Monday, May 30, 2011

New Moon in Gemini - June 2011

Lately I've noticed a need to clean up, sort out and Be in Right order. This may have manifested for You as a need to clear out cupboards, or speak openly about emotions You had otherwise left in the back of your emotional cupboard. All of this is preparing us to be make more room for more Light, and as we can see this month, there is much more to come. As we throw out the old, there is more Space for what is Right for this time. Allow yourself to accept this Light by staying focused on what is good for You – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

New Moon on the 2nd June this month is a Gemini. Gemini is symbolised by the twins, and so at this time our work is to unify the 'twins' in our Self. I love these words from Soluntra King: “...the polarities are given a chance to really merge as the Sun and Moon are One through the higher aspects of Gemini. A time when you are able to connect more deeply to the inner communication with your true essence, divine self and also yourself.”

Here is the time to fuse the different aspects of your Self. Have you been telling yourself one thing while doing another? Or working toward one goal while something else is manifesting all on its own? Gemini brings a Way to work between the physical and mental, allowing You to gather info, learn, and communicate your beliefs.

Where You have been plodding away to get an idea off the ground, but perhaps struggling to make it Real, Gemini brings new ideas. Look to this Moon to show you what has been the missing key to presentation and promotion of your idea to the Universe.

Gemini is incredibly talkative, communicating ideas in the essence of research. Take advantage of this energy by talking about your ideas and your goals to everyone around You. Open the gates of information to collect all the ideas You need to move forward. It may inspire a brilliant new way to See your vision that you had otherwise missed before.

Gemini is incredibly intellectual, so in my Women's Circles this month we will be dissecting our goals and dreams to gain knowledge of what is needed to get things happening. We will call on logic, analysis and reason to provide new keys, and try to look without emotional involvement to gain new perspectives. And of course, we will talk to ensure new ideas have an avenue from which to come.

On June 4th Jupiter will shift from the active world of Aries to much more stable and methodical Taurus. Jupiter is about wealth, and Taurus is about increasing and growing things, so this will be a great year ahead for developing greater wealth. Beware though, that Taurus also like to spend. Apparently when we have more, we spend more, and this connection of Jupiter in Taurus (which lasts for about a year) will encourage us to buy beautiful things!

Eclipse Season:
It is another Eclipse Season, with partial Solar Eclipses on June 2nd and July 1st. A solar Eclipse can only occur at a New Moon when the Moon is aligned between the Earth and Sun. (Thanks to my Circle Sister and astro extraordinaire, Laura for clarifying this!). You can vision the Power of such an alignment, as it opens gateways for People on Earth to anchor heightened vibrations of Light energies. Expect increased intensity of energy for your Self at this time, lasting through the Full Moon and a little way past the Cancer New Moon at the beginning of July.

When eclipses occur it is known as a time to grow spiritually in our understanding. You might notice that the things You thought You wanted to do are changing, as more of the Divine Plan is revealed to You. Eclipses shift the Light so that we can see and feel anew. They also create fluxes of Power for us to draw upon as we grow and evolve. So this month is a power-full time. Spend time Be-ing in Sacred Space in order to integrate the energies of expansion.

The Full Moon on the 16th June will give us a Lunar Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth is aligned between the Sun and Moon, and the Moon is shadowed. This Full Moon is in Sagittarius, who is known to be more focused on spiritual matters and wisdom than mundane activities. Sagittarius is out there, willing to learn and see new things, and open to the Real World. Lunar Eclipses require focus on emotional work, seeing the parts of our Self that we usually allow to be hidden. This Full Moon is a time to go deep after having been so much 'in the head' through Gemini. Let the energy of the eclipses in to bring Divine Illumination where it was not before.

Winter Solstice:
Winter Solstice, 21st June, in Australia is the time when the Sun has reached as far South as possible and makes the turn to begin heading North again. We say that the days become longer again, although it doesn't feel that way, and Winter continues to get colder for some time yet. In the story of the Goddess Wheel, the Mother Goddess labours all night to birth the New Light.

I call this time the Sabbat of Wisdom, and it could be just as easily be termed 'Silence'. This is the time when we spend time inward, we go deep into the past year and re-visit the lessons there. It's time to sort emotions out, by asking the Self 'how do I feel about that' and letting your Self truly and deeply feel these emotions. This allows for a Real end of the Cycles of the past year, and the birth of a new growing Cycle ahead.