Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Direction for the upcoming New Moon in Libra..

Please Note: I am not an Astrologer. But I do like to have an idea of what the Stars are up to, particularly when it comes time to facilitate my New Moon Red Tent Circles each month. I have gleaned my info from a few known astrologers on the web, and put it all together as I have sensed it to be relevant to my Be-ing. It is with deep gratitude that I mention these astrologers, without them I would not have come to this work : Lynn Koiner, Yasmin Boland, Pat Paquette, Diane Lang, Shirley Johnson

Like all new Moons, this new Moon in Libra is a moment of potential. It is a time to plant seeds for your future, and if you remember to stay aware of the effects of the Stars, you will journey smoothly. Libra is symbolised by the Scales, and amplifies ideals of balance, fairness and harmonious relating. Libra also initiates change by raising awareness through words and clarity of ideas.

Libra can have a reputation for sitting on the fence. But at its best, Libra is a firm peacemaker. Where there is strong ideals, Libra pushes pursuits boldly into the world. So this new Moon is a perfect time to be clear, strong and unafraid in your pursuit of harmony, whether it's in your relationships or for the greater world.

Libra rules all significant relationships, even enemies. You have probably worked out by now that your greatest success in all things are fuelled by the positive relationships you have with others. Of course, we manifest worldy lessons through the difficult relationships, too, but those ones aren't always so enjoyable.

Saturn in Libra hovers next to the New Moon, slowing forward momentum to a crawl and reminding us to mind our manners. Saturn is bound and determined we are going to repeat our particular lessons until we get them right. We can either waste a great deal of energy throwing our tiara across the floor like spoiled princesses, or we can swear a little then go back and do whatever we need to do ONE MORE TIME! The New Moon usually provides renewed impetus to move forward, making Saturn’s road block more difficult to accept but this celestial taskmaster will be very, very good at getting his point across.

The way I see it, if we can stay aware of the lessons and take each step as it comes, trusting the process as always, we will travel well through this month.


Venus, Libra’s ruler, is in Scorpio and will begin to go retrograde very close in time to the New Moon, another factor contributing to the feeling of being stuck.

The relationship theme is further reinforced by Venus. Similar to the well-known Mercury Retrograde, during this time Venus appears to be moving backwards through the sky. Venus Retrograde will occur until November 2011. As Venus moves in retrograde in the sign of Scorpio back into Libra on November 7th, we will be challenged to be in our relationships more deeply. Further, she’s still in close conjunction with Mars, her lover. Venus in Scorpio craves deep intimacy and merging with her soul mate, but he’s starting to move away. Red hot romances and love affairs are likely to cool off very quickly. This could lead to widespread feelings of abandonment and isolation. It won’t last, but it could be difficult while we’re in it.

My sense for this month is that many people, particularly women will be feeling that they are very ready to call in their Twin Flames. I would put an emphasis upon passion found through True Relations rather than hot sex. In a conversation I had with a friend recently, she suggested she would call in 'Love in all its forms' but I reminded her that Love only has One Form – and that is Love. All else is illusion. Often our own baggage clouds our judgement in the search for Love. If you are intending to search for your Twin Flame, perhaps you will first choose intentions of clearing all of the 'old' that holds you back, so that the partner you choose is able to reach you on a clear path, with strong footing.

When Venus is retrograde, She provides lessons in evaluating the real worth and value of people and things in our life. For established relationships, this cycle will aid in making it easy to discern the worth and value of these people in your life. The superficial ways of relating will no longer serve us, and the movement of Venus will force us to share the secrets of the heart. It will call upon our heart-felt truths and we will want to tell these Truths to those who are relating to us in a similar manner.

This new Moon opens the door to re-establishing the subtle balance of give and take that exists in all one-on-one relationships. Libra has a way of making love itself do the work. Relationships based on respect and balance will thrive this month.


Mercury and Saturn will be working together to allow for new clarity of thought. This will create planning for reality instead of typical 'dreamer' ways of being. You will find it easier to manifest your goals in balance.

If you’ve been confused about the redirections the Stars and Planets have been making in your life – or if you didn’t see it at all – the message will be ultimately clear now. All of those old blocked energies and pathways in your life, now have some light shed with Libra's balance and harmony. The New Moon with its seeds of new growth will help you to see the underlying reasons for your repeated blocks, and you will now be able to move forward safely.

If you have some negotiating to do at work this week, everything is on your side. Libra can see every side of a story. Great! If you want to bargain with someone, make a note of your aims but don’t start the conversation yet.

With that understanding, it’s easier to relax and let go of the want to control events, people, and situations. Everything has been Perfect all along! Even when it seemed crap.

Right after this New Moon, we’re going deep into living the changes that took place within us over the winter, both individually and collectively. The knowings we have accumulated, the understandings caused from our own spiritual awakenings and expansions now have an avenue for use.

The planets of late have been all downloading regular frequencies for healing. It may be so subtle that you don’t realise it’s happening, but if you pause now, you will see where the deep healing has taken place in your life. Healing, comes from the same root as “wholeness.” And I believe that 'wholeness' is one and the same with the word 'Oneness'. Connecting with our Inner Self, reminds us that All is One.

Seeing the interconnectedness of the All brings clarity on our path to find our True Purpose in this Life. With this awareness, a lot of things come clear. So seeing our relationships, as well as events and ourselves as an integral and incredibly important part of the All is a part of our own Healing Journey.


So all in all, this month, as usual you may think, it's all about trusting the process. Taking time to discern and understand your position and the reasons you have got to where you are is important to understanding your greater part in this World.

When I think of 'Oneness', I like to think it is a nicer way of saying 'One-Us', and it is a timely reminder that We are All One. Spend this month seeing those around you as as much a part of the Whole as You are yourself. New pathways will open to you. Share your Light with your Relations, and Light will be shared with you ten-fold. That is the Real Truth of awareness for each of us. And it really does expand your soul!

Bless you in this month. May your Truth, your Passion and your Oneness be delivered from your own Soul Self. You are Divine.


~ Hollie B. 

PS. I'm currently working on a new Little Lesson Pack, entitled 'Oneness is One-Us' and I hope to have it ready in time to purchase for the New Moon  on Thursday. It includes a meditation with the 13 Original Clan Mothers on Oneness, and a worksheet to further your understanding. To receive updates about new Little Lesson Packs join the Lessonary Facebook page. Of course, the Oneness is One-Us meditation will be used in this week's Red Tent Circles with Hollie B. in Canberra, Australia.