Thursday, November 11, 2010

11:11 : There is Enough of everything for You

Today, the Power of the 11:11 is in full action. It marks the end of the Cycles of Transformation we've all been deeply spinning through.

Your Star Seeds are being fertilised by the energy of the Universe today.

It will be common today to feel overtired and 'over' your life : I received an email from a friend this morning who said she wants to run away with a band of gypsies. Hang in there! Sit and Be in this Space and let the light of Love and Abundance pour into your Being.

I'm sure you've noticed the increase in electrical energy around you. This might reflect in nervous/anxious tendencies. Again, just allow yourself to Be. Let the energy wash over and through you. It's not going to be pouring in forever, but it's there today so suck it up while you can!

In our house, this energy created a Space for healing last night, in the form of Sincere Talking, turning into arguing, turning into tears, and back to Sincere Talking. Look deeply into the eyes of the Ones you Love. Trust them. Hear them. And speak your Truth to them without abandon. The People who love You want to know YOU. Share yourself from the heart. And you will be rewarded by all the beauty on this Earth. The sun shines brighter, and the birds sing more beautifully.

So for today, allow yourself to receive the beautiful essence that opens the heart to deeper love. Allow yourself to receive the beautiful essence that opens you to abundance and to see the Perfect road map that is your Life's Journey pan out in front of you. Accept that which has been created for you, and simply BE.

The rest of this month is expected to be a time of the urge to fit squares into circles. Forgive yourself for not being able to have exactly what you think you want, and just listen to what your Truest Heart does want. When you work from the heart, everything manifests in Perfection.

The Divine Essence loves You and wants to help you in your Perfect Path to your Truest Heart's Desire. So listen. Listen, listen, listen - not to others around you, but to your Inner Sincerity that says 'this is what I feel' and 'this is what I need'. When you hear these, you might also hear 'this is what Mama Earth is feeling' and 'this is what Mama Earth needs'.

When we work alongside our first Mother: Mama Earth, we are working with the Divine Plan that she holds for all of us. She Sees our efforts and lightens our load. She shows us that there is no need for struggle. There is no need to go against the flow. And there is plenty enough for everyone.

Know that there is enough for You. There is enough time, food, shelter, abundance, and love. Walk in your Truth, even if you worry it will upset someone else. If you are worried about such things, you are not minding your own business. As Minmia says - we are born first : Boss of Self. If you are not minding your own business, then why are you bothering minding any businesses at all? If someone feels upset from something 'you did' ask yourself 'Did I work in my own Truth and Sincerity? Was this action right for me?' and you will see that it is not your actions that has upset this person, but their own shadow, creeping up to bite them on the backside! It is not your job to show them their shadow. They'll see it in their own time, when they are ready. It is simply your job to Walk in your Truth. To Do what is Perfect for You. And to honour all that you meet with deep and humble Sincerity.

So today, in this time of 11:11 energy; I welcome you to release the Cycles that seem to continue yet no longer serve You. You are a Divine Being who is Perfect just as you are. You do not need to be like anyone else. Just be You. Listen to your Heart. Walk in Truth. You are a Person of Great Power.

Bless, - Hollie B.