Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love you Emmy Pie!

I've been thinking upon what Neva Howell calls the feedback loop. I like this concept, that we can only receive as much as we give, and we can only give as much as we are capable of receiving. So in my pondering of how this affects my own work, I have found myself being guided to honour other Indigo Adults at their work. As we spread the honouring of each other, the feedback loops expand more and more.

This new series of articles is for all of us Indigos who have come here to change the world. We do it in our own, individual and perfect ways. And most of the time, we don't even realise we are doing anything out of the ordinary. It's just who we are. How beautiful! The struggles we have on the way to success are all a part of the overall Journey, and it gives others something to relate to, when times are tough for them too. I love seeing an Indigo Adult who is moving out / has moved out the other side of the tough stuff. In our difference, we DO have similarities, and I am proud to be amongst other amazing People of Power.

I've been working on a story about a fascinating couple of pop star Indigos, but that can wait, because right now, I wish to honour a very very special beautiful Indigo Woman who is not so famous, but equally as awesome.

My dear friend Emmy is one of my oldest friends. She is an amazing Mama, birth carer, friend and fun-haver! She's got style oozing from every move she makes. She's gorgeous! 

Emmy & Me
Together Again!
Emmy is an Indigo Woman with passion for funky design and an ability to be BIG in her tiny-ness. Her work with babes and Mamas is empowering not just for those Mamas and their babies, but in the entire flow of energies; the Red Thread grids that flow outward and connect with the threads of other women and children the world over. That is the work she does, even without seeing the immediate power. 

When I first met Emmy I was so inspired by this groovy, beautiful aware woman. Her babes are totally cool and the way they all interact together is blissful! I remember being totally taken by her approach to BEing a Mama, and so wished to be like her! 

That inspiration fed my own growth and before long I was birthing babies and Emmy was right by my side. She is an amazingly caring doula and has a totally natural and intuitive connection to new babes like no one else I've ever seen.

At my first birth, Emmy went out of her way to make sure we had beautiful, flash free, black and white photos of the first moments of life. How crushed she was when the moron at the photo shop processed the film as coloured, and we lost everything. True love and care. We cried together. You are so beautiful my Emmy.

Black & Bling - #30
My B'day Prezzie to Emmy Babe - Black & Bling!
After my second birth, Emmy and I lost each other! Each of our souls were visiting with black nights. I yearned for connection but she was not really there and nor was I. How we could both be in such deva-states and not know it about each other I don't know - that is what happens when the dark creeps in, I suppose.

And then one fine sunny day at a music festival, there she was, just cruising the strip with a new tattoo. Ah! Together again! And I too had a new tattoo so there we were again the same. Now we haven't forgotten. Now we have found each other again. Yay! I could not have had a wedding without you there Emmy Pie!

Emmy, you are awesome in your individual-ness. I love you just the way you are! On this your 30th birthday week, I am so proud to have been a part of your amazing life, to have been an ear to hear and to have your shoulder to rest upon. I love your ever changing pics on Facebook and your funny videos. I love seeing you and your beautiful friends - oh so far away from me - carving up the hilarity. You rock woman!

To all the amazing Indigo Women who have been up and down a few tough roads, I honour you. We have strength in numbers. When it feels as though you are all alone, you are not. We are all out here doing our work. Connect to the Red Thread and you will find us. Our connection is Real. Thankyou for being you and doing what you do. The world wouldn't be the same without you. Bless.