Friday, July 1, 2011

New Moon in Cancer 2011

In writing this New Moon Energy Update this month I'm feeling so utterly 'over' the energies. I know that many of you are subscribed to Karen Bishop's Energy Updates, which I have always held very much as Truth, and that you will have read this morning the same information again : that we are coming to the end of another Cycle of hard work and things are on their way to manifesting, blah blah.
Now, please don't think I'm bagging Karen in the 'blah blah' above. She of course is simply the messenger, and I am grateful for her words, which remind me that it's not just me going mental! The aches, the pains, the exhaustion, the overwhelm! It's all normal for those of us who are senstivie and Awake. And I believe; so is this state of Be-ing 'over' it all. 

It's been a big Eclipse season. Not so big in the sense of huge dramatic Soul work as we experienced in the previous Winter Solstice Eclipse Season. This time has been motivated by a need to stay balanced and 'on top of things'. Eclipses speed the energies up. Anything that we've been hiding from the Self, or even issues that we knew were coming up but had been letting take their slow time, are now rushed to the surface to be dealt with, right here, right now! 

As you probably know, we're now onto our third of three eclipses in a row. This Eclipse falls on the New Moon, in Cancer who is emotional, dreamy and very sensitive, which is probably another reason for feeling as though One will burst into tears over 'nothing'. Cancer is homely and family-orientated, coupled with the introspective feel of the New Moon and Mid-Winter, means there is no motivation to leave the house and get going. 

Eclipses bring change. Change is as good as a holiday, but when you already feel as though you never want to leave the warm snuggly space of your home again, changes can be shocking and harsh. They can bring feelings of confusion and grief, and be incredibly frustrating (“are you kidding me, more change!”) but they provide an avenue to deal with this new way of Be-ing, and it is how we move forward from here that manifests the next part of the journey. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and this eclipse makes Her power-full indeed. Cancer is a nurturer also, and so I find that I'm asking recent clients – “How are you spending your attention?” Our time and effort is a commodity that only we hold Power over. We choose how we spend that commodity : I call it our Soulancial Situation (like financial)... What is important for You right now, and why aren't you putting your soulances into that?

In the Red Tent Circles we will be focusing our own Soulances on manifesting our Visions. A Cancer Moon lets us dream, and so we will use what our body gives us freely as commodity : attention and breath; to birth this Vision forward. This Moon asks us to look after our Self. To really treat the Self with Compassion and sincerity; to not expect too much.

Awakenings, Expansion and Energy:

I am aware that there are many openings of energies and expansion occurring rapidly this month. I don't feel that it's necessary to comment on here, suffice it to say that again Compassion and nurture of the Self is what You will need to continue with Grace this month. Trust that when your body says No., that that's ok for now. Trust that when you can't make it to work on time, that that's ok for now. And trust the Universe that when She offers You a new option, it's probably the One You need for now.

Full Moon in Capricorn
Capricorn is a stable and grounded sign who believes in family and security and doing the right thing. You will already be spending a bit of time at home and in silence, by the nature of the energies this month, so in doing this, give yourSelf time to think about what you want for this Life. Awakening Souls need not be told that the things we want in Life don't mean 'I want a big house with a white picket fence'. That kind of thing is not Life's Work that you are working toward. But, ask yourSelf what is...? When you are living your Truth and Being in a Space of Sacred Sincerity to Your Self, You will find the answer. 

I wish You much joy and Self Love this month. I wish You the Knowing that You are a Soul Being of the Highest order here on Earth. I wish You the manifestation of all that You need.
-Hollie B.