Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Moon in Aries - April 2011

This month we are witnessing more changes, and it is a time to focus on what you are manifesting in your own Real World. The changes are helping us to step beyond our limitations. Finally! For most people, it might seem as though the foundations for these new beginnings have been long in the ground, but for a long time nothing much seemed to be manifesting. The energies now are helping us break free of whatever was the restriction, and sculpt an entirely new Real World.

The theme this month is Aries : New Beginnings, Authenticity, Self-discovery, Independence, Courage and the fine balance of Self-focus and Self-absorption. The Moon in Aries is ready for action, and can easily get impatient. But at the time of this New Moon, there are actually six planets in Aries, so the energies are saturated with even more boldness, passion, and everyone will be feeling ready for action. Aries can have a habit of focusing too much on the Self, and forgetting the needs of others. With all of the Aries energy around, everyone will be out to make sure they get their own needs met before others... be weary of this easy clash this month. Careful with anything fast, anything hot – and take extra care with your head.

Take it easy, particularly for the first two weeks of April. Keep your Self connected to Mama Earth and Her rhythms, and be open to change. So as to stay grounded through the influx of Aries, try to take each change as it comes, allowing them to seep into your World little bit by little bit, so that you are not overwhelmed and overheated by it all. This may not be 'easy' to do, but it will certainly serve to help you integrate the fast changing energy that Aries most certainly brings.

On March 30, Mercury went retrograde in Aries, which slows down action. With the New Moon having been shifting into Aries over the last few days, and other planets : there is 6 planets in Aries by the New Moon : the Mercury Retro has helped cool off some of the fiery energy, but it can also lead to frustration, particularly for people who would usually use fire energies to spur them into movement. The New Moon is a time of moving forward, starting projects, and working toward goals. Aries has brought excitement and optimism to the Moon Seeds you are planting this month, so let it drive you to where you wish to Be.

If fear creeps in about the changes that have to occur to get you to your ultimate Space, place and Being, again take it easy and allow your Self to accept each change as it comes – without rushing – and integrate each step in its own time. Don't let fear stop your ability to dream and trust in the future. This month is also fueled by Easter energy, and there we have lessons in surrender and Trust in the Divine, to bring you more into alignment with your True Self.

Last month a Jupiter-Saturn opposition made it hard to put plans into action – allowing reality and practicality to get in the way – Outrageous! - And all the Pisces energy last month kept us to-ing and fro-ing between wanting to get active and rolling over and going back to sleep! As Mercury is staying retro until later in May expect some of the same frustrations, but now the changes are going to occur around us whether we do anything to activate them or not. Instead, we're better off putting intention in integrating the Change that is occurring, instead of fighting the way to making new things happen.

The Aries Six
There are 6 planets in the sign of Aries this month : Of course the New Moon – our Emotional Self who is making decisions and aims for the future – planting Moon Seeds and setting intentions to make goals grow. The Sun is also governed by Aries this month, and represents our conscious will, so there is much drive and power behind what we want and what we do this month. Jupiter is all about magnifying and expansion, so with Aries in the lead it is really about opening the Self, getting as much as you can from what you've got. Mars is hanging out in Aries too, for the first time in two years. The two are actually family, and Mars is very much at home in this sign. Mars is action and energy, and is loving this place where he can draw on confidence, will power, self-assertion and motivation to make everything Real. Uranus who wants freedom has also just began what will be a long journey in Aries, and this will start to loosen the blockages and restrictions up that you have been carrying with you for some time. Thank Uranus for helping get those projects moving that you have been trying to get off the ground for months, or even years! 

There is so much 'just get in and do it' energy here this month. Let go of the fears and make it happen. It's all about knowing that we are capable. Knowing that the Goddess placed us upon this Earth at this moment for a reason, so it's time to get in and make that reason Real. Own your destiny, Assert your needs and where you want to be, and love it!

The sixth planet I haven't yet mentioned in Aries is Mercury. And it's a retro! Mercury is known as the Messenger. And when this planet turns retrograde, it can mean messages are turned upside down and back-to-front. It's communication, technology, plans and schedules. Retrograde is all about that 're' part of the word, and that's a good mantra to work with at that time to ensure survival through what doesn't have to be an intense time : 're-organise', 're-flect', 're-think', 're-work' etc. Reassess as much as you want to, and avoid starting anything new – now this is interesting because in Aries, its all about the New, right? There is bound to be miscommunication at this time so just make sure you've got yourself covered. Aries is going to bring changes that you already set foundations for some time ago – the rest will work itself out in Perfect Timing.

April : Week 2
The second week of April could bring some challenge, and require you to really push through the last of old blocks that have been in your way for a long time. Expect anger to surface this week, and use this emotion to help you transform repressed emotions to more productive avenues. Everyone will feel this drama to some degree, so stay focused on the Self (which isn't difficult in Aries) and let others work through their own 'stuff'. Be careful with volatile people and anything dangerous (knives, hot stoves, Ducati riding....)

Planetary Alignment in May
In the second week of May there is a very exciting planetary alignment, which we will apparently be able to see from here : Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, which are all usually visible to the naked eye at different times of the night or twilight, will actually group together and rise before the Sun. The last time these four planets were so close to each other was more than 100 years ago. 

Now I know we're only talking about April here, but the gradual alignment of these planets, as they are moving toward each other will mean that the same energies are already starting to come into effect, and since it will all occur in Aries, it seems very connected to this month with the New Moon. All of these planets working together will bring success to individual endeavors. It's positive and alive; fiery; inspired and you will feel ready to take on the world! Welcome this energy with open arms, as it will provide so many opportunities. 

About Easter and the Full Moon
The Full Moon is all about fruition and achieving goals. This month, expect to achieve wonderful, awesome delightful things, some which you have been working toward for a long time. Make the things that are important to you a priority at this time.

This coming Full Moon on April 18th is the Easter Moon. Some people call it the Christ Moon, and it is all about opening to your own Divine Self. Christ being not simply a figure in the dogmatic Church, but a Divine Being who represents the integration of spirit and matter, and the ascension of All. He is all about Love, and Peace, and Grace, and the Christ energy is a powerful player in today's New Earth changes. Christ was not a 'poor me', or a victim, and with this Full Moon being guided by Libra the eternal diplomat, you can connect with your Inner Selves in very Real and True ways. I recommend using the Light Journey in the You of 10,000 Faces Little Lesson Pack from the Lessonary website, to help balance the different 'parts' of You, and see your whole Self as ultimately Divine. This Full Moon, let go of anything that no longer fits the You you wish to Be, and let the energy of the Divine open your heart even further, and transform You to your True Self.

This Full Moon will also be at work while Mars, Saturn and Mercury are having an interesting romp – which is going to help spur on accomplishment. Everything points to letting go of the old restrictions and making solid plans to move forward in a meaning-full future.

Good Friday – April 22
Although a part of Christian culture, these regular rituals of the Church can help to highlight energies for those of us without doctrine. Good Friday is the story of Trusting the Divine, surrendering the ego and knowing that all will be provided as it is needed. Jesus' Good Friday story is that of surrender and trust, and in doing so, reaching a spiritual peak that his earth-bound Self could not reach before. Myth and story is there to show us that we too have the same strengths, the same abilities, the same magick inside of our Selves. So at this time, use the Good Friday story to remember the ascending Self within.
The Good Friday custom of eating no 'meat' is also relevant to our ascending Selves. The eating of animal flesh keeps humanity in arrogance. It is the theory that we as human being is worth something more than animal being. Surrender this arrogance and trust that the Divine will provide for You, without need of asserting power over any other.

Easter Sunday – April 24
From surrender comes ascension. Letting go of the ego – the Will – allows you to move into Divine Will. This can only occur through 'Trust in the Process', and simply Being in a present state. Celebrate in Ceremony on this day, that you are willing to Be. Feel as it is to Be in the state of Divine Will, instead of pushing, forcing and 'should'-ing. The Aries energy of this month is driving new beginnings forward : how lovely to Be in the new, instead of having it simply exist around you.