Friday, November 12, 2010

Holding a Space for Power in your Heart

I know there was already a blog yesterday, but recent events at Lunation have so filled me with inspiration and the words keep pouring forth, so here we go again!

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you need to remove your energy from something or someone, to really be liberated in your ability to manifest what is True for You? If you haven't had that feeling, perhaps it's time to take stock and prepare to let go! Cut the chords. And release Your Self!

In truly co-creative and co-supportive Space, there is no room for the fear-based thought-forms that manufacture competition and ownership. This Life is a Sacred Journey to be celebrated. We ALL have something that is our Gift. For one person, it is cutting hair, for another it is writing books, for another it is holding Space for healing, for another it is cleaning and clearing... we all have something we are very good at. 

Of course, there is going to be more than one person on this earth who is a good hair-cutter. And this is the beauty of Life. Because there are enough people to sustain the need for hair cutting. One hair dresser is different to another, she holds a different manner, has different life knowledge and is inspired by different colour, texture and shape. And the wonderful thing about that? Every person who comes for a hair cut is different. Some will fit well with the energy of one hair dresser more than another. That is just the way it is. There is no need for the two hairdressers to compete with each other. If they are both doing quality work, speaking from their heart and celebratory in the joy of what they love, the perfect customers will visit them. If you find your gift, live it!

We must honour our Gifts so that there IS Enough for everyone. The world needs healers, but why be a healer if you're Truest Heart's Desire is not called to this Way of BEing? There is not one thing on this Earth that you 'should' do. Don't try to live as someone else, just because you think what they do looks fun/empowering/abundant/important/etc. Check with Your Self, is this my ego wanting this? Or is it a longing from my Truest Heart's Desire? The easy way to receive that answer? If everything fits into place as though it was 'meant to be' then it is coming form a place of Truth. Your Heart will sing in the joy of BEing in what you have tried to accomplish. On the other hand, if it is forever difficult, stressful, and too hard, then time to re-check your Purpose. 

Wanting to be like someone else, is not BEing Your Self. If you were here on this Earth to be someone else, you would have incarnated in their body! But you didn't. You're here in yours so suck it up and really See yourself for the power you hold. Often we 'want' to be something, instead of Live to BE our Self.

Gift your Self the honour of only mixing your personal energies with things and people that vibrate at a frequency that celebrates your worth. If you want to create more finances in your world, don't hang around with people who have a poverty consciousness. If you want to be healthy, spend time with people who enjoy being health-full. If you want business success, share with other successful business owners... That's all a part of Vibrational Magick.

BE your Truth, live your Way, and Walk with Power. With this you will be so full of abundant, bounty that you will KNOW there is enough for everyone. In this Space you will be willing to share, for the fear and want to hold onto your Power will dissolve when you walk in your absolute Truth. There is no need to hold onto Your Power when you Know that you have a Sacred Place on this Earth. Release Fear!

When You are willing to grasp hold of your Power, walk with your head held high, your tummy full of nourishment, and your heart open, THEN the world will truly BE at your finger tips. Live with your Truth in every part of your body dear hearts! 

Live your life as You, and Know just how much you are capable of! You cannot manifest the fruits of your Truest Heart's Desire by connecting yourself to energies that do not honour what you believe in. Let go of People, places and employment that does not serve your Truest Heart's Desire. Give away or throw to the trash objects and items that reflect someone else's Truth. Let go of the need to be 'on top of the game' and simply BE on your own game - actually - release the urge to think of this all as a game, and Be on and in your own Perfect, Divine Life.

This weekend, make a decision to let go of something that no longer honours your Truth. I know that you already know what that is. It was the first thing that popped into your mind when you read the last sentence! Let go of Fear. You are Perfect. Move forward in your Power. This you can do, because you are on this Earth. You already have the tools for wealth and health and happiness. It's time to uncover them!