Monday, May 2, 2011

New Moon in Taurus - May 2011

This month, I have endeavoured to give you a simple quick overview of the astrological month ahead. It's all a part of working on my own re-evaluation of time, my personal needs in work, contentment and pleasure! - very Taurus inspired!

New Moon in Taurus. 
Taurus rules accumulation, including money, as well as the physical senses and sensual pleasure, contentment, perseverance, patience, Self-worth, and the release of stubbornness. The Moon feels safe and loved in Taurus, being gifted with emotional security and the willingness to really connect to the heart and soul.

This is a time to evaluate what matters, how you feel about situations in life, and how you can change them. Things will accumulate easily at this time, so make sure what you are collecting is best for You.

This is a Money Moon! And a bit of a romantic theme too. But Saturn is forming an irritating connection with the Taurus Moon to create some restrictions by highlighting reality. This suits Taurus' needs for patience and perseverance, so use the energies of this month to really set yourself up for the future.

If you are like me you will have had enough of this 'patience' business, and unfortunately the moon is going to force us to face the facts of life, own our part in the given situation, and make whatever necessary changes to get to where you want to be. Taurus Moon will not allow a blame game. It's not about 'it's not fair' and is more about 'get in and sort it out for yourSelf'. Mercury stationed on the 23rd of April, so you have no excuse anymore for not being able to communicate with others. Work out what you want and make it happen.

Spend time evaluating your financial position, your love life, and your ethics this month. How much of your time is being spent on the things that are important to you, and how much are you wasting? It is time to think of your attention as a valuable commodity. Where and on what are you spending your attention? What does that give you? How much does it affect your life to spend it on things that are not your priority..? Work out what's important and stick to it.

Mars and Jupiter are also meeting in harmony to make sure you are moving towards what you are here to do. Use this time wisely, and get as much value from your life as possible. Venus is hanging out in Aries to initiate new relationships, show-off independence and make love beautiful in everyone's eyes. Be confident, be creative, and be passionate.

Of course, the Sun is in Taurus as well, and this is all about getting stuff. Shopping, buying property, satisfying the senses, and collecting beautiful things are all likely this month. Taurus is also very comfortable in the known, so allow your Self to Be happy at home, hanging out with people and at places you know well. It is a blessing, and not a task.

The Seasons.
In the Goddess Wheel in Australia, it is the time of the Darkness. Winter is upon us. The nights are dark and the days are short. It is the time that the Wise Woman is highlighted. She has moved through the landscape, into the depth of Mama Earth, to rest and dream. It is the time that is called 'Between the Worlds', where one year has ended and another started. There is a feeling on the Earth that is preparation for rest. Nothing is born at this time.

We want to retreat inward, eat warm foods, and nurture the internal Self. Be sure to fill your kitchen with the smell of seasonal stews and health-full teas. Bitter herbes are the best teas at this late Autumn time.

This Dark time can cause fears to rise, particularly those related to shelter and food, as it is a story of our DNA that food and warmth is less available at this time of year. Honour any fears that surface, by acknowledging them, but then show your body and soul that you are living a safe and beautiful life. Indulge in the sensual pleasures, such as a delicious health-full meal and a fluffy blanket with the people you love. We have many past-lives that were difficult, but life on Earth doesn't have to be like that anymore. Celebrate the New Earth by anchoring the beauty of this world into your Self. You are certainly worthy of all the great things in life!

Full Moon.
Full Moon in Scorpio means more celebration of the sensual pleasures. Express your Self fully, through your body in kind-to-You ways. Exercise in whichever way is right for you – to raise positive energy within your body. Eat beneficially and deliciously. This Full Moon brings with it many days thereafter of Light pouring onto the Earth, so allow yourSelf to Be open to the Light and love of the Universe. 

This is a gentle, patient month if you let it be. Next month we’ll be looking more at the logic of getting things done and relating to others. So for now, simply focus on You, your needs and accumulating all that is wonderful for You in this life.