Monday, April 12, 2010

At the Crossroads and a Water Song

Yesterday we went into the Mountains to collect Crossroads Dust. We had a place in mind, but when we got there it didn't feel right. So we kept on driving up into the clouds, and there it was.

A four-way Crossroad on top of a mountain. On one side there has been much destruction - 'they' have been in and stripped the land of the trees. It's like a warfield, with stumps sticking out of the ground and branches on every angle. On the other side of the road is a lush forest, with pine trees, natives and birds. It breathes great sighs of relief that it is still safe.

The roads themselves lead to the four directions. The road to the North leads to a babbley stream. To the South; even higher mountains.

Bolj circled the area with One Garden's Divine Earth Essence, talking to the land about Her healing and clearing. I sang ancestor songs and gifted the Mama with Blessed Water in a great big, encompassing circle of devotion. And then the healing rains came.

We had not even sniffed a hint of rain before, but there She was. Of course, I was underdressed! So I breathed that rain into my very cells and let it guide our work. We took quartz and smokey quartz crystals to re-amplify Mama Earth. I planted these on each corner, amongst the shrubs and grasses.

The dust, rocks and dirt in the center of the Crossroads were dancing in the rain; a celebration to be dedicated to The Fates, with Purpose and passion for the New Earth. How lovely.

We gave our thanks and took the jars back to the Lunation studio. The rain stopped as soon as we were back in the car! Of course, the rains come for healing and purifying, I believe the rains came for the Crossroads Dust to ensure it was moving forward with as much Mama Earth clarity as possible.

On the way we stopped by the stream and dropped some more Divine Earth in the water. A song came to me Ent'e ran-a aido. Eeeheehhhh so if you wish to sing to the waters, feel free to let the sounds flow. The meaning of the words are not important, but the sacredness of the words are real. More and more often the healing songs are being passed to me, some I remember, some I don't. It's so nice to be able to share this with all.

In the studio today the Crossroads Dust is to be blessed in the name of The Fates, sifted and have all rocks removed. It will be dried and then ready for sale.

Crossroads Dust is available from the Lunation Online Store. It is used to help make decisions, to give thanks for new paths, and to clear blockages which limit you from walking your path and purpose.