Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Moon in Pisces - March 2011

There are so many planets in Pisces this month, it’s really time to get in touch with your own inner-tuition : your Higher Self . Delve into your Spirit Self, seek Truth within your own heart, and make it Real in your every day world. Re-member that You are One with All Creation and All there is. Let your body be a vessel for light, and let your light be a beacon for love!

Pisces energy loves imagination, and creative Being. It's also about the insightful depth of our Spirit Self. On the other side, it can fall into escapism, addiction and self-pity. This self-destructive Piscean energy needs to be kept within a tight reign, to ensure that the positive Pisces shines, while administering discipline over the unsure Self. Are you willing to honour You by See-ing your Self as an important part of the whole? Are you Being in your Divine Perfection just as You are, or is there resistance to who You really are?

This month is all about expanding your Self to really work in the Highest Frequency You are capable of at this time. Fear and anger and judgement of the Self will hold you back from Being your True Self. Let it go, and Be One with the Divine Self.

Pisces lives in Water. Drink lots. Soak lots. Dance in the rain on the Earth if you can. Get your feet dirty to ground your Self, then soak them, then get a foot rub! Pisces rules the feet and wants to make sure you are especially stable on your beautiful toes. Maybe purchase a beautiful pair of shoes that are ultimately comfortable and useful – birkenstocks are my first thought! Ground your Self in your own Centre to really stay focused and inspired through these flighty Piscean energies. If you are feeling too floaty and un-decided, take some time to come to Centre. Deep breathing and grounding will be extra helpful this month.

The Moon moving into Pisces over the last few days might have made life a bit dreamy and hard to do the practical. Your intuition will be wired and you might like to do everything 'by gut', but remember to be firm with the Self; to remain disciplined toward your ultimate goals for this month, and you will ease into the New Moon energies much more gracefully. Beware of denser energies and thoughts manipulating your otherwise insightful mind at this time. Instead, work in your Truth by honouring your feelings and allowing the Self to express what is happening in the Real World.

As usual at the new Moon, the phrase for this week is 'let go'. Release all that is no longer needed. Cry. Drink Sole ** and let it wash through You as a cleanser of the body AND soul. Pisces will easily sacrifice, which is a great energy to be working with at this New Moon time. Be careful that you are not using Pisces as a defence to allow 'sacrificing' of what is actually needed, and keeping the crap instead, in some strange self-sacrificing, martyrdom behaviour that only serves to increase addictions and your enemy of the Self.

When the Moon moves from Pisces to Aries in a few days, you will have the chance to get active and push forward, and this is where the discipline of the days before will be appreciated, because you will now have a clear and power-full path to move forward upon.

This month may have brought some big decisions your way. If you find yourself at a Crossroads, use the New Moon energies to divine exactly where you need to go or what you can do. If you are not confident to do this on your own, seek out a professional Reader who can tap into the energies for you, and give You guidance.

Activities : Living and Being
Mars had been working in Aquarius, until two weeks ago. Aquarius, being the sign for communities and anti-establishment. For example, this has helped spur the uprising in the Middle East. But now, Mars has entered Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, said to be the most 'evolved' sign, which loves the idea of ONEness, and our connection to the Great Divine.

Mars is usually thought of as a planet driven by desires and action. Pisces, on the other hand likes others to take the lead, sitting in a gentle Space. Where Mars is often the inflicter of pain, Pisces is the empath, and feels the pain of everyone else. Mars is out of its depth here, suddenly it sees and feels compassion. There is a possibility for Mars to fall into martyrdom if He is not being True to the Real World, choosing to continue to live in a false belief state. – check out Gaddafi!

Pisces brings people together for the Higher Good. We have seen how the world has come together after Mama Earth's tremours in New Zealand – it is a movement in Oneness, that no matter what colour our skin is, no matter whom we call God, and no matter who we know, we all pull together as One humanity. Pisces is a big believer and innovator of this attitude.

Mars in Pisces can either calm the savage beast, or lead to self-drama, with excesses of drinking, drug abuse and depression – Charlie Sheen must surely be mentioned here! Some of us will have already felt the uncontrollable explosions of bad temper, hot flushes, and confrontations with people we love. Use exercise to channel the energy productively and to ward off the self-pity and feelings of isolation.

The mind will be willing to play tricks on You in this month of carefree Pisces planets, so if you are trying to really focus using your intellect or some other discipline, make sure you double check work and plan well to help your concentration.

Venus is all about love, relationships, money, and the beautiful things in life. She's been in a state of needing permanence, but now as She moves to Aquarius She is much more willing to be spontaneous, joyful and optimistic.

Be careful not to over do it, particularly if you are using exercise to balance Mars. Be good to your Self and don't give too much to others. All this Piscean activity might want you to be in the One-ness, but be sure to honour your individuality as well as the individual Being-ness around You in others. Perhaps this month, throw a quirky gathering where everyone has to dress as their ultimate Individual Being – the person who they see themselves as, but are sometimes fearful to express...

By mid-March there will be more concern about foundations and the right way to do things. Intimacy and Security in the Real World will be on the agenda now. Allow your Self to go deeper in all Relationships, by Being in Truth and exploring your True feelings. Honouring your Self in this way will aid you at the end of the month when you could get caught up in compassion and helping others. Remember your hopes and dreams at this time, and look back to the intentions you cast at the New Moon to see what you have achieved.

The Self
This month You are supported by the energies to enable you to pull away from dependence upon others. You are given the strength to assert your own needs and wants. Globally, this is occurring in uprisings and the People coming together. On the individual front, you can be safe in the knowledge that any feelings of loneliness and isolation will be beginning to clear. We needed to go through these feelings of being unsupported, so that we would gain faith in the Self. That done now, means that we have a stronger, more independent, happening approach to goals and needs. Even if it didn't feel like it at the time, it has been an overall empowering process to enable us to discover our own abilities.

With this surety of the Self, we could possibly go too far; expecting everything to work out exactly as we want. Sometimes, expect the unexpected, because this helps to find opportunities that we may have otherwise not.

More about March...
The month really has brought with it a new perspective : we are seeing in the world that the people can really make a change, and on the home front there is also talk of dictatorship and the question of Truth in Democracy. The people are fighting Rupert Murdoch in buying up the entire first world's free media to gain more control over politics and consumerism, while in Australia there is actual discussion about the effects of Climate change on the nation – albeit all because everyone might have to pay more money. I'm looking forward to seeing some 'unexpected' surprises pop up throughout the month, including more 'blasts from the past', as I discussed in last month's Insights.

This month is about sowing the seeds for what we want to reap later on. Keep working at realistic goals and use Pisces' hope and inspiration to expand your understanding on what has and hasn't been working thus far. Jupiter opposite Saturn means a bit of tedious back and forth. In terms of the Earth Changes and our part in those, we may be feeling as though we've had enough to and fro, but think of this one as a cementing of what is to come. Really dig those foundations and set them well. Discipline will be needed again to really hold the Truth in your mind and not get swept up in the glamour of a life that you might have once wished for. It's time to Get real. Trust that this process will pay off in the coming months.

Special days to watch out for is the 9th, 15th and the Equinox on the 20th.

March 8th is International Women's Day all over the World. Honour your Feminine Self and for men, honour the Women in your life. Don't be so boring as to go for a bunch of flowers pinched from the neighbours garden! Go for a walk out in a beautiful environment with flowers in their natural habitat, dancing with divas and filling the air with divine scents! Let Pisces inspire your senses to come up with something utterly unique and creative to honour the Women in your life. How about a gathering of Women who inspire You, where they can all share their stories and Be in the Space of Women Power...?

Full Moon
This month's Full Moon appears very early in the morning on March 20, the same day as the Equinox. It's a Virgo Full Moon, where things are in a state of constant flow. You may be finding it difficult to connect with others and stay in any sort of routine. So throw out the 'shoulds' and don't stress about what can't be changed. Everyone is and has been feeling this unsettling, due to the energies of the Planets and Mama Earth's changes. Be willing to Change with Her and You will be fine.

This Full Moon is inspired by Goddess energy pushing us forward from fear and into the Sacred understanding of Life. This Moon will allow all People to tap into the nurturing energies of Mother Earth and Her giving nature. See the beauty that is the Earth, the sensual rise and fall of each lump and bump she has, for it is a reflection of our own beauty and power. Go beyond limits of what the body 'should' look like and what the body 'should' do, and know that by Seeing your Self in the Beauty that You are, You are Perfect.

A Ritual for Beauty this Full Moon:
Stand fully naked in the mirror so that you can see your Self front on. Turn slowly in front of the mirror, noticing every lump and bump, roll and ripple of your physical form.
Face the mirror and vision a sheet of Pink Goddess Light shine from the Divine Source, pouring down through a valve in the top of your head. Keep watching your Self in the mirror as the light flows into your body, through the valve on your head, all the way through your body, and pouring out onto the floor from your feet. This Pink Goddess Light sparkles through your entire body, even oozing from the ends of your fingers and out of your nostrils! You are full of Divine Light.
Now See Your Self in the mirror, full of this Divine Light. Really look at your body, glistening and shimmering in Her Love and Beauty. As You look at this vision, feel it connecting through your eyes, through your body, through your feelings... integrating through your every Cell. This is You Being in Beauty in Physical Form.
This Beauty in Physical Form is how You will always Be now, for once you open that valve at the top of your head, and let the Pink Goddess Light flow in, you cannot shut it off! She flows into You and through You all of the time. You are a part of the All. You are Beautiful and Perfect, and just as You are meant to Be. Thank You for Being You.
Happy Full Moon. 

The Equinox.
The Moon will be Full, the Sun will shift, and the Gates will open in a place of balance to integrate the many Changes we have been a part of. This Autumnal (in Australia) Equinox is the time when the Light and Dark are equally balanced. Energies are sitting in Unity. There is a gateway open allowing for transformation of the Self on a Light Body level.
I spoke last month about our Physical Body Changes and how they are all a part of integrating our Light Body with our Physical Body, to enable us to be more fully Whole in Being. The Equinox is a Cosmological activation of exactly this. It is a day for Ceremony and Honouring of the work we are all doing to enable the Earth Changes, and bring forward the New Earth in Her full Power.
This Equinox there will be Cosmic Meetings and lots happening on a dimensional level. I have been given information about the connection between the Salt of the Earth and the Waters, and how the Dreaming Tracks in the Earth are playing an important part in the Changes by bringing water and salt together in many areas of the Planet. This Equinox : use Blessed/Sacred Waters in your Ceremonies and Power-full Salts such as the Himalayan Crystal Salt (only hand mined by the monks – not the mass marketed versions dug up by machines). Bathe in these, use them in Grids and Circles. Drink Sole **. Let your Self align to the Mother's Changes, and integrate the pathways of Change into your own Being. The Water helps the Integration and Flow, while the Salt helps anchor this knowledge into the Self. It's a gift from our Mama Earth to make the integration of energies a Journey of Ease and Grace.

End of the month
The end of this month will bring Mercury into a Retrograde time, so rather than allowing your mind to wander on big ideas and currently unattainable goals, focus on sorting out jobs, maintenance on the car and computer, and don't plan for much past the beginning of the last week of March. The to-ing and fro-ing mentioned earlier will be happening just prior to Mercury's move retrograde, so could cause arguments and 'off-the-rails' kind of behaviours. Discipline and fairness to your Self is again the key.

Mercury in retrograde often has the reputation of messing up computers and travel, but the other way to look at this is that it gives you time out from what could otherwise be a busy, stress-filled time. If Mercury does throw you a curve ball, see it as a gift, giving you time to take stock and re position your Self before getting back out there into the busy world.

 ** The word Sole (pronounced so-lay) comes from the Latin word sol, meaning Sun. It is said that the Sole made from energised water and crystalline salt is the Sun Energy in a fluid state. Find out more and purchase Himalayan Crystal Salt at the Lunation Online Store >>>.