Monday, May 3, 2010

Moon Blessings

The Full Moon inspires me! She reminds me that there is a 'Real World' that exists outside of the time and space that the typical world lives in. Perhaps it is because for so many years, the Full Moon has meant Ceremony for me. And Ceremony is REAL.

I think the typical world, the one that more than 90% of people live in is the unreal world.

I still allow myself to be swept up in the real and the unreal worlds so much at the same time. I have come to realise that the reason this happens is because I really do want to understand other people. But it is very difficult. You see, I do not believe in the unreal world. I do not believe in hatred and war. I do not believe in feeling sorry for myself or anyone else. In gossip and competition. I do not believe that anything or anyone else should suffer for my happiness or for my comfort. I do not believe this because I do not see a purpose in these things! And so they are not real to me.

This Full Moon was encircled by a rainbow glow. 

There was a beautiful serene energy in our Labyrinth, and energetic colours were streaming through each circle of the path. The Moon Herself might have been shining from the center of the Labyrinth - this was the sense. Often the Labyrinth feels like a space outside the World. Inside you will hear whispers of healing and love that is not so easily heard in the unreal world. But truly, I believe more and more that inside the Labyrinth is closer to being the Real World, and everything outside of it is a big fib!

Of course it is not the Labyrinth herself that is this Real World, but it's a space that has been created over time to be Sacred, and each time it is walked it is more and more sacred. Every step that is taken inside is an extra addition of power. Just beautiful! I'm only ever interested in doing things that are 'real', that have purpose. Apparently that's an Indigo trait. And to me, the Sacred is real. All that is Sacred has purpose, and that is how it is.

So in the Sacred Space of the Labyrinth, on the Sacred night of the Full Moon we like to add extra power to the Blessed Water. 'We' is myself and Perfect Husband Bolj. Blessed Water is a divine and luscious product made for the "Lunation Store". Customers purchase it to use in Spells and Ceremony. It is beautiful beautiful and very much likes to dance in the Sun and Moon. I have noticed that the more you use it, you will want to dance in the Sun and Moon too!

"Blessed water in the Labyrinth"This Full Moon we set the batch of Blessed Water on a mirror (which is our regular practice) in the center of the Labyrinth. The mirror doesn't go on the stone altar, but down on the Earth, nestled in the delicious thick green grass. The altar is left free for our Spirit Circle, so that they may come and rest upon it through the night and the next day, to sing their spirit songs and dance their faerie dances. I carried in a precious Ceremony Stick to guide the Spirits this Moon. It was wrapped around the batch of Water, like a big Mama hug.

And so we came to the center - Myself and Perfect Husband Bolj and The Water and the Spirits and Precious Stick. And I sang ancestor songs, and we called to the Moon and we thanked our Mama Earth. And there was scents of roses in the center and whispers of stories about to be told. This is such sacred wonderful time and place. It is never cold when you are immersed in Ceremony. The elements nurture our needs. That is what they want to do always you know, but mostly we are so busy in the unreal world that we only allow them to connect with us fully when we are also in Ceremony.

Spirits know about the Sacred, for they are always in Sacred Space and their world is made of Ceremony. I am inspired by their ability to know exactly what to say when to say it. I am inspired by their consciousness. Being in Sacred Spaces like the Labyrinth, open us to Awareness. It is fabulous!

Our Blessed Water sleeps over in the Labyrinth for one Moon Night and one Sun Day. This time, the Sun Day was deliciously crisp and incredibly calm. I thought it was strange that while the rest of the world seems to be doing somersaults - volcanoes, earthquakes, oil spills, and the rest - the center of the Labyrinth stays so serene all of the time. This is a lesson in BEing Centred I believe. If we are Centred the unreal world can not topple us over with it's layers of energetic garbage.

Blessed Water is made of the Sacred Centre. It's entire vibration comes from the centre. I sense a Spirit Circle that has formed especially for the Blessed Water. They are connected to our Labyrinth. They are made up of the Elements and Love. And that is really all there is.

I believe that by walking with the elements in beauty and love we can make our own Spaces more powerful: Everyone can Create Sacred Spaces for themselves. This is not an esoteric, unreachable utopian fantasy - it is Real. And the more people who choose to do so, the more the worlds around us will stay Sacred and Centred. You can live in the real world of your own making. You must first choose it.