Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take what is True for You, and leave the rest behind.

I've been having great trouble this week writing anything interesting or inspiring for You. I've pondered this cranky state and have some thoughts around it, but wasn't sure whether it was a good idea to share them with you. Is it because I went to watch M Night Shamayalan's Devil on Monday night? Am I carrying some left over stress in my cells that is directing me? Maybe. Am I simply still tired after being ill over the weekend? Maybe. Am I still stuck in transition after my 29th birthday? Maybe. But last night I received some very interesting dreams I just have to share with you.

I've been wondering if I should put this information into writing but after these dreams I feel it is my responsibility to share with You. How you feel about this information is for you to decide. Take what is True for you, leave the rest behind. That's the way of life really isn't it?

This concept of 2012 that many have, is coming much sooner than December 2012. You know, you can feel everything speeding up can't you? We are being shoved into a new paradigm, from the micro to the macro-cosm. Everything is changing and nothing is the same. 

Last night I dreamed of towns moving, buildings collapsing, people not being able to stay steady on their feet. This morning I woke up to find that Queanbeyan has been evacuated because the water in the river is rising so fast (like never seen before). They had to let the dam walls down because it was threatening to burst. If it burst it would have washed the entire town away. 

The thing here is that in the history of the town they have never seen water to this volume. Things are like they've never been before.

Now I warn you that some of the concepts below are not entirely shaped and might read a bit lazily. For now, I feel it is important to get the concepts down rather than worry about if it all sounds nice! I will share with you to inspire your own thought and understanding. That doesn't mean that you have to agree with what I have to say, but what I have to say might trigger your own thought and understanding for You. Bless.

In my dreams buses were screaming through the sky. I take this to mean that the direction of the changes are happening faster than we are expecting. I also think it means that when we think we are travelling one way, we can easily be thrown onto a new road, that is totally out of our own control. This is information for all of us. When I think of travelling on a bus I think about how we can be in the same place going to the same place with a pile pf people we've never even met. There is a powerful energy in that. It is a type of mass consciousness that we don't think about. So I take the flying buses to mean that the load of people travelling together are about to be thrown onto a different course. Some of the buses in my dreams crashed and burned. Some of the buses landed gracefully at new buildings. 

In this dream, new buildings were rising from the ground. In front of Parliament House was a village of domed builidings that had appeared after the water of big rains had cleared. I know this sounds crazy. I do believe that the Mother Ships from our Sister planets are watching over Mama Earth at the moment. There is a need for their guidance as we shift paradigm and open to new ways of BEing. I am very interested to see if they will make themselves seen by the mainstream. I just want to know!

I'm interested in anyone elses feelings about this one - if you have been felling similar : I've been feeling waves of resentment toward Mama Earth. I know some of this is left over from my birth, and is coming up now because I've just had a birthday. Many of us were born into this body and felt deep resentment because things were not the way we were told they would be (or we assumed they were going to be) this time around. Now, She's preparing for it to be as we were told, but it's going to be harder than we might have realised. This week I was feeling irritated that many of my seedlings that I grew from baby seeds have now been washed away by the rain we have had. Now as I watch the bigger stuff happening around me I see the selfish ego aspect of that. She hasn't just 'let me down' with my garden, she is forcing people nearby to evacuate their homes totally. Their homes might wash away! There is a heritage listed building in the city that is about to be condemned and at worst wash away because construction nearby has allowed for water to seep into the foundations of the building. It has moved 600mm last I heard, probably more today. There are four restraunts in that buliding. They were evacuated earlier this week. Mama is not just 'letting down' a few people, she is making a statement!

Many people around me have been sad about the farmers. Finally they have rain and they were looking to have the best crops in years but now there's too much rain and half the crops are ruined! Yes this is awful. But you know what, it's Mama telling us that mass agriculture in the way we have done it for the past 50 years are not okay anymore. We need to go back to learning to sustain ourselves. She is not interested in the person who does not  know how to grow their own food, heal their own heart or care for their own loved ones. If that's you, she has no need for you. Wake up now or give yourself over to the changes. 

Fear has no place in all of this. I have believed for some time that when the Changes are pushed ahead as they are being now, there will be many people living in the 'armageddon' type fear that the movies perpetuate. I also believe that I am not one of those people, and so their way of dealing with things will not affect me. I refuse to entertain the thought of riots, physical attack or any other aggressive beahviours people go into with fear of the unknown. I am trying to staying very open to listening to Mama Earth and what She needs. My patience needs a bit of work I must admit! I want to know now! I want to see the end result, of course in saying that I know there is no end result, and we will continue to change forever. That is life. 

I have been feeling great urges to get everything organised. Finish up loose ends. Clear To Do Lists. Etc. I don't know what is going to happen, but I do feel something is on its way. I can't think forward into 2011. I know that's because the world is changing so fast that how we understand the world now won't be the same so it's impossible to plan.

I dreamed of baby ducklings being born in an enclosure. I hadn't seen them born but there they all were. One of the ducklings was unfeathered and I could see all of it's muscles like one of those posters of the human muscle structure that you get when you study Anatomy & Phys, and then the chest of the duckling opened up and a tube came out. Out of the tube came heaps of feathered white ducklings but they were tiny, but as they came out of the tube they became normal size and hopped away. I don't know what that's about : perhaps the birth of something better it from stripped back craziness. That's how I feel about the world at the moment, it is raw and stripped back. I sense the Truth in people even when they try to hide it with masks and falsities. I can see it and am tired of others nearby not seeing. So perhaps, that little duckling is telling me that something fresh and Real is coming out of that. That's nice.

So that is the ravings of my mind this week. They are unusually all over the place and I just don't have the intention to sort them out any better. A part of me is not coping with that, the perfectionist part, but I've told her to sit down and relax because she's not the most important aspect at the moment! This info was calling to be shared and so I have shared, and I hope somewhere along the way there is something that helps you to be a bit more Real.

Bless You dear reader for sticking with it. May You See and honour your Truth, whatever it may Be.
-Hollie B.

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