Monday, August 23, 2010

Why worry???

Just a quick note Dear Ones,

Mass Consciousness is a powerful thing as we well know.

What an amazing powerful day Saturday was as the whole Nation of thinking Peoples was focused on the Perfect Outcome - regardless of what you think 'the Perfect Outcome' is, what matters most is that we were all thinking upon it on the same day... What a powerful consciousness that creates, and as so many of us sat on our couches on Saturday night until all hours hoping for a result, we were all tuning into a frequency of the same - of wanting the Right Outcome for the nation.

On Saturday night, watching the election coverage, as I noticed a momentary fear rising when I thought 'this is all not going to be so clear as we had hoped' - I brought it into check just as quick. I refused to be caught up in the story of 'this must be the way it must be.' I re-tuned myself to Trusting the Process.

Dear Hearts, the votes have been cast and whatever happens will happen. We cannot change it now. What we can do is Trust that the Process of Perfection is unfolding just the way it is supposed to. There are many roads we have the chance to take - but Universal Order means that regardless of the road, we will eventually end up in the same place (think that Sliding Doors movie). It's how we choose to get there that matters. You can take the worry road (it's bumpy and you'll probably get car sick at some point!) or you can take the Loving, Trusting Road (much smoother with flowers in the fields you pass along the way!) and the 'Perfect Outcome' will get there one way or another.

If you choose to subscribe to the confusion that so many people are currently caught up in as the next few days unfold, you too will be adding to that mass consciousness of confusion and fear - is that what you want to anchor into the land here in Australia? I choose not to let this story of confusion be my own.

I choose to be a part of the consciousness that says that what is Perfect in Divine Fruition will BE. IS BEING right now. I wonder if all this confusion is just a reminder that we are the ones who create our own Destiny. We can Be the Change we want to see in the world. Relying on someone else, no matter how powerful they seem to be is not the answer. Personal responsibility is the key to Divine Sovereignty, and politicians have nothing to do with that!

So I invite you, over the next few days as the Full Moon peaks in Pisces, the sign who reminds us of our Interconnectedness and power to Dream, to Imagine a world where Divine Perfection is played out every step of the way - and perhaps we can raise a mass consciousness of Loving the Process - regardless of what we thought the outcome 'should' have been.

I prefer a consciousness of Love and Trust. Do you?