aspect to open our eyes and our minds to the New. At the day of Balance, the Equinox, all things can never Be the same.

In my Goddess Tradition, this is where Koré emerges from the Underworld. She as the new Maiden of all Potential. She is flirtatious, gutsy, and alive! She is now known as Perspehone. Her mother Demeter celebrates Persephone/Koré's return by sending everything in the world into bloom. We feel Persephone's presence in every aspect of the season. And here is the point that Persephone sets Her sights on what is to come in the lighter part of the year.... Persephone Sees She only has 6 months before She must return to the Underworld. The Earth Mother grieves when She is gone, giving us winters and summers, so the work that is to Be done now is ultra-important.

Do not waste your time at this Sabbat. You have already set the process in motion at the Creation, so now is the time to celebrate it and do the work that needs to be done. But don't forget to honour Her, by stopping to smell the roses (or tulips).

The equinox is about balance, and we use this time to make sure we are in balance, and heading in the right direction. Spend time outdoors, breathe in nature, and make sure you’re not carrying along with you any of last year’s junk.

Please Note: I am not an Astrologer. But I do like to have an idea of what the Stars are up to, particularly when it comes time to facilitate my New Moon Red Tent Circles each month. At the New Moon, I spend a bit of time researching what is happening in the Stars, and then I put it together with my Knowings and my Feelings. These are my words and understandings. You are welcome to share, but please remember to acknowledge this Work and from where. Thank You for the visit. -Hollie B.