Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to 'Work'.... ahhh Love Life!

Ahhh, what a delicious 'job' I have in this life!

I've just returned from the Gold Coast for the Australian Goddess Conference, where I held the Space for the element of Water in the Sacred Ceremonies for Opening and Closing the Conference. I also held this Space for a mighty Croning Ceremony - 19 Crones like the 19 sacred priestesses ~ Melissae ~ which was beautiful, inspiring and incredibly powerful.

On Sunday I presented to about 30 women, covering Making your Own Magick with the LunationOnline product Moon Seed Powder (yet to be released - so these women were given a special gift of Knowing as I shared the ingredients and how I go about collecting and creating a Lunation Lunar Wishes Powder!), guiding these fabulous Women to find their Purpose in this Life - and then DO it! I feel blessed to have shared Space with you all, and the wisdom that you shared in return. Bless.

So many amazing women I have connected with over this weekend and my Woman Heart is bursting with the fuel that is gifted when women dance together! I must especially mention Peruquois Frances (Melbourne), Mikailah (Gold Coast), and Prue Blackmore (Adelaide), for they are three women who have expanded my own Real World Journey, simply by sharing their Space. Love You Women!

I already miss the rainforests and the seas, but now it is time to 'get serious' and 'back to work' in the Bush Capital - Canberra. The next big job is to upload the Spells For Sale to the Lessonary Online Store. So away I scurry, away from the computer (my dear friend), through the Lunation Labyrinth and out to the Studio to make photos and Spells and samples!

Don't forget that Creating Sacred Spaces begins on November 20. It is a powerful and life changing journey to undertake when it is Right for you. I say this with Grace and Truth in my heart, because I know that the work I have put into this Online Course is authentic and driven by Love. I have also received beautiful feedback from previous participants for which I am so deeply grateful.

You can sign up at the Lessonary Online Store, and don't worry about 'not having enough time' to get into it. The Course is sent to you over 6 weeks, but the forum, exercises and support is available to you for six months, so you can take ALL the time you need.

So, I hope your day is filled with happiness! Until we next meet, Love and Peace to You,