Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius - February 2011

The New Moon, or Moon Seed as I like to call this, is the time to take stock of the past month, year or lifetime. It's the time to let go of what is no longer needed, and wake up to New Beginnings. The seeds you plant now will blossom as Grandmother Moon's face grows in beauty. It might be as simple as setting an intention, or as deep as a Ceremony, but either way, Moon Seeds can take you a long way!

Each New Moon we can look to the astrological position of Her Space in the sky for help in understanding which energies are beneficial to work with at this time. Knowing what the Moon is up to, as well as Her Brothers and Sisters in the Planets and Asteroids provides a map of how to travel through life. Some Planets are lovers, others clash, and whatever they are doing up there, affects the Peoples of the Earth down here. And so this is why it is so important to travel with the stars instead of against them. At least by knowing what to expect in the energies, we can navigate through stress times, peak times, and chill-out times.

The Aquarian New Moon is all about creating new ways of Being. We can explore our connection to the Divine. It's about future plans and possibilities, about Love between the Brother and Sisterhoods of the Peoples, and acknowledgment that we are All One. It's about Freedom and the bigger picture.

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This year already feels freer than 2010. I sense that this odd energy that's been around since just after Christmas has been helping us to integrate everything from the past months of energy influx. Those who were living and Being in their Truth will have found the energies gentle yet unusual, with a sense that there is something growing. On the other hand, the Peoples of the Earth who have been living outside their Truth, in unhappy lives and false egos, will have been hit hard, like the carpet has been pulled out from under them in this past month. If that's you, there's no need to beat yourself up about it now. Just know that it was all a part of getting you to where you need to Be now. Now that you are here, allow your Self to look at the world with eyes of joy. Be confident that this is a part of getting to See the Bigger Picture.

Freedom in the face of the Divine
It seems no coincidence that the great media story of this week is the overturning of dictatorship in the homelands of the Goddess. The Moon is a feminine force, and She controls so much of what happens on the Land with Her powerful pull and fro. This month She is Being heard in Her Power.

This month, remember that your relationship with the Divine will never be severed. It's a month to hold faith in the Mysteries of the Universe. The Seasons are changing, Ceremonies are happening, and on a galactic level, Mama Earth is moving to where She needs to Be.

Last year, 2010, some of You felt that the Divine, Goddess, Universal Creator, didn't make true on Her side of some of the deals you thought you had. This month, share your concerns with Her. Tell Her what You wanted and allow your Self to let it go. This is what Neva Howell calls praying up – where we give over concerns to the Universal Creator and let them go. With that, ask simply, what shall I now do? What is my part in this changing world? What can I do to help the shift? This Aquarian Moon serves to help You connect to the Truth of your Future. When you stop, take a breath and really allow your Self to Be in Truth: prepare to put your next move into action, all else that no longer serves you will disappear from your Path.

The things that haven't worked for You last year, might simply be unnecessary for your Big Picture. Ask the Divine for Guidance on where You are going, and You will be able to make clear choices, that have the Highest Good of All in mind.

Relationships in the Brother/Sisterhood
The Universe is showing You that everything is going according to plan. Have you noticed people from your past coming back into your life? This is part of the Divine Connections that you share with these people. Some of them are here to stay, while others are popping in to remind you of the path you have chosen to lead. They might be there to let you see how far you've come. They are markers on your life map, and you may need some mindful assessment to work out how they fit into your Knowings at this time. This Moon loves friends and foes, and can be a little eccentric in its mannerisms, so Be in awareness when new People come into your Space, and honour those who have come before, with a mindful eye on how they relate to your life now.

The people who are coming into your Space and staying are the Ones who See You. Is that a bit scary? Being Seen for your Truth. Instead of being in fear of your depths, allow your Self to explore them. The best situation is to live your Truth, and let those around you Be in their own. This will bring a level of happiness to your relationships that you have never felt before. If You are not Being in your Truth, You are not Being You. And to put it bluntly, what the f**k are you wasting everyone else's time for? The people in your life who are worth your effort See You in your awesomeness, even when the vulnerabilities are shown too. Honour your Self and the People around You by learning what is your Truth. If you are happy, the People who have your Highest Good in mind will be happy for you. Everything works out when You are walking in your Truth, but life is very difficult when You are not living the life you were meant to live. If things seem uncomfortable, use your mind and your heart to ask 'is this right for me?' 'What's wrong in this situation' and take right action to improve the situation.

This is not a time for fear. Love is the driving force behind the shifts of energy Mama Earth and Her Peoples have been and will continue to experience. Fear hods you back. Let go and open your Self to the full potential the Universe has to offer You.

And what are the Stars saying?
There's a bit of work between Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in this New Moon, getting you in the drive mode, but it will also mean its time to get real about your motivated actions. Are you spending your attention wisely? Or wasting it on frivolity. Its a great time to let go of old habits and negative influences, and move freely with your own Insight in mind. Aquarius has great vision, but often lacks the ability to remember the practical things in life. With Saturn around it will be easier to see the practicalities to make your Vision reach potential.

Venus and Neptune are bringing hope and insight so there's a nice balance between the everyday stuff and the hopes and dreams, coupled with Aquarius' vision for the future, now is truly a great time to plan and set your goals for terrific outcomes this year.

This New Moon is also popping in at a Sabbat time. Sabbats are the neo-traditional name for Witch's festivals, where we honour the Seasonal change and welcome the energies of the Sacred shifts of the Earth. This Sabbat, is what I call the Communion. Crops are harvesting, whether it be farmers in the field or your patch of suburban delight. We are coming into a time of Abundance. People come together and share at this time. With the Sun and New Moon both in Aquarius there is a real emphasis on friendships and networks. So if you're growing tomatoes, why not knock on your neighbours door and ask if they want some. Who knows what kind of connection you are building in the Great Web of life?
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I think of the Nine Morgens of Avalon at this time. They are Sacred Muses, Teachers, Healers and Wise Women who each represent a different aspect of Woman. Together they work to keep the Earth in balance, and are held together at their axis by Morgen LeFay, the Intiatrix. There is so much potential at this time of the year, and the Intiatrix directs the balance of the Web from Her place at the Centre of the Centre of the Centre. But don't think for a second that She won't set you straight when you're not in your Truth.

This Sabbat of Communion marks a silent beginning of the darker time of the year. Each day the Sun is in the sky a little less. In this heat wave, we celebrate the dark each night.

And the shift will continue energetically this month. There will be a peak of energy on the 5th that marks the opening of the Inner Self to great depth. It will show us that there is no need for Fear. It will call us to Silence to go in deep with our Mama Earth. For women who are in bleeding phase, please please honour your Self and Her by taking time out. If you are able, allow your flow to Her soil.
I am given the image of sitting in a Circle, that is in a Circle, in a Circle and surrounded by many Peoples of the unseen World. I sense that this image is a Power-full One for many of us on the day of the 5th, and invite you to vision your Self in this Space, activating your Matrix of Life. You can find a meditation for activating your matrix and honouring the Self at the Lessonary – called You of 10,000 faces >>>.

Love and Romance
Venus is mixing it up in Sagittarius this month! There's romance in the air and this fiery air of heat wave, coming up to a Leo Full Moon means it's on for sexy times! If you are in a loving relationship of Truth, the forecast is extra hot for the boudoir. However, Venus is a bit too flirty at the moment for anything serious if She's not already settled in a relationship, so tread carefully in new relationships and those looking for love.

Your Body and your health.
I'm often on a soap-box about food and health, and this month is no different! The New Earth changes that I mention over and over again don't simply affect the Earth. We as People on this Earth are going through physical changes. New DNA activation is affecting our physical bodies. Some of you will have felt new chakras activating, and this is a part of your Light Body's ability to relate more freely with your physical body. If you really want to be a part of this New Earth, here is the key!

These physical changes are occurring to prepare us for greater abilities. The abilities eg. telepathy, sound wave travel. have always been known to our Light Self. This is the Highest Being of Self, that most people lost touch with as they came into the density of physical Being as a human. Now the physical body is undergoing shifts to easily integrate the gifts and abilities of the Light body.

Due to these major changes, you will notice more and more food sensitivities, allergies to chemicals and even an inability to physically be in some geographical locations. It's the body's way of telling you what is holding back the integration of your physical Self with the Highest Being of Self. If you've noticed this, I cannot emphasise enough the need to really connect with your food. See previous blog about relating to food in Ceremony >>>.

Eat local fresh food, because it is connected to the land upon which you are relating everyday. Eating food is taking in the plant or animal's essence and energies. Bear this in mind when shopping at your supermarket or butcher. You can honour your Self by finding out where your food has come from, coming from an ethical view point, and Being in Gratitude during cooking preparation and before you eat.

When you choose to honour the physical messages you are receiving in your body you will connect more deeply to your Light body's gifts. Your intuition will be free to work in Truth. When you and your Space are laden with chemicals its as though the natural wires of the body burn out. They're not being fed by that which nourishes them. If you really wish to Be part of the shift of consciousness happening on this Earth, begin to pay attention to the relationship that external inputs have with your changing bodies. And when you see them – do something about them.

Everyone is working at their own speed to fully awaken the Light Self. You are exactly where you need to Be, and as a new vortex of energy opens in the second week of February, know that the process of your own ascension is unfolding as it is meant to. If you wish to honour this time, spend the week relating to your body at a totally honest level. See your habits for what they are (whether overeating or unethical eating) and allow your Self gentle steps to shift them. Know that by doing so, you are not simply helping your Self enter into the new phase of Light, but you are doing it for the whole Earth.

Full Moon – February 18
This month the Full Moon is a Leo! It's all about putting your best face forward and really coming to the Party. With all the work you will do in the first two weeks of February, visioning and honouring and Being in your Truth, you will deserve to celebrate!

We as Earth Peoples are being connected to so much energy and wisdom from the Universe and everything is unfolding Perfectly. The acceleration and expansion of our individual Beings are happening so quickly, yet many people are not feeling the turmoil that was upon many last year. That's what we meant when we kept saying '2011 will be much more gentle'. Put simply, you've worked on so much stuff, that the drama has fallen away with it. So now the Leo Moon wants you to revel in your Success!

Open your heart to Grandmother Moon at this time and let Her light shine on the Successes of your past. Look at that life map and See where You stand now. See that it was all part of the Perfect Divine Plan. And as you stand there, let your Self Be filled by the Grace of the Moon, for each strand of moon beam from her lash is a Power-full light to guide you further in your Truth.

And then...
Toward the end of February Jupiter and Pluto might have some 'issues' with each other, and you could notice more confrontation than usual. If you like a bit of confrontation you'll feel right at home, but those with a gentler outlook on life might want to stay out of the way until it all blows over.